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Best sports animes with best storylines, with best graphics, with best influences, with unique characteristics.

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1 Kuroko's Basketball

Best anime ever created. It shows that even if you are good at everything, that everyone has there own special talent and can be part of a team.

Kuroko has absolutely no upper body strength but together with Kagami they make the perfect team.

10/10 Kuroko is so adorable. But when he gets into the game, he turns into a cool character. What I like about this anime are the characters, very likable and not in any way annoying. All the characters have great character design and I love how all the Generation of miracles have different hair colors

The best anime ever! It shows different talents at basketball, and that everyone have their own way to play basketball!

I just recently finished watching Kuroko no Basket, it's funny, inspiring, and improves your knowledge on basketball, and yes this series is not finished yet. This anime is in my top 10 favorite sports, and it's listed as #1. It made me love basketball and made me want to watch them play all day long. I still don't play basketball, but it's made me want to try. This is weird, but this anime has got me carrying a basket ball everywhere I go right now. The plot, love it! And the characters, loving them more and more everyday! At first you might hate some of the characters, saying "oh, you're so full of yourself," well some of them kind of are, but this story is basically about melting the selfish and icy hearts of the greatest, unbeatable basketball players ever, "Generation of Miracles"

Trust me you have got to watch this anime, it will make you wanting more of everything in Kuroko no Basket, and make you wanting to watch even more sports anime.


Combines great and manly. To me, It's the greatest sports manga/anime of all time. Despite the fact of girly dude characters (to appeal to a female audience) and special powers/techniques, its realistic qualities are what make it appeal. Slam Dunk's characters each have their own distinct qualities, which make them individual. Compared to other sports manga, I would say this one fairs better not because of artwork, but demonstrating human-like character traits and strong story.

Great anime with great, funny characters.
If you see the anime remember you can read the manga (also great)
To see how it continues.

GREATEST SPORTS ANIME EVER! The characters are so funny, if you like Naruto rivalry you will love this to. I wish they make another season of this anime I have a tall height but didn't like basketball this anime encouraged me to play it and be the best!

Slam Dunk is legendary, and one of the giants of sports anime and manga. Younger and newer anime fans probably don't realize that sports series would not be as popular as they are today without the influence of Slam Dunk and the impact it had on an entire generation. It is the greatest basketball series there is with realistic action (nothing supernatural) and good character development. It goes without saying that Slam Dunk should be #1 on this list.

3 Prince of Tennis

This anime is so cool! It shows you that age is just a number. It doesn't matter if your young as long as you have the passion and talent anything is possible. This anime can inspire a lot of young people to star their dreams now and not tomorrow or late, but now!

I love this show and I think it teaches people a lot of life lessons, not just about tennis. I know a bunch of people complain about the ridiculousness of the tennis moves but I think that adds to the charm of the show. It would get boring if it was just the same as watching a real tennis match. Plus there are a huge number of characters and teams to choose as your favorite and follow.

Plus it has a lot of cute boys.

The reason why I chose Prince of Tennis over other sport anime is because you will learn a lot about life, friendship, sportsmanship and etc. I know that other sport anime has this characteristic but Prince of Tennis has sort of impact to the viewers. You will have a wide variety of character to choose from,.

But the main reason why I chose this was because POT made me played tennis. Even though I'm not good at it, I will never give up! ~ POT is the best! It inspires me a lot, to work hard in everything that I do

Well I believe that Prine of tennis is the greatest anime their is because their is so much action, cliff hangers and more. I love this show and I think it teaches people a lot of life lessons, not just about tennis. I know a bunch of people complain about the ridiculousness of the tennis moves but I think that adds to the charm of the show. It would get boring if it was just the same as watching a real tennis match. Plus there are a huge number of characters and teams to choose as your favorite and follow. Love this show and I think it teaches people a lot of life lessons, not just about tennis. I know a bunch of people complain about the ridiculousness of the tennis moves but I think that adds to the charm of the show. It would get boring if it was just the same as watching a real tennis match. Plus there are a huge number of characters and teams to choose as your favorite and follow

4 Haikyuu! Haikyu!! is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Individual chapters have been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since February 2012, with bound volumes published by Shueisha.

