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Charmander, known as Hitokage in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.


Clearly not the best starter because if it was, it wouldn't be the only one who evolves into a fire/flying type. Wait it looks like a dragon type but it isn't. Well that's dumb. Sorry to all Genwunners who have been sucked into all of these lies and deception. When Charizard enters the battle it looses half its health to stealth rock and it doesn't have any recovery moves, it doesn't even get roost, how sad. One rock type move and your out cold. Volcarona can do everything better and it gets roost and it isn't even a flying type. Glad they made other gens which had better starters like gen 3 where all of the starters are good. - crawdaunt12

Out of all the starters charmander is my favorite. Training to evolve into charmeleon and into charizard is always rewarding and nostalgic. Personally charizard is a favorite not just in typing and appearance but is the most balance of all the starters and one of the few Pokemon that isn't a dragon type that can learn dragon type move (since it looks like one). Also I personally think why charizard has two mega evolutions is because not only its one of the most iconic but it also won the most popular Pokemon ever

Charmander has gotten me through hard battles. It's a powerhouse that will rarely let you down if you know how to harness its moves and ability to its full potential. Its speed and power are matched by few, and its defense isn't bad either. Sum it up, strong attacks, a variety of learnable moves, as well as the ability to learn dragon moves thru breeding? Not many starters can do that.

Such an awesome Pokemon! You can't go wrong with Charizard. Charmander is so cute! Charizard is hands down my favorite Pokemon out of the huge selection of Pokemon we have today. Even WATER types get destroyed by this awesome Pokemon. Beat every single gym with this evolution family. And it thrashed the Pokemon League. Charmander (and don't forget Charmeleon and Charizard) have skill, power and cuteness all wrapped into one.

Charmander rocks! Once it evolves into Charizard, it will be capable of learning Dragon-Type moves such as Dragon Claw. In other words, it wouldn't have trouble defeating Dragon-Type monsters especially in the elite four. Plus! CHarizard is Fire-Flying, so it has power over steel, grass, bugs, fighting (like Blaziken), and many more.

Sure, Charmander is super weak at first with only scratch and growl, but if you give it enough love and attention, Charmander can grow to be an amazing Charizard with so many awesome moves (fire, flying, fighting, and dragon type moves. ) It's really too bad that nobody could see Charmander's true incredible-ness because of its disadvantages with most of the gym leaders. Well, with Charizard, grass, bug, ice, steel, and fighting types are pathetically easy to beat. (even though there are no steel types in the first couple of games. )

Choosing a starter Pokemon depends on how you're going to play the game- there are starter Pokemon that learn good moves early, but don't continue to get great moves, and there are starter Pokemon that begin to learn good moves at a later level, but continue to get great moves. Charmander is the second one- if you're prepared to keep training it until you get moves like flamethrower at level 47 and flare blitz at level 77, you're going to be the very best. - datrandomguy

When it comes to the best starter Pokemon, most player don't generally refer immediately to strength in battle, but as a Pokemon that comes close to their hearts. After all, it is very easy to beat the game with any of the starters when it comes to gyms and the Pokemon league, which is the only challenge most players come across.

When it comes to battle, Charizard (Charmanders final evolution) definitely isn't a weak link in a team when using its mega evolution, as it has two very viable options for OU. There are of course many other starter Pokemon that may be considered "stronger" in terms of battle, however that isn't a reason to look down on Charizard as it is STILL strong regardless of the other Pokemon. Starter Pokemon aren't the strongest, very few exist in the higher level battle standards, and there are many stronger options when it comes to battle over starters. However starter Pokemon regardless can still be strong, and have their respective place in the ...more

If you played Pokemon red and blue, you might know how much of a pain it was to find a decent fire-type Pokemon. Arcanine was exclusive to red version and took until level 50 to learn flamethrower, rapidash and ninetales were lackluster, and you had to wait until victory road to catch moltres, which is extremely late in the game. If you picked charmander as a starter, you ran into none of these problems. There are plenty of good alternatives to squirtle and bulbasaur however.

It's a lovable Pokemon if you disagree search up charmander on Google images he might not be strong against most gyms but like if you chose bulbasaur or something that can beat most of the gyms real easy your one of those people that don't take a challenge charmander is not effective against the first couple gyms but like so what can't you people take a challenge and whats it becomes a strong charizard that's over rated and super powerful

People believe Charmander sucks because he's super weak against whatever typing he's weak against. That is true. However, Charmander has much potential and when he evolves, he harnesses that potential. Charizard can learn AMAZING moves that counter his type disadvantages and also learns moves that are super effective against Pokemon that don't have any type advantage or disadvantage against him anyway!

I started with a Charmander in my red version of Pokemon. It is such a cute and friendly Pokemon when it comes to training it. Hands down since in the anime that one was abandoned by it's cruel trainer named Damian that he did not care about it Charmander decided to go with Ash instead.

