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41 1970 Brazilian National Soccer Team

Pele? The team around him made him. That is how good they were.

This team let alone contains Pelé, arguably the best player to ever play soccer, and other stars like Rivellino and Carlos Alberto. This team is viewed by Bleacher Report as the best national team ever and rightly so. For obvious reasons such as winning the World Cup and containing some of the best athletes in sports history.

They have to rank higher than this.

42 2010 Spanish National Football Team

What a ridiculous full of American teams that probably are about as good as the Utd team of 99 on a very good day ( no disrespect to a great team from a gunner - Scholes Keane Beckham Giggs best British midfield I've seen - born in 73.)

They won the World Cup and consecutive euros.
This side was basically an all star team of the best Barcelona players and Real Madrid players. Probably the two best clubs at this time.

43 French Handball team 2008-2015

What the heck is the French handball team

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44 Wigan Rugby League Club

All time most successful Rugby League club. 21 League titles, 19 Challenge Cups, 3 World Club Championships

45 1979 Miami Dolphins (NFL)

They went undefeated and won the superbowl... Only team to ever do that.

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46 2014 Dr. E.P. Scarlett Lancers (CHSAA)
47 2014 Real Madrid (La Liga)
48 2014 Kentucky Wildcats (NCAA Basketball)

Come on even know they didn't win the championship they were undiffeetid with a lose to the stupid badgers Kentucky should of won

49 1976 Indiana Hoosiers (NCAAB)

Best team in NCAA basketball history. The have a banner to prove it! They should be at least in top 20 - westofohio

50 2014-2016 Serbian National Water Polo Team V 1 Comment
51 2012 Los Angeles Kings (NHL)

Really? They finished 8th in the western conference during the regular season... Ok they won the Stanley Cup, but they are not seriously one of the all time great teams.

52 2012 Green Bay Packers (NFL)
53 1999 St. Louis Rams (NFL)
54 2011 Vancouver Canucks

Dominated the league statistically. So close to winning the cup

55 1993-1994 New York Rangers (NHL)

-Won stanley cup
- Star players: Mark Messier, Wayne Gretzky, Mike Richter, Brian Leetch, Adam Graves - Songsta41

56 1927-30 Collingwood Magpies (VFL/AFL)
57 1970-72 Ajax

Contributed the "total football" philosophy in football

58 2001 Seattle Mariners (Baseball)
59 Erie Otters (OHL)
60 2014 Los Angeles Kings (Hockey)
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