This sports anime is great, love the characters and has got me dying for a second season. Ok, so the animation may not look so appealing at first and it had the affect of um should I watch this, and I totally am grateful of my decision of watching this anime. Like Kuroko no basket, and Free! (which in my opinion are better and had a greater impact on me. ) it inspired me. The characters show determination and a great passion for the sport they play (I know, all the sports anime are like that, but this anime comes straight out and gets right to the point of defeating their rivals, and playing for their love of this sport and to win of course, no one likes to lose. ) It's great, watch it and love it, this to me is one of the best sports anime like Kuroko no Basket and Free!, and whatever favorite sports anime you like.

It may not look like it at first, but this anime is just so effing great that after reading the few episodes aired in one go, I immediately continued reading the story in the manga! And now I'm done and stuck to waiting updates on the manga. It's just that awesome!

Maybe it's because I really love volleyball that this one got me hooked, but I guess even those who didn't even play volleyball will like it. The graphics are great as well, and the characters' movements are so much like the real thing. Not only that, but it doesn't fail to keep me laughing as well.

I really recommend it. This is really good stuff. Very realistic, too.

This anime is one of the most realistic ones I've seen ever. The character development is absolutely flawless and the pace is just right. Heck, they even made the minor characters have some character development as well. The character development in the other teams plus with every character being so likeable to the point of people even liking the minor characters that appear for like 3 episodes more than the actual protagonists themselves. The minor characters aren't treated like cheesy generic trash (except Oikawa because he's 100% trash but I still love him to pieces). The characters are relatable too. The main moral of this story is that teamwork is everything even if you're some super epic prodigy. Unlike Kuroko no Basket where everyone has super powers, this anime shows past that. Even if you have an amazing talent, your bound to make mistakes and you always have to grow. The story arc and the humor in it is great as well. In season 2, I laughed at least once every episode. 10/10

I was pleasantly surprised with this anime. It has the right amount of humor and action. Plus it's more realistic than other animes with their crazy power ups. In this anime we see the characters grow and struggle. They both win and lose and we get to see the entire journey. There are no miracle wins just the hard work and effort being rewarded. I think in the first season it's even stated that you can be naturally talented at something but if you don't apply yourself and learn the basics you'll never truly grow. And that volleyball is a team sport so no one can possibly win alone no matter how good you are. I enjoy that the other teams on the show also have likable qualities that make you root for them as well instead of being straight up villains. Really an enjoyable anime with great characters and solid development!

5 Hajime no Ippo

I can't believe no one has listed this anime! This anime is by far the best sports anime there is. Check other listings online, you'll find out for yourself. This is a feel-good sports anime. Hajime, Ippo Makonuchi!

Hajime no ippo, is my favorite anime of all time. For such a great anime I feel like its not praised enough for its amazing take on sports anime in general. I wasnt really a fan of boxing until I watched this anime and saw the progression of this great, lovable, kind hearted and hardworking protagonist. Seeing him put his heart and soul into the sport he loved really made me feel like I could do the same and achive greatness if I put my heart and soul into it. Even if you don't like sports anime you will love hajime no ippo because it not just about the sport its about seeing the character grow and develop, seeinv their highs and downfalls and how they deal with it, the funny moments between ippo and his friends seeing takamura the unbeaten man take on the world and seeing the coach beat the men into shape. Words could not describe my love for this anime and the manga and if I told you everything amazing about the show this comment would be as long as the dictionary. There is a video ...more

Not only is this the best sports manga, but also one of the best overall. It shows the tight bonds that are formed between opponents, and of course gym members. This manga/anime also shows you how much natural talent really means in a one-on-one sport. Even so, Makunouchi Ippo proves that everything can be done with a lot of hard work and love for the sport. When that's said, this manga is really long, has a lot of facts, and is HILARIOUS! Hope you read it to find out. It's "ongoing" by the way.

I agree I'm surprised this isn't higher on the list. The fights are bad ass, if you like boxing you could learn a thing or two, plus it's hilarious.


The by far best story I've ever seen in an anime. Great twists and nice developed characters you don't see often in an anime. And no fancy stuff you feel is made by some random nerd who loves spaceships.

I understand you I mean don't you just hate it when they go on and on with robots and all those dumb ass stuff. This is a genuine sport anime!

Its an amazing journey with a tear jerking beginning.

better than any of the items in this list with excitement, suspense, action, drama, real-life sequences.

I've watched every sports anime ever made and Major is by far the BEST out of all of them. Excellent character developments, excellent and complex storyline. It's not like Prince of Tennis with super power moves or anything but it's about baseball and life and what one would do to achieve greatness. It's inspiring, touching, with a mixture of tragic and triumph. It's one of those anime where you feel sad when it's over.

