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Best SQL Database Recovery Software is an excellent application to recover damaged SQL files and it also helps to restore SQL database. For storing a large amount of data in the database manually takes a large amount of time and the method is also very complex. However by using this tool, one can perform SQL database repair and recovery process in an easy and hassle free environment.

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1 ApexSQL Recover

What ApexSQL Recover can do:
-Recover lost data due to DELETE, TRUNCATE, DROP operations
-Recover BLOB data as files
-Recover from corrupted database or detached MDFs
-Recover data from database backups without restoring them - Elile

It saved my life once when I accidentally executed TRUNCATE statement on a wrong table. I managed to undo changes successfuly and get the data back.

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2 SysTools SQL Recovery

SysTools SQL Recovery Software is one of the best SQL data recovery application which is used to recover corrupt or damaged SQL database files without making any changes in its original properties. - cyrilsmith

I had tried several sql recovery solutions in the past, but this tool proved to be the most stable and professional looking interface for our management console.

Very good program but always the lower border of the main window don't appear on my screen I don't know why

Very helpful software, I would recommend this to everyone

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3 QuickData SQL Recovery

Quick Recovery for SQL Server really made my life easier. I love you guys

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4 DataNumen SQL Recovery

Pretty easy operation for novice users like me, and also have powerful ability in fixing data.

Considering the importance of the data, the value of this software is invaluable!

Best tool I encountered in recovering SQL databases

One of my favorite repair tools.

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5 Kernel for SQL Recovery

This is best and secure data recovery software. I have used this software and got my data in few steps. free trial version is also helpful...

Thanks for this service

Great Recovery tool. It successfully recovered my corrupt SQL database files.

Kernel sql recovery - Fix SQL database inconsistency issue

This is an excellent software to repair corrupt or damaged database files. It is more compatible with SQL server 2016/2014/2012/2008 R2/2008/2005.

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6 Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server

Quickly repairs corrupt or damaged SQL databases and recovered corrupt sql files in less time.

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7 Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery

Great Recovery tool. It successfully recovered my corrupt SQL database files.

Powerful software that repaired my corrupt SQL database.

Justify the cost. No failure during recovery process.

Amazing tool!

I am working on a production Database, Last month, we found an issue with the SQL database performance. We check the log and found the corruption. As we have updated backup so, we fixed it. Again, we faced the same issue but, this time we do not have updated backup.

After trying DBCC CHECKDB command, we didn't meet with the repairing expectations. This software save our valuable data.

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8 Quick Recovery for SQL Server Visit Website9
9 Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server

Guys, if I start counting all the options it provides you with and how easily it is to use it, it will be a pretty damn big list.

I just can say it saved my small business and It Just Works as all other Veeam products. Giving it a try was probably the same as mary my wife. Not regretting at all. - Radchenko

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10 Recovery for SQL

The Contenders

11 RecoveryFIX for SQL Database

SQL Recovery tool is more advanced tool to restore the SQL database. SQL Recovery Software is equipped with an ability to recover all components of MDF file which include tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, user functions, records, rules and many more.

This is best and advance SQL database recovery tool to restore data from damaged or corrupt SQL databases. - ashishkr

Good features available. I like it.

12 SysInfoTools MS SQL Database Recovery Software

Frankly speaking, SysInfo provides the best SQL Recovery tool. The tool has so many unmatchable features than any other SQL Recovery Tool. After using this Tool, I can guarantee that no vendors can produce suh amazing Tool. Highly impressed

It is the best SQL database recovery software which helps to repair all data objects such as tables, triggers, views, store procedure, functions, etc. This tool easily repair all corrupted MDF and NDF files.

One of the best tool I have ever purchased. Full of features..
Such a good efforts by SysInfo teams.

I truly agre'e I have used almost 6 vendors free version of of SQL database Recovery Tool, but SysInfo SQL database recovery is far better. It even allows Unicode Compression.

Good effort by SysInfo Teams

13 Demoware SQL Recovery Tool

Amazing Tool, I tried this software and it work in amazing way. The demware provides best experience and facilities to convert SQL files

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