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21 Bob Costas
22 Kevin Harlan

Never heard a voice like his before. I will sometimes tune in just to listen to him.

He sure knows his football and NBA. Very intelligent.

23 Mike "Doc" Emrick

You haven't watched an exciting hockey game if Doc wasn't announcing it. Its like every player he talks about has a section of docs brain dedicated to him. He knows that much about the sport and the players.

The best hockey announcer, period!

Best announcer ever, hands down.

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24 Dick Enberg

A very descent football announcer and baseball announcer.

"oh my" Dick Enberg is a Top 5

25 Johnny Most

"And the other Lord Fauntlory comes on the field." Most is a CLASSIC announcer! So passionate about the Celts and the most sarcastic s.o.b. I've heard from a sports announcer. - fireinside96

havlicek stole the ball it's all over

26 Michael Kay
27 Gary Thorne

This guy made every game great. Just amazing

Goodbye! Home Run! Thorne is a lot of fun to listen to. In fact I have him on my MLB 2K11 Wii game.

28 Cris Collinsworth

He is better than a lot above.

29 Dick Stockton
30 Clark Kellogg
31 Rick Jeanneret V 1 Comment
32 Thom Brenneman
33 Frank Gifford
34 Greg Gumbel

I'd take him over his arrogant brother Bryant. Greg's fun to listen to.

35 Verne Lundquist

When it comes to the Voice of the SEC Verne is. It.

36 Ray Warren Ray Warren
37 Gary Cohen
38 John Madden
39 Bob Uecker

The best radio announcer ever. He's very funny too. He was clowning around the outfield by catching flyballs with his tuba and then all of a sudden he starts denting the tuba and he gets a fine for it and he's like, not all of it. He's one funny guy and one of the most funniest announcers in sports.

40 Cory Provus

I really loved it when Cory Provus called Brewer games alongside Uecker. I miss him.

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