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1 Boba Fett Boba Fett Boba Fett is a fictional character in the Star Wars series. In The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, he is a bounty hunter hired by Darth Vader and also employed by Jabba the Hutt.

Come on! Boba beets Jango. Yes jango has two guns but his armor is much worse than Boba. Jangos was made of durasteel which is strong but not nearly as strong as true mandalorian armor (Which Boba has) Bobas armor is even lightsaber proof. The reason people think Jango is better than Boba is cause he got a better fight scene in the movies than Boba. Outside of the movies Boba was even more Bad Ass. But it just go's to show that there was this one little bounty hunter in a movie where he had very few lines and a huge amount of fans loved him and he became the BEST BOUNTY HUNTER Ever

Boba is the BEST! You can tell he's been to places because his armor is scratched up. He's also killed wookiees, you can see by those hair braids on his armor. He's got some of the best lines in the original trilogy. Though Jango is still super awesome, boba, unlike Jango, has an on-screen background. He nearly killed Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars marvel comics, and he's gained more popularity through the expanded universe. Boba Fett number 1.

Boba is totally awesome! I mean come on, his armor is stronger than jango's, his blasters are better, and has a upgraded ship. He also captured Han Solo.


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2 Cad Bane Cad Bane Cad Bane is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, created by George Lucas, Dave Filoni and Henry Gilroy as a recurring antagonist voiced by Corey Burton in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Cad Bane definitely earns a lot of respect, not only can he hold up in a fight against Jedi, he is the master of deception, all of his jobs are calculated and precise. I will always be a fan of Boba Fett but Boba never broke into a Jedi temple and stole a holocron straight from the archives. Cad Bane is the best bounty hunter in Star wars ever.

A very cool character and the most skilled bounty hunter to appear on canon and in the episode hostage crisis he more than what boba did in three movies so honestly he should be number one

Come on! He stole the Jedi Holocron, fought kenobi in Lightsaber combat', captured Ahsoka, got the memory crystal for the holo rob an far more. He was super cool (specially the hat). I admit he is second to boba but NO ONE ELSE.

I never liked Cad Bane, in fact, I never understood why ANYONE like Bane...AT ALL. I mean, he’s never killed ANY Jedi, he’s had only one"maybe two"jobs in the entire Clone Wars series that ended successfully: breaking Ziro the Hutt out and breaking Moralo Eval out, and that’s it. Every time Bane ever encounters the Jedi it results in his capture or his retreat. Ahsoka punched the living crap out of Bane before flipping over her shoulder. Anakin punched him out of the sky on his boot jets. Obi-wan and Quinlan punched the crap out of Bane until he ran away. Rako Hardeen reveals himself as Obi wan and he completely punches the crap out of Bane. Bane doesn’t wear or have even a quarter of the specialized equipment that Jango Fett does: he wears no armor, he has heads up display system, he has no rockets, he doesn’t even have a knife. And"face it"he doesn’t have the skills that Fett does. Fett is like 6 feet tall, wears blast-proof armor and is incredibly muscular. Bane ...more

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3 Jango Fett Jango Fett

Has cooler armor than boba. Sidious didn't model his army after any hunter, he choose the greatest. Jango Fett deserves second place because Boba learned all he knew as a child and then learned some. Would have killed or gotten close to killing Mace if the odds weren't against him. I would choose to hire him first.

Jango Fett is beast, I mean let's face it, Boba Fett was partially trained by Jango Fett, and Jango Fett was chosen for the clone army not some other bounty hunter. Mace Windu-the champion of the jedi order, even said that Jango Fett could kill him within a second. Plus he just looks totally BOSS!

Jango Fett is a beast! He killed a Jedi with a simple blast from his pistol, an expert pilot, and bested obi-wan kenobi in combat. Though my personal favorite is Boba Fett, Jango fett is one of the few best bounty hunters in the galaxy.

24 years of experience as a Mandalorian Warrior"18 of which as Mand’alor"plus ten more years of experience as a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter and Special Forces Instructor for the Grand Army of the Republic. Jango shot and killed his parents’ murderer when he was just eight years old. When he was 34, Jango held his own against 7 different Jedi Knights and/or Masters at the same time with no weapon beyond his bare hands and he killed them all unassisted; two years later, he massacred the entire Death Watch all on his own. During The Hunt (for a deranged former Jedi trained by Count Dooku, named Komari Vosa), Jango went planet-to-planet searching for Vosa and he single-handedly massacred entire armies of mercenaries and criminal empires until he found Vosa and killed her along with every member of her assassin cult. Jango Fett wasn’t just paid to be the Clone Template, he oversaw the training of the entire Clone Army, designed all their uniforms, established their entire ...more

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4 Bossk

Badass bounty hunter but I think Greedo should be in the top 10 also

He very cool and intimidating and one of the best bounty hunter

When you see bossk you know he's awesome and very intimidating

He is the best in the Battlefront, so Iconic

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5 Embo

Embo is not only my favourite bounty hunter, but also my favourite character ever, in anything. When I first saw him, within 5 minutes I was like "I'm sorry general grievous, but Embo id taking the title of my favourite star wars character." if Embo went against any bounty hunter, in both hand to hand and with all weapons (in my opinion) he would exterminate them, and if you don't agree with me that Embo would win a battle when both bounty hunters have there full arsenal, I'm a afraid there's no questioning Embo being the fittest, strongest, fastest and most inventive bounty hunter ever! I MWEAN HE SNOWBOARDS ON HIS HAT FOR GRENADES SAKE!

