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Kirby is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. His first game was created in 1992, and the pink puffball has made his way into the hearts of fans of all ages.


He is cute and easy to use. I like to use him sometimes. I sometimes wish I could cuddle with him because he is so cute. Come on people who love Kirby? If you don't like him then I'll eat you like Kirby does. Then I'll throw you up and lock you away while I run around being you.

Kirby? What is it? Well Kirby is a quick character he's light and he can kill you with his RED FOOT OF JUstice. He is pretty quick for cream puff the only thing that slows him down is his hammer I recommend using the hammer in the air you get 2 swings instead of 1 when used on the ground. Kirby can also fly which is pretty useful because since he's super light he can get blasted pretty far from the stage which is the only problem really other than that he's just Fun to play with

I love Kirby! He is totally the best! I use Kirby all the time! Most of his attacks are strong, but the ones that are weak make up in speed. Kirby is also very fast, and he can jump really high. His special attacks are very strong, plus he can copy other characters special abilitys. And along with him being a great character, he is very easy to use. I would recommend Kirby to everybody.

He's not only my favorite videogame character but has amazing attacks and is easy to use! He also has copy abilities which can take anyone's abilities!

Guys, Kirby is just the best. His hammer move... It's unstoppable, if someone else has over 90 damage, 1 hit with the hammer kills them. He also has a great final smash, whoever gets near him while it's in use, will be cooked, and given 177% (If they have 0% to start out with), and they get launched into space. It's a 1-hit-KO!

Kirby smashes everyone out with his hammer! Also his power overtake is awesome. And becoming a rock or stone is very handy: If you fly with Kirby you can press down B when you are above an enemy and BOOM! A lot of damage to your opponent! Kirby rules!

Kirby is awesome and my favorite super smash bros character his hammer attack is awesome and his rock attack is awesome and his taking people's powers power is awesome and he can fly which is awesome and his other attacks are awesome he is just plain awesome.

Kirby was my favorite during competitions with friends, they would all gang up on kirby to take him down and would most often still lose and he would do cartwheels on the victory stage which would egg on the losers

I love kirby I learned about him in smash bros brawl and ever since I loved the little guy be it in his own games or in smash but staying on subject in smash he can take people's abilities which is really good with meta knights Mach tornado you can dish out fast damage and finish it off with a big ol whack from the hammer plus most of his moves are heavy hitters being great for story mode

1. Kirby has a rock attack that can crush anyone 2. Kirby can take any opponents powers 3. Kirby can fly 4. Kirby has a huge sledge hammer which guaranties knockouts 5. Kirby's final smash made me laugh so hard when I first saw it.

Kirby is simply awesome! The speed the agility the power its all there. He can even get the opponents power and can also turn into a rock that deals about 40 -50% damage And also has a power packing hammer he is just simply the best just the beast!

Kirby works amazingly well for almost any beginner. He was favorite character for a very long time and everyone I know started off with him. His ability to recover from most falls with floating, along with good agility but just enough damage output to make up for it, he is perfect for the amateur who has not yet developed skill. I mean, spamming rock attack works very well!

I love Kirby! He is the best character! He is easy to use and has really good moves. His Hammer is really good at knocking other people away. And the fact he can swallow people makes him awesome!

Kirby is amazing his techniques and the unique moves he can make is amazing and does the best damage and he has very good movement speed. If you want to main someone with speed and damage I think Kirby is the best.

Kirby is pretty much a lazy, floating, pink bag of garbage. He is slow, has terrible recovery, the weakest character and he has the most terrible attacks. He was only good in N64. Now they have just ruined him. - TheGrammarPolice

Kirby is pretty good to chose for those who actually know how to use him, although honestly it isn't very hard to do so. :P Kirby is AWESOME! - Globox

I've loved Kirby since I've started playing SSBB and he's awesome. Any other character that has a large impact on Kirby can be used against then with his copy ability (only if it's power) he does tremendous amounts of damage with his rapid melee moves. Once you master this guy I think you can defeat anyone.

Even though Meta Knight has the highest tier, that doesn't mean he is the best. Meta Knight is pretty much just a blue kirby anyway.

Kirby is the best! He is the only character in super smash bros history who can copy other characters abilities. All of his powers does a lot of damage.

Overpowered. Any opponent, Kirby can destroy. His ability to suck others and copies there best move always puts him one step ahead of the opponent

Hands down the best character of them all, his strategic attacks, speed and flight make him a foe you don't want to mess with.

Block power can smash characters and make a another quick attack after that. This has gotten me through very tough battles. KIRBY FOR THE WIN!

His smash attack is CRAP. It only deals about 40 damage, and it SPEWS out food. What I do is take the Curry, and spam my enemies so they pretty much die.

Kirby can copy so he is actually more powerful against strong characters but this can be countered by playing as someone like Fox

Kirby is such a cutie! I don't play super smash bros but I mean what's not to love about him? Come on people out there! Vote for this cutie!