Prince of Tennis


Well I believe that Prine of tennis is the greatest anime their is because their is so much action, cliff hangers and more. I love this show and I think it teaches people a lot of life lessons, not just about tennis. I know a bunch of people complain about the ridiculousness of the tennis moves but I think that adds to the charm of the show. It would get boring if it was just the same as watching a real tennis match. Plus there are a huge number of characters and teams to choose as your favorite and follow. Love this show and I think it teaches people a lot of life lessons, not just about tennis. I know a bunch of people complain about the ridiculousness of the tennis moves but I think that adds to the charm of the show. It would get boring if it was just the same as watching a real tennis match. Plus there are a huge number of characters and teams to choose as your favorite and follow

The Prince of Tennis is such an amazing anime. It really inspires you to try your hardest and never give up. It also is saying if you want to be the best then you have to work really hard, no matter if your talented or not. Everything in the world requires some sort of effort and if your not willing to put in the effort then you don't deserve to he the best. Even though you might have talent, that talent will only go so far, till someone who has worked harder than you comes along and beats U. So people should try their hardest to try to be that best at what they believe in.

Where my sports anime addiction started! It teaches you the value of teamwork, which is what probably struck me the most about this series. The fact that it is filled with tennis moves that are impossible in real life is what gets you hooked. This anime, to me, is influential in a way that it even made me want to start playing tennis, even when I was never the sporty type. It makes you wanna work hard, and know that the will or the drive to be better is always your most important weapon or asset. The series also shows that age shouldn't get in the way or stop you from being who you want to be, and attaining what you want to achieve. Nothing should stop you from trying to successful. It shows that you don't have to be naturally good, tall, strong, or be a prodigy. It shows you that the most important ingredient is hardwork. Prince of Tennis had definitely proved the statement "Hardwork beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard." I really recommend this series. It is worth your time.

I love this anime... I chose prince of tennis because of this I'm now interested on tennis sport even though I don't know how to play it but then I'm willing to learn. And also this anime tells me about good friendship. Prince of Tennis inspires me a lot that you can reach your dreams by doing an action starting today and never waste time because you can do things in every second that can help you to find your way to your goals even though there are problems you will encounter... "NEVER GIVE UP! VICTORY IS OURS"

I love this anime. It is so cool. Even though this anime is made far away from what a human could do, almost made impossible, it is still very interesting! If anyone ever asks me what is the best sports anime I would definitely say POT or Prince of Tennis. It made the impossible real... I also loved how they made/ developed the Tezuka character too... And Yukimura character. Well in all I think this is a very good anime!

Prince of Tennis serves as an inspiration that enables those who are taking up tennis (or those who are yet to love tennis) to do better and to aim for the highest goal possible-no, to make the impossible possible. It shows how tennis is more than just hitting the tennis ball back and forth across the court and over the net. Moreover, the development of the characters indicates that your passion can do anything to change you for the better.

The Prince of Tennis is a very inspiring and motivating anime. The characters were all so unique and fun, and its not just the Seigaku regulars that I'm talking about either. Each match brings out a new definition for climax. Also, the "never give up" attitude is portrayed in this anime so well. Its not some corny anime either. I mean sure the moves that are used in this anime is a little exaggerated, but I think that's what made interesting and awesome to many extremes. It teaches many other lessons too. A genius anime.

This just has to be the best sports anime in the world due to the the suspense, action, humour and education. Everything comes in its right place and the right time and the actual show is extremely realistic (except for the moves, which add to the suspense and action). If you want it anymore realistic then you might as well watch pro-tennis.

Prince of Tennis is the first sports anime I watched and it made me want to watch lot of other sport anime. This anime is the best of all sports! I RECOMMEND THIS ANIME TO ALL you SPORTS FAN IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! TRUST ME! PRINCE OF TENNIS 4 ever

I LOVE prince of tennis it's the best! I really love how they show how much the main character grew and how he never gave up even if there was a big chance he will lose, he continues to grow stronger for himself and to bring his teammates to the nationals.

I really love this anime... I've watched it about 4 times already and it was always interesting. It encourages you, that whomever you are you can master everything as long as you try hard and believe in your way... Great really...

This is the best sports anime that I watch. Ryoma Echizen is a Prodigy. But some other episode is kinda boring. I love tennis but id never played it :D
Plss Support Prince of Tennis to stay in top :))
Watch it!

Atobe is perhaps the most mesmerizing character in the series and also others are very good characters. Tezuka (The One With No Limiter) is the best character in the series as although Atobe did defeat him but couldn't surpass him. The best anime!

Prince of Tennis was the first sports anime I ever watched and got me hooked on manga in general. The anime is a non-stop action thrill ride but also goes to show that no matter who you are you can always win if you train hard enough or have the will to keep going and don't give up

It may just be me, but I love it when the main character is sarcastic, kind of like in Ouran Host Club. This anime made me play tennis as well, though I'm clearly not in shape enough. (I almost fainted from heat exhaustion) I wish that this show had gotten a sequel, but I guess we'll have to just enjoy what we have now!

I am a tennis player and I not that best but after watching prince of tennis I have become a better player because the line "Mada Mada Dane" encourages me a lot that I have a long way to conquer.. It is the best anime I have ever watched.. And I am the inter university champion in Pakistan...

I have watched this anime over 3 times. It has a very good plot many REAL references to tennis and creates a very good image of quality in the watcher's mind.

I love this anime because it show the true meaning of friendship, sportsmanship, and teamwork. If you watch this you can notice the lessons that will inspire you and it is a good example of anime that really entertains me...

The Prince of the tennis is the best anime, I've ever seen. The "hero" is cute, and it has a great story as well, and the animation is also great. I'm playing tennis too, and it's a really realistic.

Even with the bit of supernatural stuff going, I still like this series. So much so that I am still updated in its progress in manga. Those hundred or so episodes were not enough to satiate my thirst for more of this series. Funny, super likable, and entertaining - that's what it is

The Prince of Tennis is full of exciting plots, and hilarious characters. I used to hate tennis, but when I started to watch this series, I was suddenly bursting with excitement to start tennis lessons!
-Hilarious Characters
-Nice Theme
- It's Awesome, and I recommend this to all Sport/ Anime fans!

The all time best sport anime! The characters are just completely amazing; they make you love them to peaces. I have never watched or read a better sports anime series in my life!

This was the first sports anime that I have ever watched, and I just fell in love with the seigaku dudes and their personalities, as well as their notable opponents. And Ryoma is such a badass character that can be such a cutie at times. Those who are hesitant about watching sports animes, DO NOT HESITATE AND JUST WATCH THIS. I don't consider myself to really really really like sports anime (still have a lot to check out~) but this is an awesome series with cute boys that have mad tennis skills. What more could you want?

Yes this anime deserves to be at the top. I just hope that there will be a new episode for the new prince of tennis! Because I miss watching them a lot...

This is by far the most influential sports anime that I have ever seen in my life ( toe to toe with kuroko no basketball...). If you don't agree, then see for yourself, the pinnacle of how good an anime can get. Mada mada dane!