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Cyndaquil is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. more.


Ah, Cyndaquil. It was the first starter pokemon I completed a game with. I played Emerald, but I was a kid back then and Pokemon wasn't my type of games, so I left my Treecko in the void. Few years later I played Pokemon Crystal, and chose Cyndaquil as my starter. It evolved into Quilava and completely destroyed Sprout Tower along with Falkner. It even defeated The Miltank of Doom without any help. The real fun started when Quilava evolved into TYPHLOSION. And then all the trainers were doomed (Eruption, Flare Blitz, Thunder Punch also was useful against water types). I just love Typhlosion. Yes, he may be worse than Feraligatr (which is also an awesome pokemon), he is not really strong in competitive battles (I heard that from many people), but it is still the best starter in my heart, though I agree that there are many better starters out there.

Cyndaquil has to be my favorite starter of all time. In HeartGold, I never used any other Pokemon but Typhlosion, and eventually he became overpowered and defeated the game on his own. He's my special "Tyson," and I almost feel like we have a bond between human and digital character. There's a certain magic he brings, like I can practically do anything with him at my side. In battle, Eruption is a completely overpowered move if you have full HP. It deals 150 damage at full health, which can become a whooping 300 if it's super effective. This Pokemon will always have a special place in my heart.

The kind of pokemon that you wanna snuggle up with when you need a friend. This small guy inspired me to become a pokemon master the first times saw its long nose. Laugh out loud. When training it encourages you to train hard for your first fire move ember. This helps you become a better trainer that way not like charmander which learns ember and metal claw way too quickly. He's a helpful friend who has great and balanced stats and sometimes if you get to attached you could win the whole game with one pokemon and a few hm slaves. While other starters learn flare blitz this guys final learns eruption based on its health. It's productive because his stats will keep its hp high. Is move set is remarkable. It counters a lot of its weaknesses and then some. A typlhosion can learn rock slide which beats a charizard anyday. And earthquake to beat the others. He's a great friend al will always be one of my favorite quadrupeds

Cyndaquil is cute, strong, and an amazing starter. I remember playing Crystal such a long time ago, and I chose Cyndaquil. Not only does he turn into an amazing (and still cute in my opinion) Typhlosion, but I used JUST him to beat the gyms, the elite four (I had to use another for Lance the Dragon Master), but in SoulSilver when I used him, he was able to live up to my expectations and even beat Red alone. He is now level 100 and I have him as my first slot all the time, and he is the best in my game.

Ah, yes. Overrated Charmander is number one, again. Well, he doesn't deserve to be there. I started out with Cyndaquil, and I wasn't disappointed. He has amazing speed, great design, awesome moves, and fantastic strength. And don't even get me started on awesome Typhlosion! All of Cyndaquil's stages are amazing. If you haven't played Pokemon before and you're reading this, Cyndaquil is amazing. Don't listen to all the hype about Charizard.

I never got to play red and blue when it first came out. My parents didn't get me a pokemon game until crystal. Cyndaquil was my first pokemon ever and I've had a typhlosion always on my team since then. Had I got a red version I would probably feel that way about charizard, but as fate would have it the cyndaquil, who became quilava, and then typhlosion became my favorite.

Cyndaquil is the 1st starter I ever got, and I knew I picked something great. Ill give you 3 reasons why.
1. Cyndaquil evolves into my favorite pokemon, Typhlosion.
2. Cyndaquil is only one type, so he has less weaknesses.
3. Typhlosion learns a move that is almost as good as roar of time: Eruption.
I Bet you all want a cyndaquil now.

One thing I love about Typhlosion is that it is the only starter which can counter all of its weaknesses with one move: Solar Beam. And powering it up with Sunny Day lets you survive a surf from Feraligatr easily. Also, it's one of less than 10 Pokemon that learns Eruption, and it has good Speed and great Special Attack. Blaziken and Charizard are totally overrated in my opinion, you can't get better than Typhlosion when it comes to starters.

Cyndaquil is an awesome Pokemon to have by your side when you begin your Pokemon adventure. How can anyone turn down this petite fire mouse. Besides looking cute Cyndaquil also is extremely powerful. If you choose Cyndaquil you will have no trouble defeating the second leader Bugsy. It also evolves into Typhlosion which is powerful and can learn many great moves such as blaze burn

My Typhlosion has been through so much with me, he is my absolute best pokemon. I'm glad I chose him, because I definitely underestimated how it would turn out. Not to mention that it's... It's just so, it's... So... IT'S SO CUUTE!... Eh... I mean... Oi.. _. Anyways, once it evolves into Typhlosion, it can learn earthquake. Maybe even before. I would know since I have one... Also, it has great speed and attack. If it evolves to Typhlosion, it can learn solar beam. (Advantage against water and ground types in case you didn't know). I love Typhlosion!

