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Torchic is super cute, Combusken is kinda awkward but it's 1000% worth it when you get the awesome BLAZIKEN! Although Mudkip was my first starter, I chose this little guy since I noticed in Emerald you can't encounter fire types early in the game and it was totally worth it. My Blaziken literally Blaze Kicked our way through Victory Road, through the Elite 4, through the Champion, and through the Battle Frontier. Plus Blaziken can learn flying type moves, which none of the other Fire Fighting starters can learn. Not to mention the awesome Mega Evolution, Mega Blaziken is awesome both in the design and the stats department. - NightAbsol

Torchic is obviously the best starter Pokemon because when he evolves into his final form, he's a total beast, plus a fire AND fighting type, which is superior over treecko and mudkip. It can also learn flying moves too, like peck and sky uppercut. He does TOTAL domination, and is only weak against a couple of types. Blaze kick does A LOT of damage, even against a water type. It also can withstand lots of powerful attacks, and is pretty fast too. If you're not much of a battle person, you can enter contests too, and any of his moves will get you first or second place.There are many more reasons, but these are all why I believe Torchic is the BEST starter Pokemon.

Blaziken has my favorite move brave bird, I used all the starters in the games Emerald, Plantinum, Fire Red, Black, Soul Silver and torchic was the best by far. Blaziken is my favorite Pokemon. Since he is part fighting he can beat rock types then. I heard he has one the most amazing jumps. No offense to the charmander fans but I remember blaziken beat charizard.

The Gen 3 had the overall best starters. Not coolest or anything, but strongest. Blaziken is the strongest fire Pokemon with it's unique hidden ability speed boost His typing is also brilliant. High damage and lot of speed makes it best, only the monkey in gen 4 could equal the stat of a the blaze glass-canon, but with a worse ability. Torchic is then the greatest starter Pokemon ever made. I still hold Bulbasaur for the coolest dough

That is untrue that the gen 3 starters are not the coolest. But I agree strongly with everything else besides the Bulbasaur thing

I personally think Torchic is the best starter Pokemon. All starter Pokemon are good, but ALMOST all starter Pokemon know their equal, except for blaziken. Why take charizard when you can have an arcanine? Why take a hy-pressure-water-cannon blastoise when you can have a Gyarados, the Pokemon with most online wins of all water Pokemon. sorry, but with all online Pokemon games, my starter is going to be Torchic. TORCHIC FOR THE WIN!

P.S. if you ask people who don't play Pokemon at all who their favorite Pokemon is, they will chose either charizard, pikachu, or tyranitar.

It is the best starter in the hoenn region. When it evolves into a blaziken it can beat any pokemon that the elite four or any gym leaders have. It has a great move pool and amazing attack power. It was the first started I used for the pokemon ruby version and I've used it ever since.

By far the best pokemon to start with in my opinion.

Torchic is plain EPIC! I can cream anyone with this Pokemon! It can even learn peck, which is useful against fighting types, ember against those vicious little bugs, and even sand-attack! So the occasional water-type can't lay a hit. Plus blaziken is unbeatable. It can learn OP moves like blaze kick and sky uppercut. And Blaziken can MEGA-EVOLVE! When it does, it gains speed every turn!

How is it only 5th? nostalgia? design? because in the game torchic evolves into BLAZIKEN, which mega evolves into MEGA BLAZIKEN, which has speed boost, and you can teach him protect and you can outspeed anything, it has great moves such as Stone Edge, Blaze Kick/Flare Blitz, High Jumpkick/Sky Uppercut, Power-Up Punch, Brave Bird, Roost, Hone Claws/Swords Dance and Earthquake, it has a great attack and decent special attack stats, passable defense and special defense and with adamant, lonely or naughty nature he can MELT teams, no pun intended.

He's the best starter in the world! But all the others suck

People who say mudkip is better than torchic have never used a torchic. Mudkip may be stronger to start out, but blaziken beats swampert by fifty miles. Blaziken is by far the best fire starter. Charizard could get wrecked EASILY by a rock type. Typhlosion is single-type and the only stand-out move it has is eruption. Infernape simply is not as strong, em boar is out of the competition, and delphox cannot win you every link battle, like my blaziken has. If you disagree with me, get a blaziken, and you will realize I am right.

Torchic is an all around great Pokemon because its last evolution is like the second evolution, a fire and fighting one. Not only is its last evolution an awesome fire bird sent to destroy but not many other types of Pokemon can easily beat a fighting type. I chose torchic in Pokemon emerald and I lost to just about no one.

