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21 Break Away
22 Now

Great Guitar playing! For me I think its one of the best songs on the new album. Can't wait for the next one

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23 Raw
24 Schizophrenic Conversations

Why isn't this song higher up, I mean the lyrics is just so damn clever and beautiful.

Brilliant song! just brilliant musically with superb lyrics. I am a big Staind fan and this song is probably my favorite.

25 Devil

This is an Amazingly Beautiful Song... ! Why it's not on the list is beyond me. Definitely deserved to be on Top 10.

AGREED. this deserves a spot int eh stop ten

26 Fray
27 Nothing Left to Say

I agree honestly this song should have been one of their hits it's very different and unique. It's got a slow and sad intro in the beginning and The guitar riffs are sad and they just flow with the song and the overall sad mood that it delivers. It's the most underrated staind song that I have that deserves way more attention and credit that currently has. - Solthor

I love the early staind songs. I prefer the vibe of the older ones. However, THIS SONG IS A BEAST. Very well written and amazingly executed. Gets my vote.

Love it sooo much

28 Home

I love this song it's my favorite.

How can this be so low?

Should be much higher on the list... This song makes me very emotional and when I sing it I want to break out into tears... It is beautiful and I love everything about it3 please vote
"because I'm a fraid to come back home, afraid youll leave me when I'm gone... I'm afraid to come back home... Hoome! "

"because I'm afraid to be alone. Afraid youll leave me when I'm gone. I just wish I was back home. Home..."

Explains itself

29 The Bottom

I found this songs in the soundtracks of transformers 3 and when I checked this song online this songs got poor rating let me tell you something.
if anyone is gonna listen this one he is definitely gonna thank me to post this comment.

This song is amazing and should definitely be in the top ten.

Actually this song is awesome kind of eerie and ethereal very dark.

This one is underrated

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30 Tangled Up in You

This song was sent to me by a very special person in my life. It's such a beautiful, soulful song. Truly one of the best.

One Of My Favorites, It May Be My Favorite Love Song

One of his most beautiful songs

" You are the only thing that I like about me "
Beautiful love song... - Ananya

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31 The Way I Am

Superb Song... I love it... The guitar solo is best

32 Take It

I just believe this song is awesome just take a listen.

This song deserves way higher this is one of the first songs I ever heard by staind as a kid

33 Falling
34 This is It

Just feel like playing air guitars and sing when I hear this each time. Seriously deserves a spot on the top 10 at least.

What? This song deserves to be in the top 20's at least, this song was one of the first songs that introduced me to staind.

My favorite Staind song

Opening Track on the Album TIOP,Really Rocks Hard,PERFECT CHORUS,EXCELLENT GUITAR BRIDGE! Must Listen!

35 How About You

Why isn't this way higher!

This should be higer

36 Can't Believe

True Staind fans should know... Great song with a deep meaning!

Ohh Hell Naww! This Should Be In the Top Tens
This Is Waht I Call Rock.

37 Please

This song is amazing and isn't getting the recognition it deserves on this list. Powerful rhythmically and lyrically. One of their best.

I love this song listen to it at least twice a day!

Best Song Ever!... so powerful letters and the melancholy of the notes make this song in a piece of art, I recommend this song if you have that person that doesn´┐Ż't accept you, even if you do everything for him. TOP 5 definitely

38 Open Your Eyes

First song I heard when I bought Breaking the cycle, amazing song, just perfect, my personnal favorite.

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39 Sober
40 Pressure
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