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1 Miramon Nuevo - The Daily Tribune

A best writer can write a whole universe of beautiful and delicious things about a "dried fruit" and makes you craving for it, like it was something you've never seen or tasted before. He does such again, and again, and again but you'll never grow tired or get saturated of it and still crave for more. That's him!

He write his stories very simply then he analyze them in such a way where all you can say in the end is simply "WOW! "

There's not that many writers around here anymore who can write as best as him.

"His writing style is very addicting! He can raise your blood pressure or bring a well of tears in your eyes in one simple sentence. Not too many writers nowadays have the gift to do such."

Even I can't write as well as him, and I actually got AN AWARD for my sports writing. - PizzaGuy

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2 Rick Reilly - Sports Illustrated

As a life long sports fan, hands down, the best I have ever read. At one time or another, his writing has brought out every possible human emotion. His columns will be missed

Entertaining and accurate. Simply the easiest to read.

SI has published some very fine writers---Reilly is certainly one of them.

Honest, insightful. Always the best.

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3 Woody Paige - The Denver Post

Love to disagree with him. Yet, difficult to when he really nails a topic. I wonder what the chalk board has to say.

He looked better with a beard.

4 Bob Ryan - The Boston Globe

He was almost elected Commissioner of Basketball for crying out loud.

No Boston sportswriter has bested him

5 Gary Smith - Sports Illustrated

Uniquely talented... Not just the greatest sportswriter of our time, but perhaps one of the best magazine writers...

Gary Smith is a great writer, who happens to write about sports.

The Whittler

6 John Feinstein - The Washington Post
7 Jason Whitlock - The Kansas City Star

his sentences and the way he writes drags you into his stories, and never bore you. he knows his sports.

finds a way to interest any reader in his stories.

8 Frank DeFord - Sports Illustrated

Deford was very good---found humor and pathos in sports. A bit hammy for some.

9 Joaquin Henson - The Philippine Star

He writes simply, but accurately and supported by facts. You don't have to look at history to know that he is telling the truth. He writes well and comprehensively.

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10 Bill Plaschke - The Los Angeles Times

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? Tom Archdeacon - Dayton Daily News

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11 Bill Simmons
12 Michael Wilbon - The Washington Post
13 William Rhoden - The New York Times

I'm a kid I have no idea but he gets information out there.All about the stats right

14 Mitch Album - Detroit Free Press

Easily the best writer of this bunch. A profound understanding of both society and sport and the way their interaction impacts us all.

15 Peter King - Sports Illustrated
16 Mike Downey - The Chicago Tribune
17 Ken Rosenthal - Fox Sports

An insider that really puts you inside the action.

18 Terry Pluto - The Plain Dealer

no hype no big predictions just the facts.
some good books too.

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19 Dan Wetzel - Yahoo! Sports
20 Peter Finney - New Orleans Times-Picayune
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