Eyeshield is better than Kuroko's Basketball... So why am I wondering that Kuroko's Basketball is first...
Don't get me wrong! Kuroko's Basketball is a great anime... Its just that it ended with only about 25 episodes... Since eyeshield has more episodes and also has a great story line... Eyeshield 21 is better.. Kuroko's basketball would have been better... But it just stopped in the middle of nothing... Even if it ended at least with 50 episodes... As long as its at the point were its near the end... I would have voted kuroko's.. But eyeshield is better

It is one of the most awesome animes ever written. I just wish that the producers of the anime finished the entire manga series. It was extremely packed with high definition action scenes that made me want to watch it again and again. Moreover, the characters had quality descriptions and behaviors that made me think of them as really cool. In a nutshell, Eyeshield 21 is: COOL, AWESOME, ASTONISHING, IMPRESSIVE, INSPIRING, EYE-OPENING, THRILLING, and too many to mention. I just hope that more people will watch and continue to watch it.

Eyeshield 21 is not only exciting! It also contains a lot of action and funny moments! Especially Hiruma! Laugh out loud! I LOVE HIM! He's one of the best characters ever! I feel myself smiling whenever he does since that smile means he KNOWS and WILL DO something! He's an evil genius!

Eyeshield 21 is also very inspiring. They have a lot of running gags in the show, but all in all, the only thing I can say is HANDS DOWN! NO ONE CAN RIVAL THIS ANIME WHEN IT COMES TO THE SPORTS GENRE!

I just finished watching this anime and it was truly amazing, the characters are amazing especially hiruma best evil genius ever! I will never get over the fact in where the hell you pull out your guns and your beautiful smile. I wish they continued this anime I would highly recommended it to everyone I don't like any sports especially American foot ball but all the sports anime I've watched this was truly one of the best.

Its quick and always has action if you like hard work and sweat then this is a good anime for you. Also if you like just a little bit of romance you might like this too. The last thing I have to say is even though I don't like American football I loved this anime and you will too!

I haven't watched the anime, but I read the manga recently and it was really good! I liked the message of the manga and the characters! I thought the plot line was simple but with good characters and interesting plays it kept the manga going!

I like Prince of Tennis but I'll say I like this anime too, the characters are all amazing they all have very unique personalities. Too all those people playing American Football and have watched this anime they must have felt really happy and thankful to those who made this anime and participated in it, I felt REALLY happy too Arigatou! Deimon Devil Bats!

Beyond entertaining, not only is well animated but pulls you off your seat, this the type of anime that inspires you to actually go out and train, epic

Best anime ever! Inspired me to start out with running, I've joined the track team at my school and I've also lost 60 pounds, it changed my life! I'm getting better and better and soon I'll face my first triathlon.. and all that because of that one amazing anime! (kuroko's basketball and free iwatobi swim club helped me too, but not as much as Eyeshield 21)

I think the manga is seriously under-rated. Best sports manga. The story and its characters are all cute and unique with a unique style. Lots of interesting unexpected football strategies.

This anime is very very fun, and years after I have watched it, I still reminisce the big moments. You are gonna love the characters, and enjoy the whole show until the last seconds

Best man the way it says (hasire eyeshield21)...! Man he is the best captain I ever seen... Shahahahahahah...! And the elelastic aha... ! Shishishi it makes me laugh...

A great anime. Each character has his own different battle, depending on their position. It's a pity that the anime never got a continuation and actually ended like the manga

When I saw it 1st I was like "damn that brats gonna learn what life is all about, defeat! " and I was right but there he learned that life is win or lose or get eaten by cerberus.

That priceless bond of friendship, courage to vanish one's fear, strong-and-unique characters, never-ending support and etc not just made the readers excited but motivated. The most amusing and mature anime I ever read. Plus, it made readers went through many emotions with suspense, excitement, success and failure, not forget teenage's life and dream. It had brought so much curiosity, somehow it seemed like a real-life story. Thumbs up for Eye Shield 21!

P/S: I wish there is an episode(/+) shows that Deimon Devil Bat really win the final match instead of just ended the season 3 on semi-final against Ojo Knight, and go for Christmas Bowl.

The funniest anime and inspiration for everyone I want to continue the series of this anime and I want to nominate this as the number 1 sport anime I watch

It boosts my confidence and makes me find out that as long as you don't give up, no matter how lame or useless you think you are, you'll make it there someday.

It's the best anime I have ever seen it gives you a passion. And the main reason is that I love how sena can run that fast he is the best main character ever

Eyeshield 21 talk about that you can change yourself and your advances from your past and how your hard work will lead you to the future that you wanted that if you work hard enogh it is a very good anime that I love. It teach many thing and let this be an advice after watch the anime go read the manga.

This anime is truly amazing. It got me into football and also there's a lot of suspense. Not to mention the anime is full of comedy.

No other reason, you don't know if they will win or lose, huge amount of funny clips and a very nice story line, it's my best.

It is because of this anime that I picked up flag football as there is no American football from where I come from...

It's really a great anime, it teaches us about how we can't give up just because we can't do it.

Absolutely hysterical! Plus there are characters here, who I feel are more relatable than in most other series.

It's a terrific anime. The story revolves around sena who doesn't know much about football (American) at first but soon feels passionate and wants to beat his sole rival shin. Its one of the best anime out there and I would surely recommend it.