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1 Spyro: Year of the Dragon Spyro: Year of the Dragon Product Image

The original trilogy is clearly better than any Spyro games that came afterwards. But what makes Year of the Dragon better than the Original and Gateway to Glimmer (Ripto's Rage for you NTSCers)? Better level design, much tighter controls (hover is a god send) and actual functional boss battles than the original (cast your mind back to the original boss battles: very unimpressive), and much more variety than Gateway to Glimmer (all the extra challenges and bigger levels).

It pays homage to the previous Spyro games (Super Bonus World inspired by Gnasty's Loot) and improves upon them in every way.

This game is honestly, my absolute favorite video game that I've ever played. And I play a lot of games, I have all the original three Spyro games and this one is my favorite. But don't get me wrong, I love the other 2 as well! I love all the characters (Bianca's my favorite) and the idea of the portals. Spyro 3 is my favorite game of all time.

This was my first spyro game and it surpassed my expectations immensely! A purple dragon, a yeti, a ninja kangaroo, a millitary bird and a psycho monkey! What more can you ask for? And the levels never bored me at all and I loved collecting the eggs and then watching the baby dragons hatch. Haven't played it in ages but I might dig out my ps1 and have a go

The best by far. Spyro 2 has some really disappointing aspects in it like some tedious missions, uninteresting environments and boring music, but Spyro 3 is constant joy from start to finish, a huge improvement over the previous two games.

2 Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Product Image

As a kid, my family owned all three of the original trilogy. Even though the first three were amazing, this one is by far my favorite. I've beat this game at least 3 times. Ripto's Rage has sparked my gamer fire and proven to be a great gateway for me to the world of gaming. The graphics were really good for the time it was made. It's simple enough for younger kids to play, and enjoyable for all ages. I would rate this as the best Spyro game in a heartbeat!

I've beaten this game at least 3 times. It is the most challenging and enthralling game I have and will ever come across. The graphics are astounding for the time where it comes from, and the characters, levels and worlds are so intricately and beautifully designed. The game is packed with many challenges that are not always so easy to complete. Unquestionably my favorite game of all time. Long live Spyro!

Possibly my favourite game of all time. This game just oozes nostalgia but it's not just the childhood memories that make this a great game. The graphics at the time were brilliant. The characters were loveable. The levels were outstanding. There was so much to do, from the story and quests to riddles and following the chimes of a hidden bouncing orb. The bosses were actually fun. The sound track and visual surroundings just seem to bring a level of comfort only this game can achieve. Outstanding.

Spyro 1 is a classic, but this one is just better in every way. No annoying dragons "Thank you for you releasing me. " Better graphics... I guess. The 3rd one had too much variety of gameplay. Most of it was good, but Spyro 2's was better. So many orbs to collect. Just great.

3 Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon Product Image

In my opinion, this one is simple, but good. It's the best Spyro game.

Especially the Very Beginning of Spyro in September 10th 1998 where Spyro was Originally started

My point of view Spyro should rescued 112 Dragon's
And why more Dragons adding more levels Love-Able

And the extra Dragons would be Remakes known Dragonesses

And anyone notice not much of the Dragons in pact of females where missing when reality there wasn't any female dragon's

And sure there was Fairies the Fairies are Remark able and Adored

Plus this Game needs Cut-Scenes as well

And yes By Insomniac Games

I think this is the best spyro game ever because this is the one that started it all, it doesn't have Hunter and any new characters, and it's made from Insomniac

I loved this Spyro game I played it all most every day lots of fun brings back memories unfortunately the game disc broke and now can't play it at all

4 Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Product Image

Amazing storyline and gameplay is great, especially with a 2nd player. The story really makes a strong connection with the characters.

Kinda weird and hangy ending wish I could see what Spyro reaction to cynders "i love you" comment at the end. I really wish they would make another one so I can see what Spyros reaction was to her comment. No I really wish they would make another one Please, Please, Please. Though the game is great beside the story

Great game! Even though it's not an old original It's fun! Great freedom! Cool story line I like how you can play as spyro and cynder. Not bad I like it. It's much more serious and not as kiddy as old ones but defiantly great!

I have played this game on almost every console, and I have to admit, the PlayStation 2 version is the best out of all. The fact, that you can play through the entire story in two player mode in a beautiful world, and with stunning gameplay mechanism is simply amazing. This a masterpiece, that everyone should add to their collection.

5 Spyro: A Hero's Tale Spyro: A Hero's Tale Product Image

Amazing game. To be honest my favourite Spyro game tied with Year Of The Dragon. Very nostalgic. My favourite game of all time.

