Kuroko's Basketball


I just recently finished watching Kuroko no Basket, it's funny, inspiring, and improves your knowledge on basketball, and yes this series is not finished yet. This anime is in my top 10 favorite sports, and it's listed as #1. It made me love basketball and made me want to watch them play all day long. I still don't play basketball, but it's made me want to try. This is weird, but this anime has got me carrying a basket ball everywhere I go right now. The plot, love it! And the characters, loving them more and more everyday! At first you might hate some of the characters, saying "oh, you're so full of yourself," well some of them kind of are, but this story is basically about melting the selfish and icy hearts of the greatest, unbeatable basketball players ever, "Generation of Miracles"

Trust me you have got to watch this anime, it will make you wanting more of everything in Kuroko no Basket, and make you wanting to watch even more sports anime.

This right here is the anime that destroyed the entirety of my spare time. Kuroko no Basuke is the gateway drug that began my sad addiction to sports anime despite my terrible hatred for sports. I really love that the main character is an awesome athlete, though he's awesome in an entirely different way than other sports anime characters usually are. The characters ways of relating to each other are entertaining and fun, and this series fleshes out the opponents' personalities quite well instead of simply having people there for the main cast to beat. It makes it far more interesting that the main character personally knows all of his team's strongest opponents as well, because it adds an extra element of drama.

Has a great storyline and keeps the viewers excited at every stage of every episode. In my opinion it's not just the best sports anime ever made but also the best anime with around 3 seasons of 25 episodes each. Season 1 is just a stepping stone for season 2&3, as the first season makes the viewer aware of the situation of the whole anime, and also create the base for season 2&3. Season 2 is where the viewer really really gets excited and has a lot of intensity, especially after the first 10 episodes of season 2, their is a lot of thrill involved. Season 3 is just BOMB, the viewer will literally flip, and will just die to watch the next episode no matter how big the cost

It's one of the best animes I've ever watched and the manga is as equally well made. It has everything - protagonists, antagonists, drama, clash of ideals, strong individuals and characters, ready to give their all, in order to achieve their goals. What I particularly like about the story is the straightforward approach - there are matches after matches, one tournament after the other and every match is more interesting than the previous with a stronger opponent every time. You're always on edge, because of it, not knowing who will end victorious. I just love it.

My favorite and the best sports anime ever! This anime has really great characters, and this anime teach you that as long you never give up you still have chance. Kuroko is very adorable when he's smiling, he becomes very cool when he's on the match, and he's so gentle when he's with girls. In another words Kuroko is very cute but also cool, he's good looking too. And for the other members from Generation of Miracles they're so cool, handsome, and very strong! All of them have their own ability that will never make the fan get bored.

WOW! This only began in 2012 but it is already my favorite sports anime! And I have watched Slam Dunk (which is a classic favorite) and Prince of Tennis & New Prince of Tennis. I must say that Kuroko's Basketball is great on all fronts: character development, plot placing, storyline, art and music. The dialogue gets pretty deep at times too. Also helps that all the main characters are good looking HAHA. Definitely worth your time! 9.5/10

There are many reasons why I love this anime, it captivated my heart instantly when I first saw it. The plot is interesting and the battles intense the characters in the show are very diverse too - I find this a nice bonus to the anime as it helps to continuously keep it fresh. Furthermore, the character development is quite amazing. In a couple of instances my heart shattered during the anime as a result of the decisions and realisations facing the characters. If you want to try a sports anime I don't think I could recommend one more than Kuroko no Basket, I urge you to give it a shot.

Absolutely love this sports anime! I mainly watch it because of character development and its amazing sports action. Kuroko no Basket is truly an example of the motto that whenever you fall, you just have to stand back up! It also shows that it takes a true team to win a game. In addition, it has good amounts of comedy in there, not too little yet not too much. The story has good progress so far and I can't wait to see what will happen in the future.

It is not really realistic but it can be possible if you have determination and the will to do so. The bishounen was so great and the art was fantastic.

The anime was great but it's sad that it stopped in the 25th episode. Because of that, I had to continue with the manga. I hope there will be a next season where it will be continued.

I really want to see the red hair dude in the T.V. series and not just in the OVA.