Others have great technology. Embo has a hat. Yet his bounty tallies were second, pretty impressive. If you were to put him head to head with any bounty hunter, with his bare hands he would murder them

Others rely on technology, embo is strong with any weapon you give him. He also is great at hand to hand combat at is really fast and athletic

Dude, Embo sledding on his hat is about as creative as sledding on a trash can lid; it’s very special.

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6 Aura Sing

She's incredible. Long ranged sniper, able to wield a light Saber, very durable, and brutal. One of the best.

Fearless, dauntless and ruthless

She is such a beast! And if I remember correctly, she is force-sensitive. Plus, to survive a crash like she had on Florrum is a lot and proves how great she is. She a fierce babe. - ohchizzitskriv

Commando Sev can and would so KILL Aurra Sing.

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7 Durge

12th? He lived for 2000 years and defeated Obi-Wan with his bare hands, + he has no bones so you can't just "kill him"

Durge is: from a near immortal race, the Gen'Dai, meaning he has tons of experience; can use his body as a weapon because of it's structure; can regenerate, regrow limbs and even reform himself from a SOUP. None of the above can do that.

He is nearly invincible and he is able to kill jedi with his bare hands!

This guy is a boss. Why isn't he at number 1? Or even 2?

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8 IG-88

If you like the expanded universe and IG-88 you would know that IG plugged his consciousness into the second Death Star and was in control of it.

IG-88 has extremely high artificial intelligence and I think he should get at least second place.

I love him! please vote him. First time I saw him, thought it was cool deadly and funny. A bounty hunting droid? A bounty hunter with no humanity? The only bounty hunting droid?

Assassin droids for the win

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9 Greedo Greedo

Greedo as the 8 th best bounty hunter are you kidding me he couldn't he kill someone in point blank range and in the clone wars he was a idiot. And I was Disappointed to see in battlefront cause if I was a rebel trooper and I saw that the strom troopers leader was greedo I wouldn't be scared I'll laugh my ass off he looks stupid which matches him perfectly cause he is stupid, he doesn't look intimating and his high pitched voice is so annoying he is probably the worst star wars charther next to jar jar binks

If you read the book Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, you'll know that Greedo wasn't even a bounty hunter yet, he was being trained as one for a short time at that. So there's no way Greedo should even be in the top 100.

How is it an insult? It is part of Star Wars canon and most of the bounty hunters introduced in the show are better than Greedo who gets killed in one scene and sucks in the Clone Wars

He's pretty cool. Makes cool sounds too. I wonder if ever though about getting himself checked for therapy? Still a good hunter.

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10 Asajj Ventress Asajj Ventress Asajj Ventress is a fictional character from the Star Wars franchise during the Clone Wars, appearing in the Clone Wars micro-series, and in The Clone Wars film and television series.

What are you people thinking? Asaaj Ventress is a Sith. A very powerful one mind you. She should be number 1 easy.

One word...sith.

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11 Dengar

Excuse me, Greedo is in front of Dengar? Dengar is awesome! He doesn't have as much screen time as Greedo, but at least he doesn't miss his target which is less than 3 feet in front of him. Greedo is still cool though, Star Wars battlefront made him a badass but that's besides the point. The next dlc for battlefront is gonna have Dengar as well!

Amazing should be 5th or something he was HIRED BY DARTH VADER of course he's good

You're gonna take a dirt nap


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12 Zam Wessel

She has one of the most unique costumes and has awesome shape shifting abilities

Wessel doesn't count as a bounty hunter because she's an assassin.

She's awesome I'd think shes number one

She’s a worthless, novice bounty hunter.

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13 Zuckass

He's so bad whoever put him in here couldn't even spell his name right... - agoetsche556

He is awesome

He is so badass, yes boba is awesome but I give my vote to zuckuss. He has the most impressive kill list, next to bossk. He is also very smart. - Arm_n_Hammer

Funny name - DoroExploro13

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14 4-LOM

Greedo should be at the bottom of the list.

4-LOM needs to be higher than this

Whats wrong with Greedo?

He has a bug head

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15 Moralo Eval
16 Ziro the Hutt

He is a purple Jabba.

17 Zuckuss

This is the second time he's on here - agoetsche556

18 Boushh

I personally think Boushh is the best bounty hunter

19 Derrown

He is known simply as "exterminator". No need for more to say

20 Melvin Fett

Doesn't even exist

He doesn't even exist - pancake2015

He's better then all of them, he beat that jarjar cup!

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