Best Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters


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1 Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner)

Data is by far my favorite character in all of Star trek. No one. I repeat NO ONE could come close to nailing the Android role like Brent Spiner. My favorite characters from favorite to least favorite:
1. Data
2. Data
3. Data
And it continues until 5. Then it's the others.

Despite being an android, he is actually the most connectable character!

I think Data is my favorite in all the Star trek episodes in every series. If you watch carefully, he does on occasion smile slightly.

Best character ever.

2 Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart)

He's the GOAT

Data's fun, but when you watch more than a handful of episodes you realise this is really The Picard Show and not the ensemble you were led to believe. Consider how many of your favourite episodes are all about this man (Darmok, The Inner Light, Tapestry, All Good Things...)

An explorer's brain but a poet's heart, he was one of the best characters of Star Trek.

Such a good leader, and a fantastic actor

3 Commander William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes)

He was my favourite as a kid. A real hero type.

He is an underatted character who deserves more credit

He's a creep.

4 Lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn)

Quite a good character.

"I am not a merry Man! ", "Assimilate this", "Kehlar was my mate! ". Then death by Batlith. Seriously, he's awesome

How is Troi above Worf and Geordi? Seriously Worf is the best, especially when he is in a bad mood.

The first Klingon to ever enter and graduate from the Starfleet Academy and being part of the USS Enterprise! And klingons are awesome. So, double awesomeness.

5 Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton)

Geordie is a great character. Not quite as good as Data or Picard but he definitely belongs in the top 3.

Geordi can be pretty funny sometimes

Coolest gadget ever!

Geordi is awesome

6 Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis)

I love Marina, so of course Troi is my favorite pick! I just wish the writers would have done more to develop her character over the years. I was happy to see the Troi/Riker relationship FINALLY be a part of the final 2 movies!

One of the best characters.

7 Doctor Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden)

Doctor Beverly Crusher isn't a bad character at all, but I just wish her character got more to do. I mean, she did turn up occasionally whenever a medical crisis turned up, but apart from that she just stood in the background. Her characterisations should have developed more, and definitely be more included in plots, but I think she's quite a cool character.

8 Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton)

Wesley's not bad. In fact, as a kid myself, he's actually one of my favourite characters.

He gets a lot of undeserved hate.

9 Q (John de Lancie)

He always makes an episode fun! He is so awesome!

How is Q on the bottom? I guess he's not the best character, but he's a hilarious villain and a great response to the overdose of omnipotence in the original series.

Q's not the best character, but it's always funny to have suck a stuck-up, aristocratic character and watch him fail. He's good comic relief.

Not an MLP fan but that guy placed Discord - 445956

10 Lieutenant Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby)

Why does everyone hate her? She's one of my favourite characters! It's not the character's fault she died so lamely! Blame that on the writers.

The Contenders

11 Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg)

Guinan and her mystical aura is astounding.

One of the best characters on Star Trek.

12 Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick (Robert Schenkkan)
13 Admiral Alidar Jarok (James Sloyan)
14 Lore (Brent Spiner)
15 Captain Archer (Scott Bakula)

Not TNG though.

16 Chief Miles O'Brien (Colm Meaney)

Chief is the man. It was he who really kept plans on track. Colm could do serious, straight funny, and irony.

17 Lwaxana Troi
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