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Oshawott, Dewott, and Samurott, are three Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise that are linked through evolution.


The second I saw Ash's Oshawott in the Best Wishes series, I was in love! He was so incredibly cute, sassy, and hilarious! Partner him up with Ash's Tepig/Pignite, and you had yourself a gold comedy team! I chose Oshawott as my starter in White 2 and was my ace all the way up to the Champions room. He knew Razor Shell, hydro pump, surf, and ice beam. Razor shell alone was enough to score several one hit KOs. He eventually evolved into Dewott, but I refuse to let him evolve into a Samurott. To me, Oshawott and Dewott are much cuter!

He's the one I count on in most of my battles (since he's now a level 83 Samurott) because of Razor Shell and Aqua Jet. He is surprisingly tough against psychic and fairy types and I am very impressed with its capabilities. Once it took out Gym Leader Blaine's Charizard with two Razor Shells. It may be slightly weak to grass types, but Oshawott has a special place in my heart.

White 2 was my very first Pokemon game, and when I had gotten the choice to pick a starter, as soon as I saw the water type starter, I didn't even bother to look at the others. My Samurott basically carried me throughout the game, even without my knowledge of Pokemon at all. It's still extremely close to my heart in the world of Pokemon.

Come on guys you gotta admit that oshawott is cute besides water are my favorite cuties and when it evolves into dewott then samorott the schalop turns to a sword! You gotta admit how cool is that and if think about hurting oshy I will, oh I don't know what I would do but it ain't gonna be pretty!

Yeah I have a Samurott, which I nicknamed Samurai Lord. It has very high defense and special attacks to help it defeat bosses... it is especially good at wiping out Fire types. One time during a battle, I one-hit a level 83 Charizard with Razor Shell and it passed out. So much for Charmander being the bomb; welcome Oshawott to the big leagues.

Also, I am emotionally attached to it so when someone beats me in battle I become nervous thereafter (it is typically my secret weapon).

Oshawott is so very awesome! It was so cute in the beginning, and after it evolved it became really powerful looking, though uncute. But the best part is after reaching level 100 he is pretty much unstoppable. I think he might even be able to defeat the elite 4 on his own.

Ditto to Samurott being the best. Otters are adorable, Oshawott is adorable, Dewott is even more adorable, and Samurott is just awesome. I mean it's a water type (my favorite type), and he has swords in his forearms. Although I am biased toward my first starter, Oshawott (Samurott) is truly a water type wonder.

Oshawott Is Just The BEST. I Mean, He's So cute And Also a Pretty OP Starter. He Evolves Into Dewott, My Favourite Pokemon Ever And He Is Just So Badass. His Final Evolution Is A Dissapointment though. I Expected A Badass Samurai Otter/Beaver Thing And Not... Well, Whatever The Hell That Was! But I Still Feel Like It Should Be At Least Number Five So Help Us And Vote For Him. MAKE OSHAWOTT GREAT AGAIN.

Oshawott has a blade that's turns into two blades then into swords. That's right SWORDS! Not to mentions he is so adorable than any other Pokemon, but totodile and cyndaquil and charmander weren't bad because they also evolve into badasses.

I have pokemon black and black 2, in black I chose oshowatt and used samurott to help me beat the elite four twice, then in black 2 I am well on my way to doing the same

Oshawott stayed with me for so long. He was by far the coolest Pokemon I'd seen so far. And being based of a samurai just makes him even cooler in my opinion. Also Samurott has swords attached to his legs. Awesome.

Oshawott is such a legend in both the anime and the game. Razor shell is really creative and cool move and don't even get me started on the evolutions. Dewott's a pro and Samurott is this big, majestic, noble and totally beast Pokemon

Oshawott is most awesome starter, look wise and stats wise. It has everything balance. I think it should've on the place Squirtle. So best of luck Oshawott. THUMB UP FOR Oshawott.

Oshawott is completely adorable with those freckles! I gotta admit I like Snivy better at first since it looked cooler but my feelings soon changed when I saw Dewott, it looked like a complete bad-ass and it was. We literally cut the Unova league in half with Razor Shell. Also my first (and only) shiny starter was Oshawott. - NightAbsol

Oshawott is simply the absolute most adorable of all the starters. I mean, come on. He takes his shell and whips it at its opponents. And did I mention how adorable he is?

Oshawott is adorable from the start which is really great, then he evolves into dewott who is very cool and then finally evolves into samurott who is a total beast

Water types my opinion are the best starters and oshawott is by far the best. You get a samurott of of him (total bad-ass), he has a good variety of type moves he can learn, and he has only one true weakness (electricity) because teach him icebeam and grass pokemon are a thing in the past.

I love him because he evolves in to Samurott because it has my name in it. Also dewott looks awesome! With that mean face! Also he looks like he's karate in pose.

Its pretty OBVIOUS that Oshawott is the best because its evolved form Samurott can learn Megahorn which automatically Knock Out Grass, Water weakness and its water type part already takes out Fire

Oshawott is so good it is the best water starter and don't forget its cuteness Please make it number 1

Oshawott is best starter. With all the spunk and attitude and cuteness to go with it! And in the anime he can deflect electric attacks like the total boss that he is!

Oshawott is by far the best starter. When he evolves in to Samurott, and you teach him Mega horn, Hydro pump, Hydro Cannon, and Surf, he is in stoppable. I can beat 3 of the elite four with just him.

Oshawott helped me out so much in Pokemon white version 2 I only used him and I beat all the gyms and the elite that was super easy and water types easily beat grass and fire starters

Samurott looks way cool and has amazing stats and can take down level 80 Pokemon at level 35. The whole evolution line is great and water Pokemon are the best.

So cute and when it turns into samurott, nothing can beat it except for serperior due to it's speed, but if samurott hit first, samurott will own all.