Top 10 Best Starcraft II Units


The Top Ten

1 Mothership (Protoss)

For sure the most powerful unit, but you can counter it easy with the good combination - FamousOG

They are the strongest air assault AND the strongest unit in the whole game!
Problem: You can only make one per game.

2 Mutalisk (Zerg)
3 Ultralisk (Zerg)
4 Pheonix (Protoss)
5 Crucio (Terran)
6 Immortal (Protoss)
7 Colossus (Protoss)
8 Dark Templar (Protoss)
9 Carrier (Protoss)
10 Infestor (Zerg)

The Contenders

11 Hydralisk (Zerg)

Great Zerg unit, basically can attack any unit and is very quick - MatrixGuy

Can be massed cheap. air/ground killin champion when massed. very hard to beat with a max of 200

12 Battlecruiser (Terran)

This should definitely be number 1! The battlecruiser can kill a mothership in 1v1 and if you don't believe me search YouTube.

Battlecruisers are the best for terran

13 Stalker (Protoss)
14 Queen (Zerg)
15 Marine (Terran)
16 High Templar (Protoss)
17 Baneling (Zerg)
18 Reaper (Terran)
19 Siege Tank (Terran)
20 Roach (Zerg)
21 Zergling (Zerg)
22 Zealot (Protoss)
23 Banshee (Terran)
24 Raven (Terran)
25 Marauder (Terran)
26 Brood Lord (Zerg)
27 Corruptor (Zerg)
28 Viking (Terran)
29 Medivac (Terran)
30 Ghost (Terran)
31 Thor (Terran)
32 Hellion (Terran)
33 Void Ray (Protoss)
34 Archon (Protoss)
35 Tempest (Protoss) (Heart of the Swarm)
36 Oracle (Protoss) (Heart of the Swarm)
37 Widow Mine (Terran) (Heart of the Swarm)
38 Swarm Host (Zerg) (Heart of the Swarm)
39 Hellbat (Terran) (Heart of the Swarm)
40 Viper (Zerg) (Heart of the Swarm)
41 Cyclone (Terran)

OP, with fast-firing weapon, some mech upgrades & voila!

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1. Mothership (Protoss)
2. Mutalisk (Zerg)
3. Pheonix (Protoss)
1. Mothership (Protoss)
2. Colossus (Protoss)
3. Carrier (Protoss)


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