Best Sports University in the SEC


The Top Ten

1 LSU Tigers LSU Tigers

competitive in just about every sport, especially the revenue sports (football/baseball)

FIGHTING TIGERS, need I say more

2 Auburn Tigers Auburn Tigers

Auburn has a beautiful campus. great education, as well as sports teams and it truly is a family, not just a university. the whole town comes together around football - gooner4life

3 Georgia Bulldogs Georgia Bulldogs The Georgia Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs are the athletic teams of the University of Georgia. The Bulldogs compete in NCAA Division I and are members of the Southeastern Conference.

Bulldawgs are best by far

The Bulldawgs are the best! Go Dawgs!
Especially in football

4 Kentucky Wildcats Kentucky Wildcats

best cheerleading team in the nation.
kentucky is beast at cheerleading. - alexx3

Best basketball program in the SEC! - briinky

5 Arkansas Razorbacks Arkansas Razorbacks


6 Tennessee Volunteers Tennessee Volunteers
7 Vanderbilt Commodores Vanderbilt Commodores
8 South Carolina Gamecocks South Carolina Gamecocks

Anyone who has ever been in Columbia, SC knows that Gamecock fans are diehard. Williams-Brice Stadium was sold out when we were on a 13 game losing streak. The athletics have become more relevant as of late because of Steve Spurrier, Darrin Horn, Ray Tanner, and Dawn Staley. The rising talent level and the Clemson rivalry make South Carolina the most up and coming school in the SEC. - scfootballfan

9 Alabama Crimson Tide Alabama Crimson Tide The Alabama Crimson Tide refers to the 21 men and women varsity teams that represent the University of Alabama.
10 Ole Miss Rebels Ole Miss Rebels The Ole Miss Rebels are the intercollegiate athletic teams officially representing the University of Mississippi.

The Contenders

11 Mississippi State Bulldogs Mississippi State Bulldogs
12 Florida Gators Florida Gators The Florida Gators are the intercollegiate sports teams that represent the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida.

27 All-sport SEC titles which is more than the rest of the SEC combined and 234 SEC championships, which is the most in the SEC

13 Texas A&M Aggies
14 Missouri Tigers Missouri Tigers The Missouri Tigers athletics programs include the extramural and intramural sports teams of the University of Missouri, located in Columbia, Missouri, United States.
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