I think that all of the Hoenn starters are great solid Pokemon, and dare I say the best trio in starter history. Mudkip being awesome for gyms and very powerful once he evolves into Swampert, Treeko being not so great at gyms for the beginning of the game, but when he evolves into the awesome looking dragon/grass type Sceptile, he gets that much better. Sceptile has a lot of weaknesses, making him very venerable. Which is when I come to Torchic being the best starter in my opinion. Wow, this bird has power! Let me just say that Torchic can fly through most of the gyms with ease but only having the only trouble at the first gym against Roxanne because Torchic is weak to ground and rock. But after that, it is smooth sailing from there. His powerful moves and power in general destroys and trainers and gyms. Not to mention when getting Blaziken you will be amazed at what an amazing job game freak and his crew did to make such an amazing looking fire bird that does kung foo. After some ...more

I'll probably go for torchic since it will evolve into a OP blaziken. Just like charizard they both can mega evolve and become extremely OP. I won the entire game solo with blaziken and used moves such as sky uppercut, blaze kick and areal ace. The only weakness is water and flying. The water issue can also be solved using earthquake.

Torchic is awesome and cute too and when it evolves to Blaziken it's awesome and powerful. SKY UPPERCUT, BLAZE KICK, and a affective move against PSYCHIC and WATER is EARTHQUAKE. My Torchic helped me beat all of the gyms and the Pokemon League. My Blaziken is by far the ALPHA!

Its just the best. The combination of fire and fighting is great. There are not too many fire type pokemon at the beggining of the game and it learns ember early on. Along with double kick soon after which destroys many opponents with ease. Also peck is learned giving it a slight bird type persona.

Once it evolves into blaziken it is hands down the strongest Pokemon in all of the games. Blaziken has an awesome move pool along with stats. It can beat almost all of the gym leaders completely by itself. I have yet to lose to anybody while using blaziken.

Why is he in fifth place? I mean come on. Torchic becomes one of the strongest mega evolution Pokemon after charizard. He will literally sweep with its amazing move like flare blitz. Plus, its final evolution blaziken is the only Pokemon to learn brave bird without actually being flying type.

Torch if is an awesome Pokemon to tell the truth because it was the first Pokemon to have the duo type of fire fighting.Think rock can beat it? No problem I learns double kick at level 16 when it evolves into combusken and learns its signature move blaze kick! When I evolves in blaziken and if that just wasn't enough IT LEARNS BRAVE BIRD so yeah torchic is way better than chimchar or tepig OR EVEN CYNDAQUIL but it does have a type disadvantage against charizard...

When I was playing Pokemon ruby, I never lost any battle with my untouchable Blaziken. Blaziken is so cool-looking and very powerful. The blend of fire and fighting type made it unbeatable. I think that Torchic is the best starter ever!

Blaziken is the best starter Pokemon to choose by far, where do I even begin its move set is overpowered as heck and if you have the correct move set for mega blaziken which is protect, Sky uppercut, flare blitz and bulk up plus the speed boost you'll be the most overpowered starter in the games

Torchic is awesome. He's easy to level up an if you get a good electric type you can cover his weaknesses. Blaziken can learn triple kick and comet punch if you leave him as combusken until level 52

Torchic was many pokemon trainers first pokemon, and for good reasons. Torchic and combusken are nice, but when you get to blaziken is just amazing! Just a look at blaziken and you know you have a wonderful fire-fighting type! Not to mention the great moves it learns like Sky uppercut and Blaze kick! Even over training torchick a little will pay up in every way!

Torchic might not be so good in the first gym, but keep training, and it evolves to Combusken, and Combusken learns Double Kick, which is a fighting type move, and Roxanie has rock Pokemon which is weak to fighting, so you can still pass through the first gym even if you pick Torchic at your starter!

And in Winona's gym, he might be weak to flying types, but he is SO strong that he can even defeat Winona!

Additionally, Combusken evolves to Blaziken, which is super strong! Mega evolve him, and he will get even better stats, and he gets an awesome ability. He gets a speed booset every turn!

Torchic is the best starter!

Torchic is an awesome starter, having great speed and attack, making it a great sweeper. I actually beat the pokemon league just by using torchic (my other pokemon were just level 40 that too caught from victory road, the others were 20) That too having no problem except for the last gym and the champion.

Torchic is just amazing. It can be mega evolved when it's a blaziken and looks great throughout it's evolutions but seriously look at this torchic looks harmless but it's dead harmful with simple moves like ember and torchic is top 1 starter pokemon for me.