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41 It's High Tide Time We Went On Tour
42 Suction Cup Symphony (Squidward's Orchestra)

Why is this one only #41 this one should be in the top tens this song was totally epic plus it is from a good episode

43 Save Jellyfish Fields

While I am writing this I am watching the episode that sing this song and jelly jelly fun I love this song because I like Kelly fish.

You should look at Patrick while singing the song

It actually called give jellyfish field a chance

YES! Why is it so low! It teaches about our role about protecting the environment and how it is such a great place to be!

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44 Who Am I?

The newer episodes are increasing in quality, and this song proves it.

This si the only Spongebob song I can call perfect.

Should be at least no #2.


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45 Chirstmas Speaical

Clearly Someone Doesn't Know How to Spel - ChiefMudkip

46 Doing the Sponge

One of my favorite songs from SpongeBob SquarePants. - Catacorn

From the episode the chaperone

I think the song is groovy cmk


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47 Good-Bye, Atlantis

And going to Atlantis?

48 The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Theme Song

Spongebob and Patrick sing it in Mermaid Pants - Tyler730

49 Underwater Sun

This song completely describes an experience in a Bikini bottom. and like many other SpongeBob songs, it has a rock vibe to it that is very catchy and memorable to me.

A great song from a terrible episode.

Should be in the top 10 - lizard302

Do the underwater sun oh yea wowowowo cmk

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50 That's What Friends Do

So epic and yet so sad when Wormy leaves

The best songs are at the back

This songs of Wormy is just wonderful! I sign along to it
That's what friends do
(That's what friends do)
LOVE IT! - lizard302


51 Electric Zoo

I like it when SpongeBob thinks Krabs is a robot. The best part is in the episode when Mr. Krabs tells the price of his appliances.

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52 Just a Greasy Spoon
53 Under My Rock

Look this song up you will love it

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54 I Will Trap Santa

I will trap santa
In my box and wait for knocks
And make him stop the clocks
The-he-hen wel'll have Christmas all year loo-ho-hong-ho-hong! - lizard302

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55 Living In the Sunlight

This was in Help Wanted. - Garythesnail

Lovin' in the moonlight..

First episode

Best song

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56 The King is Bad V 1 Comment
57 The Road Song

I can't believe this song isn't on here... I loved this song... Especially the above the road part.

Road road road road
When I am on the road
I see things going by
When I am on the road
I got a bug in my eye
Lets all sing the road
We want to
Sing it all day long
Lets all sing
The road song
Lets all sing
So does anyone no any other good road tunes? - lizard302

When I'm on the road...

This is the best song in the history, of Spongebob, only doubling after the F.U.N song.

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58 That's a Rodeo
59 Daytime Drama

This is one of the most saddest spongebob songs or pieces of music ever

60 Kelpshake

Kelpshake kelpshake how I love a kelpshake

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