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41 Brad Nessler
42 Ian Eagle (The Bird)

One of the best announcers for CBS, makes the game exciting.

The best!

43 Steve Tasker
44 Don Criqui

Hands down, Criqui was the best announcer for CBS. Too bad he's retired now.

45 Tom McCarthy

One of the best announcers for the Phillies without Harry Kalas.

46 Rich Waltz
47 Matt Vasgersian
48 Chris Rose
49 Jeff Van Gundy
50 Charles Davis

One of the best college football analysts.

51 Bob Carpenter
52 John Sterling
53 Victor Rojas
54 Lindsay Nelson

Classic voice/great delivery. Knowledgeable. Added excitement to every game.

55 Martin Tyler
56 Wayne Larrivee

One of the best radio football announcers. I enjoy "And there is your dagger! " I met him once.

57 Larry McCarren

One of the best radio analysts. He calls Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, Bert and Ernie, which is pretty funny.

58 Joe Block

He's pretty good with Bob Uecker. Uecker would crack Provus up.

59 Gary Danielson
60 Tom Hammond

I have no idea and I don't understand why he gave up Notre Dame duties.

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