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21 Giant Killing

Anime that teach you not to fear of your opponent no matter who that opponent is or what it will come out from it. Everything can be beating nothing possible but you have to find the right way too, a really great and cool anime with real meaning to it.

Great anime! It took me a few episodes to hook me in because the situation the characters were going through was pretty appaling, it looked like nothing good could come from them.
No superpowers, no national team players, no divine motive to win, this one has its feet on the ground. Taking advantage of each player's qualities and great strategies are the key, and on top of it, no fear.
Best soccer anime for me, I just wish it was a bit longer.

Great anime! This anime is different than any football anime, it's about a viewpoint from coach who have confidence against big team. Realistic and of course it given us how to make a great team

Are you serious?! Rank 21?! this should be in Rank 5! no kidding this is the best anime ever!

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22 Ginban Kaleidoscope

There aren't many animes about figure skating so this is one of a kind. This show also has a variety of genres, like romance, comedy, and tragedy!

What a cute show?! Got me hooked from the first minute. Very good and interestingly different. Very uplifting and spirit based. A great mix of slice of life, comedy, sports and in general highlights the human condition well. Greatly recommended!

23 Basquash!
24 One Outs

This anime is not known for the longest time that I know, but thanks to HERO anime, I chase a glimpse of One Out around their 2 episode. I got curious about the anime and boom, I search the internet for this. I'm thankful that I'm able to watch this anime. The Truth is this is my FIRST anime BASEBALL that I ever watch.

No special effects, just the real or the reality of a game that is being played. Anyone who can relate with baseball can surely watch this. Or even not. Just people like myself, I really really enjoy watching this. And hopefully they will make season 2 for this.

Man do I love this anime, I mean its like so clever and I love when he pisses that guy off cause he lost all his money, I finished this in 2 days I think it should at least be in the top five

This is my favorite sports anime. A genius at gambling, reading people's thoughts and bluffing used baseball to make money. Due to a bet he lost he starts playing baseball in the pro-league trying to take Lykaons to win the Pennant Race with his unorthodox methods.

What the heck? No. 25? This should be in the top ten. - Undistinguished

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25 Over Drive

Character development, inspiring moments, heart wrenching scenes, this anime has them all. The storyline is great, although the first few episodes are slow and the romance is kind of weak. I seriously hope they come out with more episodes showing training for and the racing of The Tour De France. That would be epic. The anime had a nice concise finish that told us they definitely made it to the Tour, but I'm craving more episodes with the same character development and emotion/ even more than was displayed during the Japan race that took place in the show. This anime is awesome, definitely one of my favorites, but I still think Hajime no ippo and Prince of tennis are better. If Overdrive was the same quality but just as long as Hajime no ippo or prince of tennis I'd say it was better, but alas it's too short. Also, TRAINING SEQUENCES ARE WHAT I LIVE FOR! Those seriously make/break sports animes for me.

A story about a loser that can't do anything until the girl he likes talk to him and teaches him how to bicycling.

Although the race (that starts from episode 11) is really long, the character development during it is amazing.
I love the main character, Mikoto because he actually turns into a great person once he finds his passion.


That anime vary great anime I want more episode

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26 Chihayafuru Chihayafuru Chihayafuru is a manga series written and illustrated by Yuki Suetsugu, serialised in Be Love and published by Kodansha.

I was a bit skeptical when I first watched the first episode, but it was a really nice one. This anime shows us how one can be very passionate and hard working just to see that someone and play against him or her.

This anime is more intense and interesting than your normal cards game..Even I am guilty of judging this anime and I was proven completely wrong This anime has a seriously good plot with some comedy wonderfully put lessons about friendship and team spirit and also some developing romance and can get you hooked once you start getting into it..I never thought I would complete the anime but I did that too both the seasons and I've even started reading the manga! This anime is seriously underrated...

I didn't think I'd enjoy this when I read about it but beforeI knew it found myself watching it back-to-back and it was actually very well done. I also liked the fact it introduced me to a new aspect of Japanese culture and introduced the game and it's strategies really well. Two series were made and the manga is ongoing.

O-my I like this verry much, and all aanemi that I like I allways watching it 10x or more than that so please I'm waiting for the season 2 of this?

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It's has to be the best sports anime of ll time. The story in well telled and has good episode that make you want to keep watching them over and over tell you DVD is broken.

I love It
It inspired be to do my best I'm my dream of becoming a spirtner

-This Show is amazing!
-I just finished it and because I like track it was the best.
-Track/Anime lovers you should definitely watch this!
-This Anime genre is a Drama, Bishoujo, Comedy, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Sports.

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28 Inazuma Eleven Go

The pride and love for soccer all include in this anime. I think this anime is amazing!

This anime is better than the original one.

One of the best Inazuma Eleven Series.

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29 Cross Game

Cross game needs to be placed much higher in the rankings due to its well done story telling. Its not so over the top but incredibly exciting games put this one at the top of the list.

I read it then I watch it. It's so good and to think I almost didn't give it a chance because I thought the drawing feel kind of old but I'm glad I did. It not totally sport but still it's one of the best sport/romance manga/anime I've seen.

One of my favorite anime that is down to earth. It's more than just a baseball anime and honestly it deserves a higher ranking in my opinion.

Too low, too low. Get it higher. - Undistinguished

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30 Yowapeda

This is one of the best sports anime I have ever watched! All of the racing and adventure makes me so excited!

