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1 New York Yankees New York Yankees The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team based in the Bronx, New York City, New York, that competes in Major League Baseball.

The Yankees already had 18 WS Championships by the time the infant Cowboys came into existence. Manchester has more glittery trophies to show off, but that's because they play like 3 different tournaments a year; the Yankees have one chance in one year to get THE trophy. The Lakers don't even have the most titles in their own sport, and Montreal hasn't won anything in 20 years.

The 27 World Series wins puts the Yankees above all other pro sporting franchises in the world. Please keep in mind that the 53 titles won by Rangers FC are LEAGUE titles and NOT WORLD titles. Same goes for Real Madrid, whose 9 UEFA titles fall 18 short to the Yankees 27 WS.

The Yankees and the Canadians are the top two sport franchises in the world with 27 and 24 championships respectively. No one comes close.

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter. 27 titles, enough said

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2 Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers The Los Angeles Lakers are an American professional basketball team based in Los Angeles. The Lakers compete in the National Basketball Association, as a member of the league's Western Conference Pacific Division. more.

Best franchise of all time! no question. has produced 3 of the top 5 best basketball players of all time and they market well and don't spend double of what other franchises do to win (Yankees). Manchester should be disqualified because they are real football which is by far the most popular sport in the world. And the Cowboys should be disqualified because they are the NFL which just proves how stupid Americans are. Just wanting to be different and having a sport that no one else plays. Retarded

The Lakers won 16 NBA championships and have been to the playoffs more than any other NBA franchise. The Lakers also have some of the best players in NBA history to go along with the team's successes.

Being a Laker fan I am blessed. They also have the biggest fanbase in usa with fans all across the country


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3 Manchester United Football Club Manchester United Football Club Manchester United Football Club is a professional football club based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, that competes in the Premier League, the top flight of English football.

Anyone not saying Manchester United is an idiot. Dallas cowboys born in 1960's? So United or Newton Heath have a history dating back to 1878. They ARE the biggest value club in the world with over 330(est) million supporters worldwide.

Yankees name is known more but but that does not make them popular.

No one can argue that Manchester united are the richest club in the world it's a fact proven by forbes. so this is really a stupid debate.

Without question Manchester United is the Greatest Sports Franchise in the World. Simple Facts spell that out. The highest revenue of ALL Sports. Largest Fan base of ALL sports. Largest T.V. audience Worldwide of ALL Sports. Is this just a small minded American thing to think the Yankees are even comparable to Manchester United? Laughable.

ARE you kidding, How is manchester united not the number one franchise! 19 titles, 11 FA Cup titles, 3 Champions League Wins, 5% of the world is in the fan base, Most value Franchise. Anyone who says Man U isn't the greatest franchise is just another hater

Definitely better then the Yankees

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4 Montreal Canadiens Montreal Canadiens The Montreal Canadiens are a Canadian professional ice hockey team based in Montreal, Quebec, that competes in the National Hockey League.

dwarfs all others hockey franchises by a margin unrivaled in any sports league - adampowell

Simple fact, 24 championships, beat that Broncos! Very obvious that this poll is answer by mainly narrow minded people, ie, Yanks

As their motto states "The Club IS Hockey"

24 stanley cups

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5 Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers The Pittsburgh Steelers are a professional American football team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that competes in the National Football League. Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowls with 6 which currently stands today.

You can travel to any city in the country and are most likely to see some Steelers gear over any outside franchise.

I've traveled the world and there's always steelers fan and their apparel everywhere.

The Steelers have the most Superbowl wins an amazing offense and has been representing for ages

They are Americas team! Hands down.

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6 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have and always will be Americans Team! Plenty of fans and plenty of HATERS! How bout them Cowboys!

Really dallas when was the last time they won a super bowl? Exactly the pittsburgh steelers have six of them and the cowboys haven't won since the 90's

The most famous franchise on the world, just ask Michael Irvin, stankees suck 27 whole bunch of nothings, go cowboys

They are second in superbowls and have the greatest coaches and players and are 3rd in playoffs appearances and high up in wins

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7 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers The Green Bay Packers are a professional American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league's National Football Conference North division. The Packers have won 4 super bowls and 13 NFL championships.

With Football and American football being the 1st and 2nd most watched sport in the world, the best sports franchise has to be a team from one of these two sports. Therefore, the only real choices here are Manchester World Football Club, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburg Steelers, and the Green Bay Packers.

But, I'm an American and I live in Wisconsin so the choice is a simple one.

While the Yankees are obviously the most "storied" sports franchise in the U.S. , the Packers rank very close, with far less negative "drama, " Brett Favre not withstanding. Owned by the fans, and operating in the smallest of markets, there's something very down-to-Earth about the Packers that's undeniable!

I am not a Packer fan my self, but I love the franchise. The fans are nice and respect the team (unlike the Jets, but don't get me started). They allow fans to actually buy a share of the team. Also, on the field they are fun and exiting to watch.

Packers are a Class Act in a small city!

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8 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals The St. Louis Cardinals are a professional baseball team based in St. Louis, Missouri. The Cardinals compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the National League Central division.

Medium market Saint Louis always a great team

The model franchise of baseball

9 New England Patriots New England Patriots The New England Patriots are a professional American football team based in the Greater Boston region. New England Patriots are one of the few teams to have 5+ wins in the Super Bowl.

Robert Kraft made the New England Patriots a GREAT Franchise. The Kraft FAMILY will keep this going - hail the Patriots the New England Patriots - A Carpe Diem winner!

