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Piplup is a starter Pokémon in the Sinnoh region. It is the Water-type Starter. It resembles penguin. It was also the first penguin Pokémon to be created.


I'm pretty sure that most people's favorite water type is Mudkip, because of its 1 weakness and it having ice types to cover that weakness, But Piplup could easily beat Mudkip, And I'm done talking about Mudkip now! Piplup turns into a steel/water type, the only water/steel type... So far! OH NO! A fire type... Hydro Pump. Electric types? EARTHQUAKE! Fighting types? DRILL PECK! This Penguin is a total beast! Piplup is definitely the best starter Pokemon... Tied with Snivy that is. I wish I could vote twice. Put Empoleon on your team and be amazed with the results. And put Serperior on your team too, 'cause Serperior is almost as good

Piplup holds a special place in my heart as well as in others as you can see. Empoleon is an amazing Pokemon, he is such a tank, and he can dish out the damage! Also, I love penguins and Piplup is SO CUTE. I also like Turtwig but, again, it's Piplup we're talking about. And anyway, oshawott s fine but then it evolves into samurott... what the hell. Its not a bad Pokemon but it looks nothing like oshawott! Charizard is overrated and isn't even that good in competitive, the only thing that saves him from the UU and NU tiers is his 1 looks and his 2 Mega evolution ability, drought. The steel type in the new games also really helps against the fairy types! I can't wait until Empoleon gets a mega, it will look BEAST. And remember, I love all starters, especially 4th gen (I think 5th gen is MEH though) Turtwig and Chimchar are also awesome!

Piplup is awesome he was my first starter in my first Pokemon game (I'm kind of new but well experienced) and I literaly crushed each and every trainer I battled and this was when I just started playing and had no Idea what you need to be a good trainer
And it can learn water and flying type attacks I had thought one or two metal type attacks too
Piplup and all it's evolutions ar by far the best starters ever

PIPLUP FOR LIFE! I'm not a poke-maniac so I can't give you facts about strength and moves and stuff. If you choose Piplup, you'll know why. You grow with it- from a small, cute pokemon to the king of ice. He was the first started I ever chose, and in my second run (we moved houses, the game reset itself after multiple years of sitting alone in humidity) I chose it again. No matter how ridiculous is the name you give him (I named mine Bobby...) Piplup will always be the best.

It's a penguin. Awesome! It evolves to have my favorite color on it, yellow. Awesome! Piplup and its evolutions have Awesome! Names. Awesome! Water is my favorite type. Awesome! Steel (Empoleon is part Steel type) is my favorite defensive type. Awesome! Isn't that Awesome! - Jammer196

Piplup is by far one of my favourite Pokemon, it starts off pretty powerful then ends up a water/steel type in the end, steel being one of the hardest types to defeat. Not even a fire type is supper effective against it because of the water type, the only things super effective against it are electric and grass. Charizard is mainly cool in looks but power is what we care about!

Piplup is adorable and unbeatable My little piplup Snuggles will never evolve because I want him to be cute forever he also has good stats besides its poor speed it has pretty well rounded stats and though I won't evolve him into empoleon has good stats and Eleven resistances that is the most powerful starter

By the way why is stupid treeko in the top 10 he is an outcast I hate him the most of all starters
He is the only starter that has never been cute in one evolutionary stage It isn't cute just looks like an evil iguana plant that will go in your house in the middle of the night and eat your family and you

Piplup is good but Empoleon is the only reason why I wanted one. Piplup is cute and all but just getting him to a Empoleon is why he is the best. Empoleon can learn so many types of moves, has great stats (expect for speed but I can do without being first) and looks like a beast.

Piplup was my first starter. I love Piplup because he is very cute AND he evolves into Empoleon, which is one of the best Pokemon ever! I love water Pokemon, and Piplup is just plain awesome! Piplup for the win!

Piplup is the best possible starter I could've started my pokemon journey with. He is super adorable and is a pretty good fighter even in the start. He has always been my favorite because of all his personality! He is truly the whole package!

Best steel pokemon? Empoleon. Best water pokemon? Empoleon. Best starter? Piplup. Fattest penguin? Empoleon. Although it was weak to 5/8 gyms in Brick Bronze, it was still the life saver. It was stronger than my level 70 mega alakazam (rip... it was scammed. All I wanted was a gengar) at level 60!

Charmander is my favorite but I think Piplup deserves to be in the top 5. It evolves to a Water/Steel and it can learn Ice type moves. If you train it enough, it will be unstoppable. I guess I can say Water types make the best starters.

This Pokemon is incredibly powerful. It can easily beat anything, even with the move Bubble or anything similar to that. Its movepool is very good, its typing is very good, you can easily get rid of its weaknesses and the design is just cute/fancy (depending on which form). All you have to do is to train Piplup a bit, and boom; you got yourself a powerful killing machine. You don't need to get them all when you have Piplup.

Piplup is awesome, if I had to choose between piplup and all the other starters in the world, piplup. This was my first starter Pokemon ever! So it has low attack, but amazing everything else! So everyone, vote for piplup. PLEASE VOTE FOR PIPLUP!

Piplup, by far, is the best gen 4 starter type. It can be helpful in gym battles. Also, it crushes in the elite 4. With many resistances (though a strong weakness to electrics as an Empoleon), piplup is the best gen 4 starter.

Yes, he doesn't really help much early in game because of Gardenia and stuff but! Consider how piplup, in his final evolution because super OP. He only has 3 weaknesses because of him being part steel type. Like who wouldn't love that?

When piplup evolves his attack and defense are pretty balanced... His other stats are pretty good too... My favorite starter Pokemon... Piplup is the best... Second best is mudkip

Guys, piplup becomes part steel in his final evolution making it resistant to 10 of the 18 types. Furthermore, for the types that are super effective on it (fighting, ground and electric), empoleon learns drill peck for the fighting type coverage, you already got the ground type covered since you are part water and for the electric type, an earthquake TM isn't that hard to obtain. Piplup is awesome

Piplup is just very reliable, it can learn water and flying moves making it good against fire and grass, what else can you possibly want? - whatsitsname

Piplup is a great starter Pokemon it was my first cause I like water type and its just awesome when it evolved into a empoleon and it can even beat the number 1 starter Pokemon

When I played diamond I chose piplup and so far he/she is the strongest starter I have seen. When he/she evolves into empoleon he/she can single-handedly defeat all 8 gym leaders and the elite 4. Also Piplup ends up learning steel, flying and water moves, so they can easily defeat any pokemon. VOTE PIPLUP COME ON EVERYBODY!

Piplup is the BEST starter Pokemon ever! I even have a toy piplup at home. I love piplup because he's cute and awesome, it could learn flying and steel type attacks. I think piplup should be the number 1 best starter Pokemon

From the start, I loved piplup. It's cute, resists over half of the other attacks, I beat all 8 gyms and the Pokemon league with all three starters and as empoleon, it was the best out of the three! That's why it takes my vote!

I don't see why piplup is the 10th best starter Pokemon... It's absolutely AMAZING! Like another comment says, it's pretty secured against all its weaknesses. My empoleon's moves never missed before... It's the best.

Piplup is an amazing Pokemon. It evolves into the super awesome Empoleon and is really cute. Water and steel is a great type mix. STRONGLY SUGGEST PIPLUP!