Good character development, such a great storyline for otaku Onoda who turns into a kick ass cycling machine. I really love how everyone seems to be endeared by his innocence. This show is awesome, I love the plots and the races are always intense. You never know who's going to win! Good opening themes and ending themes too!

This is an excellent anime! Onoda is just the cutest thing. The soundtrack is amazing as well.

By the way, Yowamushi Pedal is already on the list, higher up. I'm not really sure why it's on here twice. Maybe it's just so good it can't be contained by a single rank.


Loved it. Just the way it says that doesn't matter what your structure is its always best to believe in yourself!

Great story and Characters. Very good show to watch. They build up on basketball with subtle pace which is very likable. But that's to be expected from a show based on best selling manga. It has many things going for it and some not. But overall it's a great watch!

I love this so much! Just finished it in one day...i can't believe its only in 13th place.. The story is just so good.. Though the graphics is quite bad, you wont even think much a bout that as soon as you're already hooked with the story and characters.. Too bad there is no season 2. Seriouslyy...i love aizawa!

This makes you just want to play more basketball

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32 Ginga e Kickoff!

In the beginning I thought wow, it's fun, it's interesting... But the end is just indescribable you just have to see it!

After I saw it I thought holy... These kids are amazing... No one can tell you what you can achieve IT'S ALL UP TO YOU!

It could be really good for kids they will create bigger self confidence! but that doesn't mean that it is not for older I'm 20 this year but I think I will see it once again!

An soccer anime that I think shows the power of teamwork. Every time I think that it cannot get any better, it turns around and brings something else to the table.

I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Its amazing love it! About a boy who is bad at soccer but he works hard to achieve the top with his team! You just keer watching every episode is so good and funny!

This show is amazing I watched back three years ago, it give you self confident, and happy thought. its also tell people that going to do your dream is not always easy, and the end god damn! thought I really hope they can do a new season after their six grade, like what happen, the friends being in different teems and etc... really an underrated anime! now go watch it.

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33 Baby Steps

This is an amazing tennis anime and is just as good or better than the prince of tennis. Definitely should at least be ranked in the top 10. It has a great story line that gets you hooked and wanting more.

I'm surprised this anime isn't in the top 10. Baby steps is one of the few sports anime that is so well made. Its not only realistic but also a really feel good anime to watch. Definitely inspiring.

An inspiring tennis anime. It features a topper in the class interested in tennis and how he becomes a pro

This should be a lot higher...

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34 Ashita No Joe

Well, it's certainly better than "The Prince of Tennis." I hate it when the main characters always push through, no matter the circumstances. This is why I prefer anime for mature audiences/seinen.

I wish more people knew about this anime. - Undistinguished

Best sport manga ever.

It's the best anime I have ever watched! The plot and caracters are just awesome

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35 Yuri!!! On Ice

While this anime has way too much yaoi fan service, it still has some really good points. The skating moves and choreography are beautiful and extremely realistic. Also, the bond of friendship between the characters is really nice! I don't know, maybe because I figure skate is the reason I enjoy and relate to this anime so much. I think that a lot of people are judging it harshly without widening their scope of vision.

This anime deserves a better spot on this list. It has an amazing soundtrack, you can pretty much root for any character since they are all quite unique, and the actual ice skating always has you on edge to see what will happen next. I love the characters and I don't care what some people say, this anime has a good plot and good character development ESPECIALLY if you compare it to other sports anime.

The gander ice is great and adorable. Yet it also shows the gracefulness of ice skating, WHICH IS A SPORT. Also defies gender roles, and is fabulous just to say.

This is in the wrong place it should be #2. Free! Should be #1. This is messed up

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36 Initial D

This show is one of my favourites. I never had any interest in cars or sports before this, and definitely not mixed together, but my friend made me watch it and I am insanely grateful that she put up with my initial protests. I like how this series sort of goes opposite of other series. Instead of having a character passionate about a sport and slowly building up the skill to match, it's about a character who really isn't interested but is incredibly skilled. It really doesn't just follow the pattern of "like sport, fail miserably, get stronger, win, win, win, win."

Initial must be in top 10, because it has great story, and I love takumi way of driving and his techniques.

Initial D is amazing. It is fast paced with a surprisingly good story for a racing anime. It is a bit cliche with some of the things they do with certain characters (particularly girls) and such, but the racing itself is can't miss. The series always manages to throw exiting new challenges and opponents. Takami's driving is insane. It leaves you wondering what he'll do. I definitely recommend you give this a watch.

All the seasons were great. - Undistinguished

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37 Touch

It's a bit old, and the animation isn't the best. But the story and character development is just top notch. I can't say much without giving everything way, but the story is of two twin brothers who compete (one athletic, one who had potential, but is lazy) and their childhood friend who happens to be a girl.

Amazing story with an interesting goal and drive for the main character. Just beautiful.

38 Aoki Densetsu Shoot

One of the most inspiring and touching anime I have ever watched. It blew me away completely... A must watch for everyone who loves sports anime. The legacy of kubo senpai and the rise of Tanaka is sure to satisfy all of your needs...

39 Attack No. 1

I really like this anime. It's far exiting than other sport's anime that I've ever seen. I hope you will also enjoy it

40 Chicho Terremoto

You rote it in Spanish I think its dash kappei in English but I love this anime it is so hilarious

Best sport anime it has allot of sports in one show most seen sport in the anime basketball but ithas pingpong jimnastics tennis and oders verry funny anime

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