Cyndaquil is able to completely destroy EVERY Gym, and even the first gym, which is usually good against fire, can be decimated with Cyndaquil. When I first play any Pokemon game, I do a solo run with each starter. Cyndaquil was WITHOUT A DOUBT the easiest Pokemon starter I have ever used.

Charmander is overrated because of the anime. Overall it's stats aren't event that good. Neither is his move pool. Cyndaquil/Typhlosion is even better because of its look, move pool, and it's not overrated. If Johto starters got a mega, they'd be so overpowered. Maybe that's why they skipped them.

This guy.. We have gone through so much together. He was my first starter Pokemon. I got him when I was only 9 years old, so I wasn't the best at strategy, but he was strong enough that I didn't even need strategy. I can still remember going through the game with my Typhlosion and my pidgey (My two strongest Pokemon)

Typhlosion is uber-powerful. It's blast burn attack kicks @$$! My typhlosion named Flamer had no problem with taking out any foe that stood in our way! My buddy Flamer, is arguably one of my most powerful Pokemon ever. (I even have Arceus). So this is why Typhlosion is the best starter EVER!

Cyndaquil was my first Pokemon to see in my life and I have a army of them in my game I they become very sweet when they start to know you. It is a great buddy I think you should chose it if you have a fiery personality.

How could you say anything bad about him? He is the cutest! I kept my Cyndaquil a cyndaquil during my whole heartgold and he was the first to get to level 100. He is amazingly cute and nostalgic. :) Favorite Pokemon ever!

I think Cyndaquil is a very cute Pokemon. It evolves faster than all of the other starters, which surprised me when I played Roblox Project: Pokemon. Its evolved form, Quilava, can use Flame Wheel, which could be very useful. I like a lot of the other starters, but if I had to choose, I would choose Cyndaquil.

Cute, powerful at low levels, FIRE-TYPE, and evolves into awesome quilava that learns eruption and flamethrower. It can be taught dragon rage and dragon pulse with TMs. Typhlosion is so boss looking, good stats, move pool, typing, and from Johto. There for cyndaquil is the best.

Cyndaquil has always been my favorite! I would pick him over all the others combined! I think Bulbasaur and mudkip sucks. If you get bulbasaur as your starter-you are going to have a lot of difficulty. Also, swampert is ugly

Typhlosion should have been number one. It was my starter in Heartgold and it destroyed all the gyms from Johto and Kanto. Not to mention how helpful it was in the league. Also it learns eruption. Which is by far the best fire type move. Charizard is way overrated.

The final evolution typlosion has super overpowered eruption. Is there anything left to say? Even the pokemon description says: if its rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anything that touches it will instantly go up in flames. Is that not amazing? If you are looking for something cute it's here, something strong still here too. Cyndaquil is the bomb.

I agree that Cyndaquil is one of the best pokemon any trainer could choose as a starter. I got Cyndaquil two years ago in 2010 and I still have it! A great feature about Cyndaquil is that it evolves at only level 14 into Quilava who is my 2nd favorite pokemon!

Cyndaquil should get 1 place because he can learn the second best fire type attack not only can he look
So awesome in his other forms his shiny is very cool to plus he can learn inferno flareblitz blast burn and
Eruption! He can learn the best fire type attacks but yes charmander is a little bit better but I still think
Cyndaquil kicks butt! 1

I might be sorta biased because cyndaquil was my first starter, but what more could you want? He's adorable as cyndaquil, he can carry you through gyms as quilava, and typhlosion is one of the best Pokemon I have ever owned. I will always have memories with cyndaquil

When I first got Soul Silver, I chose Cyndaquil for my starter, and I never regretted it a single moment throughout the game. Typhlosion has great speed, attack, and special attack, so it's a great pokemon to sweep with. Unfortunately, it's weak to Stealth Rock, but it can KO before they even get a chance to use it :) It can learn Sunny Day and Solarbeam, which are a great combination and can counter water and ground types, and then a whole bunch of powerful fire type moves like Flamethrower, Lava Plume, Fire Blast and Eruption, not to mention Earthquake, Double-Edge and Wild Charge, three amazingly powerful moves. Overall, I feel that Cyndaquil is not only the best starter in Silver, Gold, Crystal, SS and HG, but the best starter that ever existed.

Typhlosion's also my favorite pokemon