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Free! is a Japanese anime television series directed by Hiroko Utsumi and produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do.


There aren't many episodes yet, so it is hard to judge, but the characters are cute, likable, and beautifully drawn. The nice graphics cancel out the lack of plot, and I think I would thoroughly enjoy more episodes of Free.

Ok this is a likeable story with likeable characters and it also made several people go out and actually join this sport. It is well-loved and it doesn't stray to far away from comedy to what it is about, rather it is semi realistic and it shows the joys of being in this sport and the challenges it is expected. This overall is a good anime to watch not just because it is a sports anime, in fact my sister who hates anything to do with athletics loves this anime, so all in all I highly suggest this anime.

I love the animation so... much. The graphic detail is really amazing, even the clothes are fashionable. The plot is more like a drama/friendship story rather than sports anime. It tells more about deciding things about the future and how to face changes. The characters are really likeable. I like Haru. He is weird, but so cool.

Free is an amazing anime it got this twisted plot that you can't really figure out whats the problem unless near the end it got this huge funny, and likable characters and the characters are so likable it is anime amazing anime that you don't know what they are going to throw at you

The characters are beautifully drawn but also wonderfully developed outside of expectations. It takes the initial stereotypes of these characters and puts a new spin on them, such as the cool megane turning out to be a mega dork and the tough rival turning out to be a sensitive sweetheart. It also helps that everyone is very attractive, even background characters. This anime gives the feels.

I watched both seasons of this show in three days, it was absolutely fantastic. It's the first anime of its kind I've ever seen, I'm really one that likes magic and brawls, but Free got me hooked on the first episode. The characters are absolutely lovable, and the plot had a lot more to it than I would have ever expected. Overall, its in My top 3 anime list, Right Behind FairyTail and before Death Note.

It shows the meaning of being on a team that one persons hardships can carryover to the entire team because the team is family and that no matter what happens or what you do family will be here for you even if you left them high and dry.

Free! Was an amazing anime. Tons of people seem to think it's just fan service and cute boys, but the characters' relationships are always interesting and their humour is funny. The animation for this anime is just gorgeous too, which could never hurt.

I love Free! Yes, yes most people only watch Free! Because there are guys who (most of the time) wear only swim trunks. And, for the most part, girls like that, adding the fact that the guys are hot and sexy (and like fill the necessities of a quintet boy band?! ). But, I believe that this is more then just a "fan service" anime, even if it was intended for that purpose. Each character has some character build in this beautiful anime. Overall, even though I like Haikyuu and kurobasu, this trumps the others from an emotional standpoint. Long live Free!

Every single character is a wonderful precious dork. Every one of them. Don't let Rin's cool attitude fool you, he's actually a giant dork too. You will get secondhand embarrassment. It's a beautiful, moving, character driven story and I love it a lot, but the characters are just. Such dorks.
Well. Except Sousuke, but I hate Sousuke, so let's not even bother with him.

This is a very nice anime especially there relationship on one another but I didn't like it when haruka was losing to his other friend. And there characters are very handsome and cute!

I'm surprised. my guess as to why it isn't higher is most likely because people forget swimming is a sport. out of all the sport's animes, I believe this is the most popular, but I prefer other animes

It starts off so fun and innocent. Just swimming. But in eternal summer it has more tension and drama that makes you really think like no other anime. Truly amazing.

I would say Kuroko no basuke, but that anime has very little emotion. Honestly I want to see a sports anime in between Free! and Kuroko no Basuke (amount of emotion). I love free a lot, although it has more to do with friendship and "fanservice" then actual swimming. But I have to say, I actually got attached to some of the characters (mainly Makoto) instead of in Kuroko (where I don't have a favorite character, I only think some may be decent people). Overall, I love free!

I love Free! Even though the name means the style most of us are sure that they're being freed from either the closet or 90% of their clothes. The characters are well developed even with the shortage of episodes and you can even add the AMAZING animation ^^

This anime has a bit of humor and it's a great anime for girls because of the fan service. The animation is very clear, so it is a anime that you would love...

I actually think Kuroko's Basketball is a better anime than Free! But I'm voting for this one because it seriously deserves a higher ranking.

Free is like the best anime ever on like the whole universe! I really hope there's a second series!

LOVE the graphics! Amazing and funny, definitely one of my tops :) and who can't not love the characters?

First sports anime I've ever watched this show got me hooked! Watched both seasons in two days!

It's an awesome anime with really cute guys it has likeable characters and some funny scenes

I am not much into sports anime but I really loved this one. It's created in a way that will make you interested in it and want to watch the next episode. The characters are handsome, humourous, well-developed friendship and this anime inspires you to swim like a dolphin (reference to haruka nanase here). This is one of those animes that I would tell that the viewers will really enjoy.

Free is the best spots anime of all time how dare it be ranked only at number nine

For me is not only for girls also for a boys too

It has shirtless guys and a good, complex plot, what else do you need?! - funnyuser