I have played generation 1-6. I have always named my character RED with all caps. For me its between Charmander, Torchic, and Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil is cool, but no mega. Torchic evolves in to Blaziken which is fire and fighting and fighting Pokemon have a lot of weaknesses, still love Lucario though! Charmander... Flaws? No. Charizard is the best starter without a doubt. "Oh, but Squirtle is so cute! " So, Charmander is cute in fact 10 times cuter. Charmander has also got skill. Charizard learns Flamethrower at level. 38. Blastoise learms Hydro Pump at level. 42. Don't argue with stats, Charizard is the better choice.

Because charmander can win at all starter, charmander is a pokemon that never gives up with all his evolution he still can win at all starter with type disadvantages. Charmander is a pokemon that will never stop fighting for his trainer. And when charmander evolves he can be one of the best pokemon that won on articuno.

Charmander is great! Definitely for the veteran trainers. Somewhat hard to use at first, making it a Pokemon for people with lots of battle skills, it then becomes a major powerhouse Pokemon when it becomes Charizard. I could probably cream the whole Elite Four with my Charizard, except for the fact that I have to train my other Pokemon. So vote Charmander, it's cute, powerful, and has great evolutions!

I just don't see why Charizard is so popular, its design is simple compared to Blastoise or Venusaur and I just don't think it's fair that it has two Mega Evolutions, surely the other two starters deserved more than the cold shoulder. I guess I don't understand Charizard's popularity because I wasn't around in the 19s when Pokemon became popular. Still I DO understand that Charizard is really no more special than the other Kanto Starters. And I just thought about it and realized that Ash's starter pokemon always seems to be the most popular (out of the region starters at least), for example, Sceptile, Infernape, and Greninja, it's just unfair. Now that the flame's outta the way, I do admit that Charmander's very cute and I did choose him for my second Firered game, Charizard was also great at competitive battles and I get that a lot of people chooses him for that. But I still believe the way people rank Charmander number 1 is unfair and biased. - NightAbsol

Charmander learns Metal claw around lv 13, first badge check. 2nd gym is the only weak point and bulbasaur takes that point ( not squirtle you hyped up squirtle fans) and then the rest is a breeze, not to mention it has speed, can be diverse to learn many moves, and can learn blast burn, fire blast, hyper beam, dragon claw ( who said he wasn't a dragon) and because he is diverse he can tackle many type weakness. Enough said

It was love at first sight. When I had red charmander was my first choice pushing past bulbasaur and squirtle by a landslide. He learns metal claw so brock was a cakewalk in firered. And then it just gets better when charizard comes around. He can learn dragon type moves and flying and thunder fang can combat water! Definitely a very versatile Pokemon.

Seriously what? Charmander is number 1? you guys are not even being rational.

Every fact, analysis and professional breakdown state Charmander was the worst starter in Generation 1. By science it was concluded to be the absolute worst, and every professional analysis state it's the most illogical choice (unless you love grinding and waste time for the excuse of "i like challenging games").

Heck when the creators were asked who the best starters they didn't mention Charmander at all. They picked Bulbasaur and Squirtle over him.

come on people, stop feeding this overratedness so much, future generations will laugh at us if the worst starter was the most popular.

You know what, Charmander is really cute in all, but I think Fennekin should be the FIRST because it's just so adorable just like Charmander but better. But Charmander's appeal well, actually made it really adorable. And so did Fennekin. But what I'm really trying to say is, that Charmander yes, deserves to be on the top, but so does Fennekin too.

Charmander has a tough time of it early game yeah, but take the time to train it well and you'll find it absolutely wrecks mid-game and onwards. Despite gaining a few weaknesses due to its flying type upon evolution, it's an offensive powerhouse, which suits my play style perfectly. Also, it's the first Pokemon I ever had. Ah, sweet memories.

First time I touched a Pokemon game was Fire Red. When I got to select a starter, I had no idea what the hell is each of these three. So I took the cutest, which for me was Charmander, and named him Chuck, cause "Charmander" was too long for me to remember. It was super easy with him (I've bitted Misty with him! ), and then, CHARIZARD! This Pokemon is just amazing! He is super cool and super strong, and remains deep in my heart

I always choose Charmander, because I'm always a sucker for Speed, plus the high attack is a benefit. Charmander's finale evolution can fly, which is great, because when against Rock Types, it can use the flying-type moves. And Charmander is so cute. It doesn't learn to many good moves at first, but it just take a little tlc.

Charmander. A pure fire type pokemon, meaning less vulnerabilities, and fire doesn't have many anyway. This beast is matched by Squirtle, but the reason I favour Charmander is because of an early move: Dragon Rage. That, and the move Flame Burst. Good for both double and single battles.

I like charmander a lot especially after it evolves to charizard but my favorites are froakie and chimchar.

Charmander is very overrated in my opinion and bulbasaur is the best choice for the kanto games. It is liked mostly by the original series anime fans and by those who go by looks. There are only a few who are comfortable with its moveset and they are the ones who really think charmander is the best and are right. In fact I feel that there is no best starter and it is all about what type of Pokemon and what moveset you are comfortable with. Even froakie and chimchar aren't the best but I like them because I battle much better with strong Pokemon and am not comfortable with the grass type. So charmander, basically, isn't exactly the best. - HarsMeena2002