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Bulbasaur, known as Fushigidane in Japan, is the first Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.


Bulbasaur is clearly the best considering that his diverse move set can pretty much guarantee victory! And it's great for people new to the world of Pokemon since it evolves sooner than the 2 other starters and ts the easiest to raise! Big whoop, charizard knows flare blitz and flamethrower to decimate foes, venusaur sway above special attack and special defense makes him a powerful adversary. He can use sleep powder to make your charizard totally defenseless. Then he can use leech seed to slowly drain your health while charging up the solar beam. You can also give him a focus sash so venusaur can't be one hit ko'd. He can then use synthesis to heal himself up. I had no trouble whatsoever beating my rivals pidgeot and charizard with venusaur.

While many of the grass starters are underappreciated, I found bulbasaur (as a venusaur) to be a great asset to my team, using leech seed and petal dance in generation 4. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions, though personally bulbasaur's adorable bulb and powerful evolved form make it my favorite.

Bulbasaur's combination of amazing defense and moves like razor leaf, vine whip and solar beam and its even more amazing advantages when it has a brave nature it never gives up and has helped me defeat anyone who stands in my way along with charmander, squirtle, pikachu, pidey and abra as back up and every single one of their amazing evolutions as they level up this s a team that is unbeatable especially with bulbasaur as their leader my pokemon dream team unless you swap abra for mew.

In 1st generation he was the best the toxic leech seed combo was the coolest thing in the game. I once went through the whole game without him fainting. It's a good thing they got rid of toxic leech seed it was a unbelievable combo. Bulbasaur my favorite grass type just adorable.

Bulbasaur is awesome cute and cool and it has nice stats and who cares if Bulbasaur is poison-grass type all that matters is how you use him its not the Pokemon's fault if it loses it's how you use him!

Bulbasaur is my first Pokemon in Pokemon Red.

The bulbasaur line is by far the best as far as starter Pokemon go. His above average special attack and special defense guarantee victory. And in competitive battling, venusaur has solar beam, petal dance, synthesis, and sleep powder. It can EASILY beat any charizard, A.K. A, the most overrated Pokemon in forever. Venusaur was my personal choice in Pokemon firered, and it was a very smooth gameplay experience, with it being super effective against half of the gym leaders. But honestly I defeated all of the gym leaders with just my venusaur. Not only that, but it is a great Pokemon for players new to the series since it's very easy to level up. So you can come with your charizards and Mewtwos and typhlosion, but venusaur will SMASH every single one of them.

The first Pokemon I ever had! He learns awesome moves such Synthesis and Solar Beam! Plus, he has the honor of being listed as the first Pokemon EVER. Grass starters are always extremely underrated, and Bulbasaur is the best of them!

Bulbasaur was my first Pokemon he is the only Pokemon starter that's a duel type. Grass/poison, he can use poison powder, and sleep powder. Which can be really useful at times. And, use leach seed when he needs health. If you had a venusaur in real life, you could rest under his flower to cool off from the sun.

Why is Bulbasaur at 7 he should be at 3 or 4, Hands down my most favorite starter Pokemon, he's so cute in the anime. I also love Totodile but I am a Bulbasaur fan. Why is Charmander at number 1 Bulbasaur is better than him. Don't worry I still love you Charmander

Grass pokemon have always been my favorite and a test says it the starter pokemon for me. Then I played mystery dungeon red rescue and got bulbasaur. He was also my starter the first time I played in mango. We are destined to be together. BULBASAUR

Bulbasaur evolves into the ultimate attrition - based fighter, learning leech seed, sleep powder, toxic, and a STAB of your choice (giga drain? ). His damage per turn really ads up, and sleep powder can give you PLENTY of extra turns to heal up with leech seed or synthesis in a more defensive build. I've trained 3 Venusaurs to 80 or above, in different generations, and I never get tired of using this fantastic Pokemon.

The very first Pokemon, double-type grass and poison. Immune to poisoning. And, frankly, tired of hearing that Charmander is best. Bulbasaur, you have my vote!

Bulbasaur is the most over looked of the three and yet has the best advantage over the most important people in the game. Four of the eight gyms and only has a weakness to one of the elite four. He is by far the best starter Pokemon.

I just love Bulbasaur! He is a great starter and venusaur is AWESOME :) My venusaur hass got to level 100 and I used him and him only to beat pokemon FireRed! Please vote for this starter!

One of my favorite starters ever. Back in Red and Blue, it had Razor Leaf (which was amazing in the first gen because it always critical'd), Sleep Powder (better than Hypnosis due to higher accuracy), and Leech Seed. Since then, it lost the overpowered Razor Leaf, but Leech Seed got better, and Venusaur's kept getting new moves, abilities, and an awesome mega evolution to keep it relevant competitively.

Great grass type with high HP and strong defense/attack balance. Resists ice and fire pretty well despite the type disadvantage since its special attack is very high. Only real enemy is Psychic.

The first generation memories. I chose Bulbasaur because it evolves into Venusaur, a personal favorite of mine. It also has two different types, compared to the other two, who start out with one.

Bulbasaur isn't just my favorite starter, he's my favorite Pokemon period. He has 2 long vines he can use for fighting, and can suck the enemy's heath with Leech Seed. He might not be the strongest Pokemon out there, but he is so cute and so creative.

Bulbasaur.. Just an awesome Pokemon just starting by how he looks. He is poison/grass on 1st gen. He is also the most underrated of the three, squirtle charmander, and bulbasaur. Grass is also underrated because it seems the weakest, but it's really not. So you can go around and fly in a huge charizard but I can chill on venosaurs back underneath the shade of it's tree

Bulbasaur has such a memorable design and is a very loyal looking little fellow. He also kicks ass if you train him right. He's literally #1.

Bulbasaur always gets overshadowed by Squirtle and Charmander, but in Indigo League and Orange Islands, he was a badass. Ash would almost always use Bulbasaur in gym battles and against Team Rocket. He was the most trained in ash's line-up besides Pikachu.

The Most awesome Pokemon Ever! For at least 4 years I thought bulbasaur of the best Pokemon. until some others came along. but anyway my favorite types are water and grass so bulbasaur is definitely on my list.

From the Anime to the Game he was always my first choice. Severely underrated in the anime, and provided a tougher challenge in the game. His attitude, and style have always drawn me to him. 001 forever, and always.

Say what you want to say about the others. But in game and pvp tournament this is the guy you want. Power isn't everything strategy is. Charizard can do fire and no disrespect to Blastoise he can piss water but Venusaur can hold it down.

He is a cute little dinosaur with a plant on his back, you can't beat that! Charmander is just a salamander with fire on his tail and Squirtle is just a blue turtle, how can they beat out Bulbasaur?