7 Ace of Diamond

Best baseball anime EVER! It's comedic and serious. As a baseball fan and player I can tell you that the strategy is true to the sport as well. And the complex feelings of the players is REAL.
Right now, I only have one year of eligibility left before I graduate. Long story short, I've had 3 surgeries on my ankle and I lost a big scholarship my senior year of high school. I thought I'd never be able to play again, let alone run. BUT, I've been proving the doctors wrong since day one. After the first surgery they said I wouldn't be able to even walk without wearing an ankle brace.
So this is why Ace of Diamond is so special to me.
For my last year of college, I want to play again. So I've been working hard and counting down the days until Try-outs in August. It has been really hard trying to get back to being the player I once was. Every time I feel like giving up, I watch an episode or re-read a chapter of Ace of Diamond and I instantly regain my will to fight again. My ankle ...more

This one of the greatest but most underrated sports anime I've ever seen! People may not agree with me but after watching every sports anime out there, I dare say that this is the best one I've seen so far. Wanna know why? Ace of Diamond is hundred times better than your average sports anime. The characters of DnA aren't perfect. They aren't all geniuses. They don't win every single time. They suffer painful defeats. They've endured hellish training. They aren't as hot as the characters of other anime. They're all mere humans. Humans who have worked their life out to reach their dreams... and watch it shatter right in their very eyes. This sports anime truly embodies that real meaning of defeat, the genuine essence of how hard it is to stand up again and gain momentum to find the determination to win that was lost. You may say that it looks like an average shounen anime but don't get fooled by that. The mangaka has prepared something life-changing much deeper in the series. And that ...more

One of the best sport anime. Ever. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat every week and it doesn't have a boring moment as time goes on. Usually an anime will start out really amazing then start lagging for a few episodes before becoming amazing again. This has been amazing since the beginning without any signs of a lagging period to come. One if the best ever.

This anime is just so amazing, it gets me on high with each episode! The more popular sports animes these days have all those characters with unrealistic strengths and moves to make the show more exciting, but what's great about this anime is that it's supeer cool and exciting already even without those silly stuff!

For me, it's one of the best sports anime out there and it deserves more recognition than this. It leaves out unncessary drama that isn't baseball-related, but you can still really feel some timely emotional moments here and there. And the characters aren't all prodigies so you can really see their development throughout the series, both in terms of their play and their attitude. No one can become great overnight, and they're all still rough around the edges, but they work hard towards their goals. They all had their own strengths to polish and weaknesses to overcome. This anime can really relate to real life.

And another thing - it's just so funny it makes ...more


best sports anime ever! It has some comedy and a lot of games I want it to continue series.

lots of comedy, lots of epic football techniques = best sport anime

is a nice one to watch it fun. haves tactiks speed and power. this boy is a losser and will bee a man gr 2 shots

Eyeshield is better than Kuroko's Basketball... So why am I wondering that Kuroko's Basketball is first...
Don't get me wrong! Kuroko's Basketball is a great anime... Its just that it ended with only about 25 episodes... Since eyeshield has more episodes and also has a great story line... Eyeshield 21 is better.. Kuroko's basketball would have been better... But it just stopped in the middle of nothing... Even if it ended at least with 50 episodes... As long as its at the point were its near the end... I would have voted kuroko's.. But eyeshield is better

9 Inazuma Eleven

I love it! It was first shown at Cartoon Network and I love I. But it stopped at when they defeated Aliea Gakuen. I thought that it was really over but when I browsed the net and it wasn't done yet, I watched it immediately and finished it all. I cried at episode 126 and 127 since they are all graduated (:'() and watched it over and over again then Inazuma Eleven GO was released and obviously I watched it. It was shocking when Goenji was the bad guy there (but not technically the bad guy, just watch the whole episode and you'll understand) then Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone was released...
Anyhow, it's great and unique! The most addicting soccer anime I have ever watched!

It is ONE OF THE BEST Anime I have ever watched. When I was little I used to just watch some episodes and I had no clue about what the storyline was but back then when I saw it the first time I used to love. Now, I mean just now I have completed the last episode of inazuma eleven and it was emotional and I thought that it was all over like it was the end of peace and emotional quotes and the story was just amazing. I hope that the Inazuma Eleven series continues forever at least till when I die cause I will be Seeing this anime until I DIE! The quotes are just amazing. Some of the episodes just made me cry. My best season? Well, I would say season 2, because it had the best storyline and it was damn emotional!

