Best Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Party Members

The Top Ten

1 Carth Onasi

Just pure awesome! He's awesome and great during battle!

2 Jolee Bindo

Once again... Keep him around for entertainment.

3 Handmaiden

The best combatant in the game.

4 Kreia

The Cryptic Old Hag you kill at the end. She upgrades you a lot though.

This character is the equivalent to your master in the game. She has such an interesting backstory and personality. She is clearly the best Star Wars character of all time. - moore770

5 Bastila Shan

Bastila is so annoying. And I kill her at the end every time. But her combat skills are good.

6 T3

A little droid. That's all.

He's like r2-d2.
That's way I love him
Plus at the begining of kotor 2 he fixed, saved and flew to safety the ebon hawk completely by himself!

7 HK-47 HK-47

HK-47. I keep him around for entertainment. That's all.

8 Bao-Dur

Bao-Dur is quiet... Never argues... And beats through walls with a prosthetic arm. So he's awesome.

9 Zaalbar

Big Z is useless so I usually kill him along with Mission but he never dies while he is a member of your party! But as soon as he leaves your party killing him is so easy!

10 Mission

She gets annoying at times but her slicing abilities make her useful. But I enjoy being able to kill her in the dark ending.

The Contenders

11 Mira

Such a tortured but strong and beautiful character. Her journey to becoming a Jedi is one of the best aspects in the franchise.

12 Atton Rand
13 Mandalore
14 Juhani

Juhani is awesome,i Love Her

Juhani is awesome,i Love Her

Juhani is awesome,I Love Her

She is boss

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