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An ode from Staind to his fans. Definitely deserves better ranking.

How is this 42nd? Should be way higher

42 Please

This song is amazing and isn't getting the recognition it deserves on this list. Powerful rhythmically and lyrically. One of their best.

I love this song listen to it at least twice a day!

Best Song Ever!... so powerful letters and the melancholy of the notes make this song in a piece of art, I recommend this song if you have that person that doesn´┐Ż't accept you, even if you do everything for him. TOP 5 definitely

43 Yesterday

One of my favorites. How is this not in the top ten?

A great song with a cool drum intro. Followed by a mild hip-hop esque verse with an awesome chorus. Aaron Lewis (vocalist) does an excellent job.

44 Pressure
45 Sober
46 Blow Away

This is absurd this song just about made me tear up it's so deep and emotional talking about the experiences he's faced that have changed him into something he despises and how he doesn't want to be here in this world, and that he's lost so much already

47 Suffocate
48 Pardon Me

Amazing. Staind is Absolutly Amazing. This song Transcends.
Pardon me while I
Just turn my back
And walk away.
Pardon me if I Can't listen To the things You say. Pardon me if I Can't fake it. While you still believe. Pardon me

49 A Flat
50 Cross to Bear

Some one probably made a mistake. This should have been definitely on the list. The riffs, the vocals, the anger, its got it all.

Awesome song!

51 Throw It All Away

How is this low? Should be higher...

52 Excess Baggage

Rare. But still deserves to be in top 10 at least..

53 Save Me

How is this so far down on the list? I love this song!

54 Safe Place

Amazing song

55 Falling Down

For all staind listeners, this is the best song you probably have never heard... Check it out right now!

56 Tonight
57 Raining Again

R you guys SERIOUS! You leave out one of the best song of Staind! You guys only pay attention to some songs, which r sumwat good, BUT COME ON! Please LISTEN TO THE SONG and then tell me if I'm wrong!

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58 Four Walls

How am I the first one to put this on here. Amazing song worthy of top 10 in my opinion.

This song shows more emotion than any

59 The Corner

So, I'm again amazed at this list, and it's exclusion of this song. If you've not heard this song from The Illusion of Progress album, please, give it a listen, and really hear the words, feel the power that the gospel singers add to its meaning and you'll also be asking why it wasn't even on the list to begin with. I can only imagine that because it wasn't released as a single, doomed it to only the true Staind fans, who clearly don't know this site exists.

60 Paper Jesus
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