One of my favorite anime ever. I watched it since I was, like, 10 years old, and it was what made me start liking soccer. I really loved the characters and their special moves. Those special shoots and blocks were what made this anime so magic. It may have it's flaws, as it can be really repetitive and annoying in some points, and even way too predictable, but even knowing what was going to happen, that everything was going to turn out good, it made me cry in many parts. It's just magic, it makes you absorbed into it before you even knowing.

Amazing footbal anime just like the sequel INAZUMA ELEVEN GO. I especially love the hissatsu techniques in the anime. I was addicted to both of them!

10 Free! Free! is a Japanese anime television series directed by Hiroko Utsumi and produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do.

It's so emotional, and it ties in with problems all of us have. Schoolwork being boring, hating to study, friendships being lost, and friendships being reconnected. There are many hilarious parts in it too, such as Haru repeatedly jumping into the water before anybody can stop him (read: Gray from Fairy Tail). Then, the anime is not like some sports animes, in which the characters keep winning everywhere. The first time, the characters lost the tournaments. Not only that, but the characters are well developed and I feel like I know them inside and out. Plus, there are many internal messages being carried around- most importantly, "For the Team" and "Follow your Dreams". Then, there's the last episode, in which I saw these characters that I have fallen in love with bloom into aspiring young men winning awards and achieving the dream that they have worked so hard for.

For an anime that dedicates decent showtime for fanservice, the plot actually turns out to be quite complex, with likable, dimensional characters and a believable, if melodramatic, story. Even the gravity of some episodes are evened out with well-timed humor, and the easy pace works despite the audience being told what everything is building up towards. Add the fact that the animation is absolutely gorgeous, and you know you got a winner.

Hands Down I'm in love with the anime My Fave is always Rin I love the Merchandise That awesome Abridged Parody 50% Off Nagisa Makes me laugh every time I watched it 10/10 I know every dialogue in the parody. Makoto is funny too Rin 100% hilarious I loved it My Boyfriend thinks This going to be over And its still going strong! English Dubbed is nicely Done! My Favorite is Nitori because I'm just Like him I have an obsession with Rin also I share a Birthday with one of the voice cast in English Dubbed is Sosuke Yamazaki Ian Sinclair *Rin Sparkle Sparkle* 100%

This anime really inspired me to love swimming even though I'm not so great at this sport, and I truly recommend it. The animation was great and was one of the reasons which attracted me to this anime and made me watch it. I loved the plot in the anime. Complex relationships with friends, rivals and competition, and enduring the pain of getting into a sticky situation which could change you (personality, and actions), it was a truly touching and inspiring anime.

The Contenders

11 The Knight in the Area

Nc anime can't wait to watch new ep.

I love this... Can't wait the new episode

"." I can't even explain how amazing this anime is. the plot was amazing, there were right amount of characters and conflicts, the music was amazing, it really made you wanna go play soccer for no reason, the theme is great, etc. this anime is 10/10

It's so bad to hear that this anime didn't make its sell as what they expected, I don't get the point why this doesn't make high sells since this is a good anime to watch with good characters and settings. new episodes should be release as much as posible, that would be the key for such anime like this. I would rate it 100-100. the best sports anime I watched so far...


Captain Tsubasa interpret the dreams of young determined children. Hyuga, Tsubasa, Misugi, Misaki and others never gave up and eventually became what they were destined to. They inspired me a lot and I am now working for my dream.

legendary soccer anime, tsubasa was a determined child who became a great soccer player in the world

I like Tsubasa... And I usually looking for some CD tsubasa... I like it

A legendary soccer anime, shows you how great dream really is. I used to watch this every evening when I was a child. But even now, I wouldn't mind to watch it again and again

13 Air Gear

I enjoyed watching this anime. It is very good! I really am hoping for another season regardless of ratings. (Even though they are everything in the real world). It is comical at times and very interesting. At first it may seem very typical and predictable but it will get you glued and wanting more as you continue to watch it!

Reali good anime it has all the comedy action and fantasy wish they had a second session though

Exciting and inspirational at times, they way they always aim to the top.

Amazing series, good graphics, twisty plot just needs the second series

14 Big Windup

I really liked this series because it can get hilarious and serious at the same time. The plot is actually pretty much unique in it's own way and so are the characters! Even though I am not a sports fan and don't get really excited when I see a play, I really enjoyed every single episode! You don't need to know any rules to get thrilled over the game! The series feels realistic and is likeable because there are no exaggerations in actions. Mihashis relationship to his team is interesting and complicated, but it feels nice. Mostly I don't continue reading the manga when the anime is finished, but in this case I just had to do an exception. Still I wish there would be another season.

