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61 Airsofting

Sport that exercises core and arms, requires high level thinking, and lets the player have fun! To me it's the ultimate sport.

It's an awesome sport if you try it out

Its a milsim sport were a bunch of people shoot eachother? Come on how can't you enjoy that?!

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62 Sport Stacking

Hell yeah I love me some sport stacking

Way way better than muggle quidditch

Way way better than muggle quidditch

It's people stacking cups. There's nothing interesting about this sport.

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63 Judo

Better than muggle quidditch!

64 Luge

I played this game on my DS on the Mario and sonic Olympic games and it was kinda hard. I do or know if they have this in the winter Olympics for real because I don't really watch the Olympics but I forgot how it works.

65 Netball

I love netball-it really helps you with teamwork and you get to make a lot of friends out of it, it also helps you with collaboration and self confidence!

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67 Beer Pong

Gotta love college

68 Gaga Ball

Way better than muggle quidditch!


best XDD

69 Ultimate Frisbee
70 Bull Riding

Possible the most dangerous and most exciting sport EVER!!!!!!!

Definitely the most exciting and exhilarating to watch. Takes plenty of skill, guts and daring plus a little bit of madness to get on the bulls in the first place. Can't understand why it's not

Better than Muggle Quidditch!

It's better than quidditch, that's a given.

71 Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming is a combination of Gymnastics, dance, and swimming with its own twists of breathe control, endurance, and artistic impressions ( you can't look dead while you swim, it looks horrible. ) This sports takes forever to learn, and even longer to perfect. Though we may have gone down as a sport in the U. S, it still needs to be recognized around all of these other sports.

This sport is so much fun that it at least deserves to be ahead of muggle quidditch!


I've seen pictures of synchronized swimmers mid-routine, it's terrifying!

Our coach made do something like synchronized swimming during our warmup for swim practice, it was HARD---I respect all synchronized swimmers!

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73 Ice Skating

This is a very fun sport but if you don't have a lot of money don't do it! It is very expensive about 3, 000 dollars a month, but it is really fun. YOu learn balance and coordination, and your friends can take the journey with you!

This is most definitely not a sport. Ice hockey on the other hand is a sport and one of the best might I add

74 Sailing

Unique combination of mental strength while being physically tested makes it a truly tough sport that can really be exhausting and last hours per race.

One problem: ITS NOT A SPORT

75 Trap Shooting
76 Billy Cart Racing

What the heck is billy cart racing

77 Running Running

Thank you! You're COMPLETELY right!

Running should be 2nd and swimming should be 1st

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78 Billiards
79 Handball
80 Muggle Quidditch

Hell yeah I love me some muggle quidditch

Meh favorite game. your a lizard larry.

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