Best game ever, spent hours playing this as a kid and loved every bit of it, personally my favourite! Still playing it today!

A great game, way better than the new Spyro garbage. This chewed up a lot of my childhood and was great fun to play!

Probably one of the best games for it's time. The writing was great and the controls were really easy to understand with tonnes of replay-ability

6 Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning Product Image

The first Spyro game with the legendary type of storyline, and a magnificently developed character. And not to mention a foe who isn't really a foe. And the comic reliefs that Sparx manages all the time The whole game is made so lovely, with a perfect flow and a feeling of both wanting and not wanting to reach the end

This game is is more for young teens than children and overall it's a very good game because it's fun, has good voice actors and the story line is very good.

My first spyro game I really liked it even if it was a bit repetitive

Always had fun on the many repeat playthroughs. The controls worked great and I consider it one of the ps2 greats.

7 The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night Product Image

Eternal Night is the only game in history that ever made me cry! Not even The Walking Dead prevailed to make it happen! And am I the only one that gets this unexplainable feeling in the chest whenever I listen to this broken soul?

Personally, this game was the turning point of the new series. Dark, emotional, and highly engaging.


Dark Spyro!

8 Spyro Reignited Trilogy Spyro Reignited Trilogy Product Image

A really well-done remake of the original trilogy. I also like that you have the option to switch from the updated soundtrack to the original, bring a back a lot of memories.

A very faithful remake of the original trilogy... almost too faithful (I'm looking at you Tree Tops)

It's beautiful!

Like the originals just better

9 Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly Product Image

Highly enjoyed this game that fact that you can use other breathing powers and fly is seduce I just wish I wouldn't have had a mean brother to smash the system worth the game inside, this game or the original are my choices but I'm old fashioned.

This Game Really Needs a REA Remake

I have to agree with others that this was First Spyro I mean Spyro's First PS2 Game

Turned out to be a Bombed Game and not many Cut-Scenes just begging of the game then Ripto has his compliant of the where about's of The Dragon Flies and nut much emotion on the ending

It was the first and the only Spyro game that was fun to play for me and perhaps the year of the dragon

Not too bad if you play the game cube version on dolphin emulator

10 Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Product Image

Not a spyro game

I'd say it counts as a Spyro game a little bit, maybe even the second one would, but after that Spyro's role in it sort of died. This game was fun and new, though, but after that the Skylanders series went downhill, becoming more of a "try to get more characters than Pokemon does and jack up a profit" vs. "new, inventive game that happens to get big money."

I WANT THAT GAME! It's totally awesome! You can change your character at any moment! And there are new characters you have never seen before!

Not a Spyro game

The Contenders

11 Spyro 2: Season of Flame Spyro 2: Season of Flame Product Image

I really like the Spyro the Dragon GBA trilogy. I wonder why Season of Flame was never released in Japan like its predecessor, Spyro: Season of Ice.

Since it wasn't released in Japan like Spyro: Season of Ice, I say Nintendo should publish this in Japan.

This game was the best game on the gameboy

My childhood game

12 Spyro: Season of Ice Spyro: Season of Ice Product Image

Wasn't that bad it was a little difficult to navigate but great concept for a free roam

This game was my childhood

13 Spyro Shadow Legacy Spyro Shadow Legacy Product Image

Awesome game, my favourite Spyro games in order 01 - year of the dragon, 02 - Riptos rage, 03 - the dragon, 04 - shadow legacy, 05 - a hero's tale, 06 - attack of the rhynocs, 07 - season of ice, 08 - enter the dragonfly, 09 - orange: cortex conspiracy, 10 - season of flame, I like new ones too; a new beginning, eternal night, dawn of the dragons, but there a bit dark and don't have the cosy feel that the old games have

14 Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy Product Image

This isn't my favorite spyro but I feel it's too low on the list and should definitely be above the new spyros which were pretty painful to play. I did like the crossover in this game especially when played with Crash Bandicoot Purple: Riptos Rampage it was a cool twist on two great series!

Crash and Spyro together is a perfect combination

This was the first Spyro game I played second being Legend of Spyro A new beginning DS

A fun minigame that, while not the best in the series, deserves to be higher on the list, as one of my fellow voters pointed out. I spent a lot of time playing it as a kid and, when viewed under the eyes of a minigame collection, it still holds up pretty well in my opinion.

15 Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs Product Image

This game is great!

Underrated game

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