Best Spongebob Squarepants Season 4 Episodes

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21 Best Frenemies

Watch this before one coarse meal and you will be heartbroken otherwise good episode

22 Whale of a Birthday
23 Hocus Pocus
24 Rule of Dumb
25 Wigstruck

SpongeBob wears a goofy looking wig and he goes around showing it to everybody. But at the end of the episode SpongeBob has to let go of the wig.

26 Chimps Ahoy
27 Funny Pants
28 Bummer Vacation

SpongeBob keeps coming back to the Krusty Krab. The funny part was when he looked like a delivery man who delivers buns, but suddenly another truck comes and it's the real guy who does it.

29 Shell of a Man
30 SquidBob TentaclePants

I just want to say something. To you all there are so many SpongeBob episodes. And there is. But SpongeBob has been falling apart ever since season 4 happened. It's been giving nightmares, just not funny anymore and it's just broke. SpongeBob broke at this point. For the disturbing part you already know the nightmares are maybe face freeze. And the not as funny episodes just ruin SpongeBob. This is my top pick for worst SpongeBob episode and it should stop being aired.

Poor Squidward, SpongeBob said that they would stay best friends forever because they were stuck to each other.

The episode has a good plot, if you subtract the ending and put in a new ending, this would be a much better episode.

WHAT? ' Come on this is no where near the best it's actually one of the worst! This episode is freaky creepy horrific and too violent to be aired! How do you show that to children! JUST NO!

31 The Gift of Gum
32 Sing a Song of Patrick

Sorry I put this on here but it's season 5

33 Karate Island
34 Driven to Tears
35 Born to Be Wild V 1 Comment
36 Enemy in Law
37 That's No Lady
38 All That Glitters
39 Good Neighbors

Still better than Squid Wood.

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