P. S It was totally a great anime to watch and a manga not to be missed!

I love how Kuroko no Basuke gets really intense sometimes during some games. It's so exciting and entertaining to watch, especially with all those super cool moves. The only thing is the fact that they practically have super powers, thus earning it the title of "Super Saiyan Basketball". It gets pretty crazy near the end of season 3. Overall it's a really good anime though, sometimes it's really funny and it can get quite emotional too (made me tear up). I'm very sad that it had to end but the ending was awesome. I'll miss KnB a lot.

Kuroko no basket is by far my favorite sports animes. After watching season 1 I needed to know what happened so I read all of the manga that's been released so far. Let me just tell you that it is amazing. You feel connected to the characters and it motivates to try harder at whatever sport or job you have. Not to mention all of the characters are good looking haha 10/10!

The best basketball anime I have ever watched! If you are a fun of basketball, you will definitely enjoy this. I love the message sent out, working as a team in a sport is an ABSOLUTE MUST, and every one has to give bring their A game. You can still shine at each individual talent. An absolute must watch. Makes me want to pick up the ball and go shoot some hops.

My cousin first introduced me to Kurokos Basketball, in which I fell in love with instantly. I read and watched all of it. I still follow it. However, when I finished and waited for more episodes to come out, I wanted to watch another sports anime with equal life lessons. I found this website and the wonderful Prince of Tennis. Repeat the process. Started to learn tennis. Came back to website. Repeat process with Eyeshield 21. So I love them all. My advice is to really listen to this website.

I love how when Kuroko makes a promise, he sticks to it, & does the best he can to make it happen. I've always loved this anime for many reasons, it's very humorous, intense, & exciting to watch! I love the character design too, especially the different personalities! The different personalities make the anime more unique, enjoyable, & funny!

I have been watching anime since my childhood. This anime is really epic. The characters and the storyline is really fantastic. This an anime for which I can wait a week for a single episode. What else I can say when you can't describe your feelings towards it. Watch it and see what you watched. Best of luck for one of your best journey

It's such a great anime! The plot is very well described and you're willing to find out more characters through out the story. It lures you into the scene of the anime and you're hooked. I really recommend this to people who have a passion in basketball.

I completely enjoy this anime. I'm in basketball season, and I've been watching episodes over and over around august, I don't watch it as much, but I do believe it helps myself develop my skills with basketball. although the moves seem unreal, some are real. this also helps me develop my knowledge in basketball. being able to know so much moves and tricks will help me in tournaments. also, this anime focuses on friendship as well, it's amazing how a sport can connect a bunch of friends.

I love this anime because I was able to relate with it I just got cut from the basketball team, and I start watching this beautiful anime. You start hating basketball, and all of sudden After watching this anime you want to play everyday.

Amazing anime and fascinating characters it shows you that there is always better than you so it gives you the motive to work on your self all the characters are likable and you don't get boring while watching

I love Kuroko's Basketball for a number of reason: The story is well built and the characters are lovable. But what I mostly love about this anime is that it teaches you that even sideline characters work hard even if they play in the shadows. This is one of my favorite animes!

Kuroko no Basuke is absolutely the best anime that I have ever watched. The art style is AMAZING and the characters all develop so well. I didn't even know the slightest thing about basketball when I first watched this, but because of it I want to pick you a ball and play myself.

There is just something so inspirational about this anime! I listen to all the opening songs when I run now! It really shows you that you can become stronger with effort and you can never stand in the way of a strong spirit! Best basketball anime! Can't wait till third season!

Probably the best anime sport themed ever. The character design is amazing and all of them are unique in their own way. It has a slight of comedy and suspense. It makes you realize that you can do anything you set your mind to and that you can't play basketball on your own, you play it as a team. I also like the Generation of Miricales, I favor their design and their character. It's a MUST WATCH ANIME!

Best anime I've watched (only in sports series), it proves that teamwork is the key and everyone has their own special talent, It shows that every single player has their own way to express what basketball meant to them

It is not your ordinary sports anime where the main character is strong but quite the opposite. And you'll be surprise on each and every members of the Seirin Basketball Team... They're all talented and have something to contribute for the team's ultimate goal. Very light and most of the time, hilarious, in a way that the author doesn't need to sacrifice good sportsmanship values.

And yeah, Kuroko is cute.