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1 Nissan Skyline

For a tuner, this car is just like a PlayStation with an exhaust pipe at the back! The amount of brute power which can be gain from the RB26 engine is uncanny!

It is a dumb car

Yes! Best car ever made

Iconic as all hell.The best car in ages.

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2 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

I have been a fan of Corvette as long as I could think. Then, 11 years later, they came out with the 2017 Z06, the most powerful and fast Chevrolet yet. by the way, the Nissan Skyline is a piece of fancy shaped metal with a steering wheel and a motor. The Corvette is a car with race-bred specs. The Corvette is a true car. Nissan has too many recalls.

$75,000 car that walks $250,000 cars. Not to mention the massive 427 that thing is running under the hood. - Ironsights51

Beats everything with its speed on pricing and reliability. Value options have never been so cool. - MrVixen

Should be in top 1

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3 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
4 Porsche Cayman S

What the heck. Why is the Nissan skyline #1? This is obviously faster and better looking then some Nissan.

5 BMW M3

The E92 M3 is going to go down in history as the best because of it's engine, styling, and it's the last 2 door, v8, M3

Great sports car with good handling


6 Mazda RX-7

Best drifting car to me

Awesome car!

7 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
8 Audi RS4
9 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

How is this 9? Dude they are so cool looking and really fast. If money was no object I would have a Lamborghini. And probably a McLaren

REALLY?!?! This car should be number 1 but people should have opinions but I'm not complaining :-)

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10 Dodge Charger

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11 Audi R8

This is the best car ever. This car is so hot and fancy. It's fabulous. I was so obsessed about this car, I want it but my dad say no. I didn't mean to be coveteous, I just want it. Unfortunately, it too expensive and I can't afford that. Thanks. - Gray18

12 Enzo Ferrari

This is a supercar. Not a sports car.

13 McLaren F1

Best car regardless of age!


14 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
15 Ford Mustang GT

Speed, Power, Handling, Low Price. Who wouldn't want this amazing looking sports car? Why go for the nissan skyline when you can have a car like this?

16 Toyota Supra

Doesn't deserve to be this low.

Needs to be higher.

I think it is most iconic spports car

17 Bugatti Veyron

This wrecking 1200-horsepower Quad Turbo W16 is great. It might be heavy, but the Veyron has the 3rd Fastest from the world. First Transtar Dagger GT, then SSC Tuatara. Come on, how can the Veyron be the 18th? Anyway, it might be one of the most expensive cars, but its worth it. And I'm talking the EB 16.4 Super Sport

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18 Saleen S7
19 Dodge SRT Viper

Vipers are awesome! Should be higher up. Love the V10 engine sound and speed.

Vipers are awesome cars. 640 hp V10. Vipers are faster than most of the cars on the top ten currently. - ilikemetal99

Dodges can beat Corvettes (not implying I hate Corvettes), Corvettes have a supercharger stock, Vipers don't. What happens if you supercharge a Viper? More HP, more Torque, faster car, victory.

20 Ferrari 458 Italia
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1. Nissan Skyline
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1. Nissan Skyline
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