Has great flavor and keeps me hydrated. On scorching days while I'm exercising it always performs. I also drink it in the morning because it is healthy too. It makes my day every time I get the satisfaction of drinking it.

After doing a scientific investigation and comparison on the subject of sports energy drinks and which actually aids in endurance better than any other, I found that Gatorade actually was one of the standouts and eventually proved it's worth being healthier all round and generally better for you than any other

Gatorade is so nice and it is so nice it can prevent dehydration on you it really nice, so I suggest to drink gatorade when you are in training or even in the game. Trust me it will help your athletes performance thank you

Gatorade is the best sport drink ever. It is also used when you are sick or when you feel like throwing up. It is also really tasty and it has so many flavors. I go to skating class and I always take Gatorade with me. I don't care which flavor I like all of the flavors!

The first sports drink to come out to the market in the mid 1960s to help rehydrate the Florida Gators. Sold on the market to the public and it just skyrocketed in popularity multiple flavors and styles you can't beat Gatorade in over all satisfaction.

Gatorade is the best drink ever! I always drink it before I go running biking or swimming. It is very useful and tasty. This drink always gets me through my day!

Gatorade is also pretty healthy. My doctor told me when I had a cold drink Gatorade. The electrolytes in it helps keep you hydrated. Gatorade also taste very delicious.

Its the best! I can't get enough and its amazing during swim meets and after I run! It's delicious! GO GATORADE! Wo ho amazing absolutely amazingly delicious!

Does the job perfectly when you need to be hydrated! Consists of amazing flavour and is quite healthy for you as well! Gatorade, "satisfaction guaranteed, king of all drinks for sure!

gatorade is way better than powerade, all powerade is is sugar. It doesn't give you proper nutrients to nourish your body. Gatorade has a wonderful taste and give you the essential nutrients your body needs to keep going strong and hard.

Gatorade taste amazing with any food and can make your day feel a whole lot better

I came here just to see Gatorade in 1st place ya and powerade's good too it deserves to be below Gatorade. And every sport I've played used it

Also along with the other statements, It has a very wide range of flavors, so you can fins something both helpful and pleasing.

Gatorade is fantastic its healthy and also it helps your body in many ways like when you sick and when you are at the gym it also hepls from keeping the sweat away. And it is great testing especially cool blue and I personally love gatorade and I will never stop drinking it

Is the best. It is really yum and there's a whole lot of variety.

Gatorade is the best drink ever! There are many flavors that you can choose from! I mean, it is simply the best.

No wonder you see lots of athletes drink Gatorade. Gatorade must be popular. No. It IS popular. - EpicJake

I drink Gatorade at practice and on game day and it fuels me up when I'm tired so I'm 100% again

Gatorade tastes so much better than any other sports drink!

I love gatorade because its th number 1 sports drink and it helps you to be energetic

Gatorade seems to not make me sick as I play in hot weather

Gatorade tastes good and it is popular among athletes and normal people as well

Gatorade is a really good sports drink do use when you need energy

Gatorade is the best ever, after all the first ingredient is WATER

Gatorade replenishes your body and hydrates you. This drink is very healthy, but it also helps you when you are sick because it has electrohydrates, which you lose when you have the ful, the cold, or any sickness out there. This is just my opinion, not need to lose sleep over which type you think is the best for you.