I like how these anime showed the potentials of the characters. These anime showed that the important thing in sport is how the game is played by the team and not how to win the game. I love baseball- everything about it (rules and positions), and it's so good to watch how these anime showed the roles of every position in the game. I recommend this to all sports anime fans out there.

Great anime, with amazing characterization for every character. Character development is off the charts, too, and so real. I swear, I used to think baseball was the most boring sports to watch ever, but I definitely enjoyed every minute of this anime, and am reading the manga now. Literally watched it in a day, which was probably a mistake because I am sad now.

Must Watch!
This is the amazing -two season- story of a new baseball team, complete strangers, bonding over the sport they love. It focuses mainly on the bond between the battery, and their stories, but includes the whole team. It hits close to home, mainly in the form of Mihashi, not gonna spoil, so... Just Watch It! You WON'T regret!

-Longer version-

Mihashi, is battling his fears and insecurities. He was bullied through middle school by his baseball team, and it left him off REALLY bad, he decides to quit even though he loves the sport, and even changes schools. But he ends up getting roped back into being the pitcher on the schools new team
Then there's Abe, he's the catcher, and he didn't exactly get along with the last pitcher he was paired with. The experience leaves him hating all pitcher's, and he doesn't get that batteries need that bond. And it's amazing to watch the two figure each other, and their friendship, out.
The whole anime is utterly ...more

15 Yowamushi Pedal

Great characters, great plot, great animation, great soundtrack --what more could you want? The characters are very compelling, and it does a fairly good job balancing screen time for them. The author's also very knowledgeable about cycling and it made me realize how nuanced the sport is. Fantastic anime, all around: you won't want to stop watching.

Great show that makes me want to try harder in everything I do. Also makes you want to root for the underdog! I found every single character to be interesting, unique and likeable (some of them in the way you would like an interesting villain). Every character has their own past. Great story and excellent plot pacing.

A great anime so far. Very educating when it comes to the different types of bikes and gears. Makes me want to root for the underdog, and even makes me want to go out and ride my bike at the end of each episode I watch!

My favorite sports anime, it shows the hard-work and dedication of all the characters and makes you even feel for them as they all have good reasons for wanting to win. Overall the best sports anime out their


I can be considered a lover of Sports Anime. I've watched so many of them and this anime is second to none of them. Usually there's the main character that's a coward but wants to make his life better and never quits but in this anime the story is about a guy who quit soccer in middle school because of a secret he found out which will be revealed later in the series (at the beginning the reason he quit is because of his brother who played for AC. Milan and was considered one of the best player in Japan and in the world). It's writen by the same author of Captain Tsubasa although this anime is much better in the storyline, art and it's also intriguing.

One of the best sports anime ever, it would probably be the best if not for the stupid ending. But, hey, I still LOVE IT!

Best sports anime ever, people who are passionate about football must watch it, it's a long series though!


17 Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

I really like series like this one that show the main character go from being a pathetic weakling I can sort of relate to, to a character who's stronger than anyone else. Kenichi really does that, and there's plenty of humour in the show as well. My favourite character is Apachai :3

I love the character of this anime it teach me to never give up.

Best anime I ever watched and I watched over 30 anime

It's a good anime and I really love the last fight

18 Hikaru no Go

I think that the boy is cute and has a lot of determination. He always plays with heart and is kind to people as well. He would also be able to the national games if he were any older.

How can you imagine a thing like a go can be a top hot manga, I don't know where Ohba get that idea but it is the greatest move of his handwriting and successfully transfer into a manga by Obata-san! The best game anime I ever watched!

I truly love this one. The characters have so much depth to them, that I even cried at several points in the show. There really isn't a lot of stagnation in the character development. They are constantly evolving as individuals and I think that is what is really enchanting about this series.

Hikaru no Go might be another underrated series, but its high rating reflects how popular it actually is. To this day, I still don't understand how to play Go, the sport which is incorporated in the series, but it's captivating. The storyline and the characters are all endearing and it's dangerously addictive. It won't disappoint to get started on this series.

19 Whistle!

Just watched this in whole series in two day. I could honestly not stop watching this anime. By far the best soccer sports anime ever. Blows away Captain Tsubasa. If you want a good inspiring and great sports anime. This is the obvious pick!

I like it. It is one of the best anime that I have ever watched I like the way the underdog becomes one of the best soccer players in the school. HE is the best at playing soccer I feel like I can relate to the way he plays soccer.

