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41 Snowboarding

If you love doing this, (I LOVE DOING IT! ) come to Utah. We have the best snow on Earth and you might meet Ryan Higa doing Dude vs. Wild. - Cheezaleezers

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42 Rugby

The third most played sport in the world. The next sport to be introduced back into the Olympics.

You are kidding right? Rugby is the best sports in the whole world.

Rugby below dodgeball? Only in the USA

Rugby below cricket is a joke

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43 Cricket Cricket Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a cricket field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch with a wicket, a set of three wooden stumps sited at each end.

Cricket is the best game to play in us

Though USA can't qualify for it!

Dumbest sport ever created


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44 AFL (Aussie Rules Football)

it takes skill and commitment and never gets boring

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45 Parkour

Parkour focuses on core strength and balance, mobility, precision, coordination, and there is a ton of conditioning involved. It's also very technical in terms of learning the proper progressions and the high level skills.

This should be in the #5 spot in top sports

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46 Ultimate

World's best sport. Only a true man can play it... and those 'true men' weep when they get skyed by a woman.

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47 Rock Climbing

Who doesn't like climbing up a steep wall?

48 Squash

the best up and coming sport there is

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49 Dirtbiking

Some say its easy but theyve never actually tried it. Its harder then it seems. There's a lot of factors to take into consideration but I believe Dirt biking (Motocross and Supercross) are easily top 5 toughest sports out there.

Dirtbiking is the best sport out their. Its actually very intense and every can do it. It's the most hardcore sport out theree

This sport is that most people don't know the pain of the sport it is the funnest sport in the world everyone should try it out it is that fun. if you get good you can even race.

50 Fencing

FENCING IS THE BEST! You should try it out, it takes more energy than you think, this is coming from the person who is ranked 60th in the you. S. A

51 Fishing

You may find fishing is boring... But, Once you get a beautiful/big fish everything will change

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52 Mountain Biking

The only sport that puts you against all elements

Great sport once you get a hang of it

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53 Arena Football
54 Field Hockey

It is number 1 nobody watch American football every 99 out of 100 American swatch it

55 Billiards
56 Airsofting

Sport that exercises core and arms, requires high level thinking, and lets the player have fun! To me it's the ultimate sport.

It's an awesome sport if you try it out

Its a milsim sport were a bunch of people shoot eachother? Come on how can't you enjoy that?!

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57 Paintball

Paintball is almost like air soft but better, it takes strategy, mental, and physical skills and is a lot of fun, especially after you pop off that first shot.

Better than muggle quidditch

best sport

I love watching people stack cups.

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58 CART FedEx

Champ car Cart FED EX is about the only good motorsport in the US, Forget NASCAR it SUCKS!

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59 Speed Skating

Speed skating should be #1 it is just not speed it is strategy, if you played this sport you will be surprised.

60 Rowing

Gig rowing is a uniquely amazing and passionate sport that originated in cornwall and is set to take the world by storm. Places like Australia, shetland islands and ireland have already got many gigs however the sport will always be cornish-you should look up the history of the sport its amazing g!

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