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21 Oshee

Fantastic flavor, excellent value, blows competitors out the water and into the Oshee(n).


22 100PLUS

Superb drink till date. Just try it once and feel the difference.

Still the best tasting sports drink

23 Innergize

Innergize has been a great help with my asthma. In addition to the foundation nutrition that provides optimal nutrition to the cells this is a great hydrator to open the cells to absorb nutrients. It's great tasting and tons of nutrients to hydrate the body and feel good! Wouldn't be without it!

24 Aquarius V 1 Comment
25 Biosteel V 1 Comment
26 MiO

Come on guys this drink is easy to make just squirt some in a water bottle, it also tastes amazing too.


27 Hydr8
28 32Gi

Sustains my Engergy on a 5 hour course and the other brands fade into the sunset

29 Mistic
30 Smart C+
31 Kirkland
32 Roar V 1 Comment
33 Sportsade

Best drink on the market

34 Aspire

With only 8 grams of sugar and 35 calories per 12-ounce serving, this low-osmolality beverage is the leader in a new generation of sports drinks that are designed to be consumed by all athletes, anywhere, anytime. This is the ultimate sports drink to help improve health and performance.

35 Fuze
36 Isostar
37 Reliv Innergize

Patented to deliver nutrients to increase energy & muscle development, promote oxygen absorption & protect against free radicals. It's good for you and tastes fantastic!

Whether I'm working in my garden or my husband is playing golf, water WITH RELIV INNERGIZE hydrates so much better than anything else, we aren't wiped out when we finish!

When testing sports drinks Reliv Innergize came in on the top according to Bicycle magazine, I am 86 years old and I use it every day when I walk a mile in the hot Arizona weather. With the electrolites and all the good ingredients, as a former Biology professor and an avid nutritionist with a doctorate in Biology and another in naturopathy I recognized the science behind this product which rates it above all others.

Better than all other drinks (gatorade powerade etc. )

V 5 Comments
38 RevvNRG
39 Clif Quench

Useful on long intense workouts, also on hot days when temperatures are above 75 degrees. Or just to recover from hard games or races at any time of the day when you are feeling sluggish.

40 Coco5

THE BEST! It is much more healthier then Gatorade because it has at least 5 times LESS sugar then Gatorade

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