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Ike's the best guy I've used, because he may be slow, but he is the character who deals the most damage with a counter attack in handy. I have to say, being slow can make life tough against Ike, but he doesn't give up until he's blasted everyone off the battlefield. I switch characters every now and then for them to be my best guy, but I've stopped at Ike and now he is my #1 dude in super smash bros. No wonder my best guys are all from Fire Emblem!

Ike has an amazing range with his sword, and combined with the power of it he is unstoppable. He can easily knock someone across the battlefield, putting himself effectively out of their reach. Then, using his dash attack, he can quickly get to them and send them off the map. His recovery is terrible, but it's nothing to worry about if your enemy is constantly being beaten down. This makes Ike my all time favorite.

Ike is an amazing character. His attacks are lethal. His smash, is so good! Great Aether makes such a good a smash for such a good character. He has a disadvantage though, he is slow. That's a bad part. Still, he owns, BIG TIME!

I've never heard of Fire Emblem before Super Smash Bros, but I've immediately fell in love with Ike. He is strong, and he can KILL. Each and every one of his moves are powerful, and unlike other characters, you can finish your opponent off quickly. He easily became my main, and none of the other characters are even close to his attack range.

IKE NEEDS TO BE NUMBER ONE! HE IS WAY BETTER THAN KIRBY! I can kick anyone's ass with ike. His attacks are extremely powerful, his final smash kills anyone in the way of him, and his smash attack, if you get hit with it, well, nice knowing ya.

Ike is the best character by far. If you put him in shadow Moses island he will always win. Any character. Any level. in shadow Moses if you keep pressing A and block at least some attacks you will definitely WIN. Heres my stradegy I break the left wall of shadow Moses and then I get as close as possible without going too far with the character right to the left of me and press A. And don't even get me started on his special move. When ike yells great Ethan consider yourself dead. Well hope you try my strategy. Bye.

Ike... Where to start? He has some of the strongest moves out of the box, and his agility is decent, to say the least. His versatility is unmatched, with his fast dash attack to his extremely powerful side-smash. Coupled with his final smash, it makes him one of the most powerful characters in the game.

Ike is one of the Brawlers I'm starting to use and I'm really enjoying him because the damage and the moves he makes are hard but they help poke and defeat the opponent pretty easily but he is a really hard character to use. You have to time things right on him unless he is amazing.

I think Ike is the best character because of the sheer power of his attacks. Plus, his final smash is to die for in a competition. He may be slow, but when applied with strategy, he is the best of them all.

I have to go with Ike since his moves are powerful and unlike the other power characters like captain falcon he gets back on the stage easily. And he kills everyone + Meta knight sucks if you miss a screw wing attack and fall of the stage there are no comeback moves. S

Ike is cool too. But I vote for snake. by the way Ike actually have stats that almost overcome snake's, the problem is that snake has good attack and defense making it better, but even with more votes than snake it's called number 1 at 5 out 5.1 rate that it is BOSS. I support you ike but voted wrong;/

Ike is naturally a fighter and he is pretty slow but his attacks are (in my opinion) the most powerful in the game. He is heavy and it is not easy to knock him of the map. His A attacks are over power and Ike's UP B is really crazy.

Really the only thing that makes Meta Knight better than Ike is that his moves are always programmed to be first in the game. Take that away and you have nothing but a character that barely deals any damage and has a really bad launch ratio

Ike is the best character in the whole game he has GREAT launch and power over all Ike is the BEST of all and he crushes all who challenge him

The only character who Ike is weaker than is Roy, but Roy is not playable in Brawl, and even if he was, Ike would still be the best because he's even also slower, he's heavier, more skilled, and has better recovery. By the way, he's my main.

There was a time I considered Ike the worst character in the game. He's still in my bottom five, but Jigglypuff, Ganondorf, and Ivysaur is still worse.

Why? He's strong, but that's the only thing he really does. What good is all this range if you're too slow to do anythingw with it? He's like molasses personified. It doesn't help that Ike is like a brick defensively too. His weight and falling speed don't matter when he can get damaged more easily because of it. Furthermore, his recovery is one of Brawl's worst. Yeah, bottom 5 for sure. - WonkeyDude98

Ike is definitely underrated. People think he's so slow but that's only because they play really swift characters all the time. Ike is pretty quick and all his attacks are really strong. Sometimes, you can even get a KO with just his side tilt. His side smash is slow but it's like the best in the game. It's hit box is huge! His up smash covers almost every side of him and it's super strong. His final smash is just amazing and all though it only does 50%, you can still get a KO since Ike is really strong anyway. Ike should be #1

Ike is simply AWESOME the way he uses aether is like I can even defeat everybody plus prepare yourself and HE HOLDS HIS TWO-HANDED SWORD WITH ONE HAND. That's how cool he is

IKE IS AWESOME! With POWERFUL moves, like Eruption (Standard Special) and Quick Draw (Special Side). Ike's sword is the most powerful sword in the game (I'm sure about it).

Ike is clearly the best character in the heavyweight division. His attacks do more damage than bowser's!

Ike is OP. My little bro plays as him, and 10% of the time he kicks my butt. Ike's spam factor isn't as good as Kirby or Snake's spam attacks, but he makes up for it with very powerful swings.

Ike is a beast. Faster than you think he is, very strong, heavy enough not to get KO'd as easily as most characters, and his range is amazing. I started with Marth but noticed he had no good power moved. Switched to Ike and was worth the switch. Ike has a great smash finish. Underrated in my opinion.

His attacks are overpowered. A fully charged B attack can kill someone. He's also got a reliable final smash, as it automatically kills someone. It also looks awesome!

Looks slow but in combination with the attacks he makes, still pretty quick

This guy is just awesome. His up - b is the star move and allows him to recover from almost any attack.