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1 Usain Bolt Usain Bolt Usain St. Leo Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter. Regarded as the fastest person ever timed, he is the first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records since fully automatic time measurements became mandatory in 1977. Along with his teammates, he also set the world record in the 4×100 metres more.

he got a trmendous energy to increase his speed throughout 100m...

He ran that 100 and broke the record like it was nothing. He made it look easy and was celebrating b4 it even finished. - Flyingcobra

Pretty obvious wander, how many other sprinters have done what bolt has and are so marketable. Ya, no one, not only is he the fastest man ever, he is probably the most badass too.

Who else!

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2 Michael Johnson Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson holding both 200m and 400m makes him the greatest. Those are the two most difficult sprints. By the way, what is Dwain Chambers doing in the list?

Had it not been for a bug from food in Spain Johnson would have won golds in Barcelona too thus reigning supreme over 3 consecutive Olympics in both 200 and 400 and everything in between. Johnson won his races apparently strolling hardly breaking sweat unless he was pushing to beat his own record. He was just way head of anyone else and also ran with a shocking leaning back style.
Bolt clearly has a huge physical stature but Johnson's secret was and still remains amazingly a total mystery. Even super Bolt manages only a few centimetres ahead of Johnson when breaking Johnson's record. One can only imagine them racing side by side.

This is just one great sprinter...


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3 Tyson Gay

he has even raced down bolt

The second fastest man in history he is for me the best as he is also the first man in history to race in the the 400m under 45s 200m under 20s and 100m under 10s and he is the only man to ever beat bolt in a final.

Shouldn't be on this list due to being tested positive?

Beat Usain bolt

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4 Asafa Powell

He is the most complete sprinter of all time. He has the best start and the best form. He just needs to believe in himself

he has a lot of potential to match up with bolt

Also shouldn't be on this list for testing positive?

Asafa powell is a amazing sprinter if you compare him with tyson gay and usain bolt they are the comparetities and the pressure is always on. They have a lot of potential of getting a medal I rio 2016

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5 Carl Lewis Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis always will be remembered as the single most captivating sprinter the world of track & field has ever seen in the circuit of Olympic competition. He was consistent and versatile and always would win gold medals in his pursuits.

All sorts of things change with time; things that improve performances in general. I think the only way to compare athletes is by comparing how they performed against other athletes during the period they performed.
In 1980, Carl Lewis was ranked 8th in the world among sprinters in 100 meters. From that year through 1992 he was never ranked lower than third, and he didn't drop from the top 10 until 1995. That is 15 years in the top 10. Six times he ranked number 1.

He was versatile and won multiple medals.

Best all rounder EVER even though his records have been broken.

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6 Milkha Singh

Greatest Indian athlete of all time.He made Indians proud.

He is one of the best athletes on the planet and he makes Indian proud

Personally for me Milkha Singh is a hero and an idol. A lot of things that put him down but he didn't give up and moved a long. He is the greatest athlete of all time.

He was greatest sprinter at his time. If he is play now days thn he set world record that can not be break by anyone for about 20 yrs

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7 Maurice Green

He ran 51 sub-ten sec races. The first man to run under 9.8.

He changed the sprinting style.

Please had a long carrer and produced some of the greatest preformances ever seen. Plus 9.81 in edmonton with injury could have gone sub 9.7, as well extremley consistent.

8 Jesse Owens Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens is one of the greatest sprinters ever. What he accomplished at a time with very limited track technology and training is remarkable. If he had a modern weight training and dieting program, he could probably be a contender in the world first heat. The track that he used to run on is nothing compared to the modern track, which allows you to bounce off the surface much easier. He also didn't have modern racing shoes, which modern athletes take for granted. If Jesse Owens ran today, I would say he would be close to competing with Usain Bolt.

This guy was the first to brake 10 seconds so he has to at least in the top 5

First man to ever get 4 Golds

A legend... what ran him is his anger against racism.

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9 Linford Christie

Dwain chambers can never match him or even beat him in a race because he's just one of the greatest british sprinters of all time. I believe dwain chambers should be at the bottom of the list because he's no role model after the drug ban

The greatest if he had the same kind of running shoes and all the legal energy boosting foods supplements no comparison lol

Linford Christie 1999 - tested positive?

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10 Dwain Chambers

Kept GB sprinting

the best

9.87 PB... So you lot... Might as well shh. And being the best british sprinter at this moment, winning the British trials. Beat Harry aitkins, marlin devonish, Mark Lewis francis

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11 Yohan Blake Yohan Blake

He beat Tyson gay and has potential to eventually beat usain

Yohan blake is the 2nd greatest sprinter of all times behind usain bolt

Yohan is very shy and ran the second fastest 100 m with a lot of nerve issue!

2nd fastest sprinter of all time

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12 Justin Gatlin

Are you people crazy! He should be in the top 5

He is a drug user.