This anime was awesome. Shou from being the worst practiced so hard to become the best and became noticed. Shou became a great player. He's my favorite character even though... You should definitely watch this soccer anime

This is easily one of my most favorite sports anime ever. Unfortunately, its not very popular, but the characters were awesome and it definitely blows Captain Tsubasa away. Its just so much more interesting than the average anime.

20 Capeta

Great racing anime that has a great storyline but lacks a definite ending. It is very like Ginban Kaleidoscope were it ends without the main character dominating at the sport they are in and leaves a lot to the authors imagination

Rank 20! you gotta be kidding me. I have watched almost all the animes mentioned above and I can clearly say that this should be in the top 5. It is better than Initial D, wangan midnight and other legendary racing animes. The drama can make you cry. But it has only 52 episodes and the last 10 is not canon, you have to refer the manga after that. The racing scenes are greatly drawn in the manga.

Awesome love this anime screen play characters and the cars every thing was awesome but the thing that disapointed was the ending of the series I was damn to much addicted to it but it was shuted down on 52nd episode I love if they create a season 2

It's a interesting story about a boy who takes care of his dad and does not have any interests and then his dad gets him a beat up go-cart and starts his legends there do not judge this anime its one of my favorite anime's.

21 Giant Killing

Anime that teach you not to fear of your opponent no matter who that opponent is or what it will come out from it. Everything can be beating nothing possible but you have to find the right way too, a really great and cool anime with real meaning to it.

Great anime! It took me a few episodes to hook me in because the situation the characters were going through was pretty appaling, it looked like nothing good could come from them.
No superpowers, no national team players, no divine motive to win, this one has its feet on the ground. Taking advantage of each player's qualities and great strategies are the key, and on top of it, no fear.
Best soccer anime for me, I just wish it was a bit longer.

Great anime! This anime is different than any football anime, it's about a viewpoint from coach who have confidence against big team. Realistic and of course it given us how to make a great team

No need of fantasy, even with realism a sports anime can be great, this anime proved that! Pity that it doesn't have a 2nd season but still the best anime for me

22 Ginban Kaleidoscope

There aren't many animes about figure skating so this is one of a kind. This show also has a variety of genres, like romance, comedy, and tragedy!

What a cute show?! Got me hooked from the first minute. Very good and interestingly different. Very uplifting and spirit based. A great mix of slice of life, comedy, sports and in general highlights the human condition well. Greatly recommended!

23 Basquash!
24 One Outs

This anime is not known for the longest time that I know, but thanks to HERO anime, I chase a glimpse of One Out around their 2 episode. I got curious about the anime and boom, I search the internet for this. I'm thankful that I'm able to watch this anime. The Truth is this is my FIRST anime BASEBALL that I ever watch.

No special effects, just the real or the reality of a game that is being played. Anyone who can relate with baseball can surely watch this. Or even not. Just people like myself, I really really enjoy watching this. And hopefully they will make season 2 for this.

Man do I love this anime, I mean its like so clever and I love when he pisses that guy off cause he lost all his money, I finished this in 2 days I think it should at least be in the top five

This is my favorite sports anime. A genius at gambling, reading people's thoughts and bluffing used baseball to make money. Due to a bet he lost he starts playing baseball in the pro-league trying to take Lykaons to win the Pennant Race with his unorthodox methods.

Great anime to watch. The plots are extaordinary and full of suspense similar to the deathnote story which is definitely a genius anime

25 Over Drive

Character development, inspiring moments, heart wrenching scenes, this anime has them all. The storyline is great, although the first few episodes are slow and the romance is kind of weak. I seriously hope they come out with more episodes showing training for and the racing of The Tour De France. That would be epic. The anime had a nice concise finish that told us they definitely made it to the Tour, but I'm craving more episodes with the same character development and emotion/ even more than was displayed during the Japan race that took place in the show. This anime is awesome, definitely one of my favorites, but I still think Hajime no ippo and Prince of tennis are better. If Overdrive was the same quality but just as long as Hajime no ippo or prince of tennis I'd say it was better, but alas it's too short. Also, TRAINING SEQUENCES ARE WHAT I LIVE FOR! Those seriously make/break sports animes for me.

A story about a loser that can't do anything until the girl he likes talk to him and teaches him how to bicycling.

Although the race (that starts from episode 11) is really long, the character development during it is amazing.
I love the main character, Mikoto because he actually turns into a great person once he finds his passion.


That anime vary great anime I want more episode

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