This is really horrible. They sucked before the bill and Brady era, and what kind of franchise deserves a spot on any list for the dishonesty and pure lies the franchise has delivered.

Patriots arguably the 1st for best sports franchise especially because the currently are still kicking ass and making smart moves, while the other teams on this list are only mentioned due to past achievements. We keep winning and you're mad

5/9 in Super Bowls
Greatest QB of all time
Greatest coach of all time
Countless division titles

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10 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers The San Francisco 49ers are a professional American football team located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Does anyone remember the GREAT Forrest Blue? Enough said.

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11 Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls The Chicago Bulls are an American professional basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois. The Bulls compete in the National Basketball Association as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Central Division. more.

Should me much higher, everyone tuned into bulls games in the 90's just to see Jordan and his amazing plays - Sssamuel2

The best sport team ever because Michael Jordan

Dominated the 90's like Punk rock music

All I have to say is mj

12 Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs The Toronto Maple Leafs are a Canadian professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Ontario, that competes in the National Hockey League.

The Leafs will soon be on the top three in the world

13 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics The Boston Celtics are an American professional basketball team based in Boston, Massachusetts. They are specifically known for honing infamous players such as Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Paul Pierce, and more. They are also known for having the most championships in NBA History, with 17 total.

Most progressive team in sports history. First NBA team to start five black players and the first of the four major US sports to have a black coach. Not to mention the most titles in NBA history. Thanks to Danny Ainge (and Billy King thank you Nets) they are posed to fight for a title in the years to come. Also is there anyone cooler, a better defender, a better teammate, or a better sacrificer for the team in NBA history than Bill Russell?

How come the Boston Celtics are in 10th Place and the Lakers are in 4th in this list. The Celtics have 17 Championships and the Lakers 16. Enough said.

Had a better franchise then half of the top ten. Its hard to find whose better between different sports. But its clear the celtics are one of the best.

Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Kevin McHale, Bill Russell, John Havlicek, Dave Cowens, Bob Cousy, Robert Parish, Sam Jones, JoJo White, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Dennis Johnson, Tim Heinsohn, Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins, Nate Archibald, Bill Sharman, Bailey Howell, Cedric Maxwell, Danny Ainge, Isaiah Thomas, Reggie Lewis, Don Nelson, Tom Sanders, Ed Macauley, Frank Ramsey, K.C. Jones, Bill Walton, Pete Maravich, Antoine Walker; '57, '59-'66, '68, '69, '74, '76, '81, '84, '86, '08; I like the Celtics. I'm not the biggest fan, but I am one. It doesn't take a scientist to be able to read this list and figure out that it's STACKED. This is just the grease on the surface. There are so many more names and years that can be added. Now, I know they're not the Yankees, but, I mean, come on. It's the BOSTON CELTICS! They are easily the number two franchise in sports history. They won ten championships in a row, and that wasn't even with the greatest team they've ever had! Who does that?! Well, ...more

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14 Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings The Detroit Red Wings are a professional ice hockey team based in Detroit, Michigan. They are members of the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League and are one of the Original Six teams of the league.

The winged wheel just keeps rollin'. No need to change brands...Honestly, I liked going' to the "Joe" when the wings sucked, hands down the greatest sport fans and atmosphere of all time...When they started to dominate in the mid-nineties, the big corporations bought gobs of tickets and gave 'em to image-minded folks, which made it a little "stuffy" at the games.

They may be bad now but 24 playoff years in a row is the longest out of any franchise in all sports. Great fans and rich history.

Made playoffs for 2 and a half straight decades... That's older than me and my brother and the same age as my sister!

Definitely should be top ten on this list!

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15 Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox The Boston Red Sox are an American professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, that competes in Major League Baseball.
16 Boston Bruins Boston Bruins The Boston Bruins are a professional ice hockey team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The Bruins compete in the National Hockey League as a member club of the league's Eastern Conference Atlantic Division.
17 Real Madrid Real Madrid

This is a pathetic list. How can it be that there are 14 MLB, NFL, and NBA teams over the second best football club in the world (Real Madrid)? If anything, this list should consist mainly of football teams considering football is the most popular sport in the world.

Please, if Man Utd. Is there, how could not be Real Madrid on very top of it? The biggest Football club of history. Just check their trophies history players.

Their number of trophies not just in La Liga but International playing and beating the best teams in different leagues makes them #1.

This is dumb! No way is any American team better than Manchester United Real Madrid or Bayern Munich! Just look at the trophy list lol. Ps all 3 team I mentioned are known around the world!

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18 Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Blackhawks

Bandwagon fans comment here!

Classiest organization in pro sports.

Best sports franchise of this decade!

19 San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs

Winningest team in NBA history, has the best nickname in the NBA ("The Beautiful Game"), consistently spawns All Stars from Nowhere, USA, had the best power forward of all time, just broke their own NBA record with their 16th consecutive 50 win season (only the Lakers come close with 12), and do it all with class, and old school basketball fundamentals.

4 championships for a small market team. With some classy ballplayers

San Antonio Spurs are great with people management. Good people makes for a good franchise

Spurs, at 20? really? What is this, some ' popularity contest? Sesh... If you had the chance to ask ANY front-office person, "What one sports franchise I the world would you most want to model your product after,' THISD would be your answer: "The Spurs. No doubt."

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20 San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants

Definitely should be higher have had many greats and often contenders in postseason

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