He is actually faster than bolt now in 2017

Will beat Usain Bolt at Rio.

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13 Ben Johnson

Drug or no drugs, he was the first man to break the 9.80 barrier, His 9.79 time stood for 20 years. I don't know about you, but I couldn't run sub 12 even if you shot me with 10x the amount they were taking and swapped my blood out for a cheetah's. Who knows how fast he could have run. And imagine how fast he would run today, with the training, supplementation, and science athletes get today. He left the sport before his peak. I believe he had the ability to run a sub 9.60, given 5 more years of "Ben" training, putting him at 32 years of age, when men are considered at their peek in performance. Ben is hands down the fastest true sprinter, which to me is defined as the individual that moves his legs the fastest. Some people believe that the fastest time = the person the moves his/her legs the fastest, but that's not necessarily true. Take for example, Usain Bolt. He was born with a natural advantage for sprinting...height. at 6'5", his legs are naturally longer. Longer legs = longer ...more

The Seoul 88 final is one of the greatest and most compelling moments in sporting history, with Ben Johnson the star performer. He was magnificent, exploding out of the blocks, ahead of the field within the first second, leaving the rest trailing in his wake by 50m. Maybe he would be pegged back as the longer legged Lewis and Christie gathered momentum? Not a chance! Johnson kept going, like a bullet. The one fingered salute as he strode across the line was a pose befitting the magnificence of his win. He beat America's golden boy Lewis by a mile on the biggest stage of all. The stadium of circa 90,000 people screamed as he flew along the track in the blistering sunshine. A beautiful stage befitting an amazing moment in time. 9.79 in 1988 was phenomenal and on a par with Bolt's performance in Beijing 08. However Johnson had so many characteristics which made him such compelling viewing and an icon - characteristics which Bolt just hasn't got. The quiet bad guy attitude, the powerful ...more

Ben Johnson is the greatest, and most complete sprinter of all time. Unfortunately, he was caught doing what EVERY athlete does at the top level...

Best sprinter of all time Drugs? topsports and drugs are twins.

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14 Donovan Bailey

In his prime D.B. was the best in the world, and deserves to be much higher than # 16

Lack of respect for the sport of sprinting when Donovan isn't even in the top ten,

Should be higher than michael Johnson because he beat him in Toronto!

Top 5 for sure

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15 Richard Thompsan

He is the MOST IDIOTIC athlete in the WORLD!.


Idiotic man

16 Wallace Spearman
17 Bob Hayes

Won 44 sprint finals before retiring from amateur track to play for the cowboys, ran the most incredible anchor org in the 400m final leading the USA to a huge victory after starting 3-4 meters back. In his early 30s with n track training beat Mel gray in his home town of sl running 4.3 with a starters gun and blocks daily a 4.2 or better. Look at the improvement I equipment, training year round and speed of tracks was anyone ever really better. It would be hard to prove Dennis Crnkovich



In my opinion the 2nd fastest man of all time after Usain Bolt. He ran a 10.06 electronic time at 100m during the Tokyo Olympics which bettered the previous world record of 10.25, which is a huge gap. If he was around today in his prime then I don't think a mid-9.6 is out of possibility.

Not as fast consistently as Usain Bolt, but for one moment in time, he ran faster than any human being in history.
His anchor leg in the Olympic 4X100 relay cannot count for record consideration, but his speed near the finish line in that race exceeds even Bolt's best.
Various sources have his hand time for that leg at an inhuman 8.8 or 8.9.
If you watch the grainy black and white footage, it looks like he is literally rocket-propelled; getting the baton in last place, then making those other top-tier Olympic athletes look like elementary school kids.

Possibly the fastest sprinter that ever lived.
His short lived career running on dirt and cinder tracks, training around his football schedule without any name coach, breaking the WR with gold metals and retiring before his prime would put him on the list as one of the fastest of all time.

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18 Bruce Jenner

Just as much right to be up their as any other athlete. Jenner may not have as much medals but he was in a time where the Russians were dominating the games. He was considered a hero.

He's cool

19 Kirani James

He won the 400m at the London olympics at just 19!

He is the only athlete who came close to Michael Jhonson's 400m record at a young age.

20 Wayde van Niekerk

He crushed Michael Johnson's 400m world record and is the only human ever to run under 10 seconds in the 100m, under 20 seconds in the 200m, and under 44 seconds in the 400. in 4 years he will be second only to Usain Bolt.

For your information, he isn't the first man to go under 10s in 100m, the first man to go under 20s in 200m nor the first man to go under 44s in 400m. Don't listen to this dude who posted without fact checking his info.

400m world record holder overlooked by usain bolt at rio should be above Michael Johnson

Fastest ever over the 300m and 400m, only Bolt's 100m/ 200m can compare.

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