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41 Hurling

I thought hurling was another word for throwing up!

Best sport, requires quite a lot of skill but if you work hard you can do it's and it's great fun, I've been playing for about 7/8 years now

42 Netball

Netball is such a great sport to get around and have fun.

Netball is my favourite sport!

Game involving a lot of skill

Its awesome

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43 Taekwondo


44 Rodeo

It depends on how you do it I compete in horseback riding with an English saddle. It's very dangerous but so much.

45 Hunting

I don't think hunting is a sport...

It should be number one and use get good exersice and you put food on the table

46 Polo
47 Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a awesome sport to play...

Dodgeball is a great fun sport to play

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48 Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.

The harder you work the greater you become. In Wrestling you only rely on yourself there is no one to blame. It is NOT FUN, but it is the most rewarding sport to know that you are only where you are because you put yourself there.

Wresting is a very technical sport it is harder then most other sports

Wrestling takes a lot of heart and determination

Wrestling is the hardest sport

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49 Synchronized Swimming

Except we don't play we train..

Doing this sport is the best decision I've ever made

50 Laser Tag

Yes laser tag is the best

This is so savagery

Not a sport

Needs to be at
Least #5

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51 Table Tennis

Table tennis is great! It requires very good reflex. And it is usually very safe considering how much fun it is. And you can play for many many hours

Table Tennis is very fun and easy to pick up. U can play for hours non-stop!

Great game

52 Aerial Arts

Aerial Silks is amazing it's so graceful and you can get flexible I love it

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