Meta Knight

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Meta Knight is a fictional character from the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. He is one of Kirby's rivals, but occasionally teams up with the pink puffball to defeat a common enemy. Meta Knight is known for his powerful slashing attacks and flight in the Super Smash more.


Okay, I have something to say people. I'm Only voting for Meta Night because he's the first one people read and I need this to be spoken: WHERE IS ROSALINA ON THIS DANG LIST!? She's the best! She's like the only one not on this list. The ICE CLIMBERS are on and not her! How can I vote if my character isn't on? She's the most powerful, strongest, enchanting, magical, and attractive. She's the only character I win at! I love her dresses and her voice. Plus the antigravity move and the grand star. I'm ticked off at all of you (except you Rosalina lovers or people who think she should be on this list). It has everyone else on it except for her. Put her on the list or at least tell me how to put her on.

Meta knight is awesome he can fly has high speed, great grabbing ability, and practically he is the best overall player. Did I mention when you use the tornado it can also fly if you repeatedly press b,1, or back b of the wii remote he should be a tie with with ike and kirby check out meta knight is stats for proof. Ranking 1-10 he is a 10.

One word BROKEN! He has an unlimited recovery, almost no lag time, strong attacks (up special) and can edge guard easily. Meta Knight is the best in brawl no question. However there are a few characters who can beat him. Marth, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Snake (I think), and I think there was one more but I don't remember. I am a professional not kidding I don't see why Link is on here or Kirby or Sonic. Ike can match up to some top tier characters. Snake is my main and he is destructive and he is the 6th best in game. Marth is awesome. Disjointed hit boxes, almost no lag, and strong sweet spots. Toon Link is one of the characters who can match a meta knight if good enough. Falco is awesome better than fox with a spike and meteor smash, Dacus, and good mobility. Lucario is good but not the best he is too weak in low percents and it can be hard to ko when ahead in the battle. That is my judgement good day. by the way Link is the worst character on this list I wish he was better! But he is a ...more

Meta knight is by far the strongest character in SSBB in the right hands of course. Banned from tournaments due to the lowest hit ratio and insane speed. Things don't get banned for no reason. While most of his attacks rack up damage, It's surprisingly hard to kill anybody in a four player environment (VIA kill steals). But while he is hard to play, I've gone 25 and 3 on four player matches, simply because he can throw himself into danger, then teleport out like a baus! When he teleports you are invisible, invincible, and unpredictable; and if that isn't enough, his "teleport" depending on which way you go, he cleaves his sword doing moderate damage, and an epic finisher for any fight. And his mach tornado does insane damage if timed right, and mach tornado can be repeated over and over before a charged hit can wipe out the compotition.

When I first played Melee on GC I ALWAYS used Kirby. When I got Brawl (about 2011) I never played any character but Kirby. One day in 2012 I decided to try "Meta Knight" Who I just picked because I was bored and he looked cool. I was amazed by him Immediately and he was my #1 in a week or two. I dint know he was "Overpowered" until I tried out for a small local tournament at a Game Stop and they said I couldn't play unless I didn't play with different character, after that I got pissed, went home, then prank called them asking for Battle Toads lol.

I mostly know meta knight from Kirby games but like Kirby I first knew him from smash bros brawl he his pretty awesome especially if your good at using the shuttle loop he is my second best competitively and just because I like him for meta knight but in my opinion I like Kirby more

awesome attacks and he can survive almost any fall because he can fly

He's probably got some of the best strategies of all the characters in the game. Just use tornado/sword drill on the opponent which (apart from making him almost invincible when using them) raises the damage percentage of the opponent to about 60 or 70 until the smash ball comes, then send them flying off the stage with galaxia darkness (final smash). Plus he can teleport/vanish, which is very useful. Easily the best character.

He is the best character, no doubt. Only problem with him is that Nintendo screwed up with him. He's extremely cheap, all his attacks are priority, and he has no bad character matchups. With all that saying, though, he is amazing, I just hope they fix him in the next smash brothers

Meta Knight is overpowered. People have considered banning him in some tournaments because he plays so well. Most of the people leaving comments don't play seriously and at competitive level Meta Knight is insane.

Meta Night... Excuse me Knight has moves ove never ending slashes, running up to you and using multi slash combos, Turning in to a tornado, doing a jet fast glide that KOs everyone with 120%, Jab people, and my favorite, TELEPORTING AND STRIKE SOMEONE WITH OUT KNOWING! Meta Knight is a pretty good player with his 6 jumps and his decency fast moves. WHAT AM I SAYING? HE WAS APPROVED THE BEST ON THE TIER LIST OF SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL! He is easily a good player and I dominate Tournies, to Brawls, to the subspace emissary in the episode. I think he is to overpowered yet I wish he could do those summon tornadoes move and creating a jet beam out of his galaxia (sword) From the bosses. Also for the kirby lovers, Meta knight is a blue kirby inside (without the mask) without the power to fly and inhale. Personaly that is the info but I think Meta Knight is a sword kirby who fashoned his sword because look at that thing. It is BEAST. I know this was long but I hope you are informed much about ...more

I completely agree! Meta Knight has always been my favorite character in brawl and smash bros as a whole! I really hope he returns in the next game and they make other characters stronger so he's not at the top of the tier list yet again!

Meta Knight is my favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl character. Not only is he the top tier, his final smash can crush almost anything in his way! I also really love his mask. It makes him look cute in my opinion!

I loved all the Kirby characters. King Dedede I tried but I had a weird experience with him, and Kirby was too average so I couldn't be her and I tried Meta Knight, I finally beat Bowser, anyone actually! Meta Knight is the best and worst is Wario.

Meta Knight is amazing he is fast can fly high in a high speed and when he starts using his swords nothing can stop him and he can survive most his falls because he can fly

He's one of the 3 characters who can somersault 6 times, he has a wide range of high speed sword attacks, his voice is the coolest voice I've ever heard. Did I forget something?

I feel the same way, I started playing as him long before I knew about the tier list and I really hope he appears in the next smash bros game.

Meta knight is easily the best character, he is at the top of the tier list. The only problem I have with him is that he is a little bit difficult to control.

To be honest, he's kind of an unfair character. But, he's still a cool character. I like Meta Knight. - Matt0418

Meta Knight is a great character. He has fast attacks unlike Ike and has the special attach that gets me out of problems all the time.

I think meta knight is amazing and has a lot of skill when it comes to playing as him he is the best for brawl

He was my main until now, but still though I like him. Even though he's weak and light, he's still fast, skilled, and has a good recovery.

The reason he is number one is because he is number one on the tier list! He is also banned in tournaments. He's broken. So broken...

Meta knight moves are very powerful and his final smash can hit all the players and can 95% knockout the players and kill them

I love the fact you can attack in one second. One day I was playing as him and I was like