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First I rolled with Squirtle. I thought the original three could not be beaten, but with the introduction of Totodile and Cyndaquil, I was faced with a challenge every time I started up my Silver version. Totodile was always my choice, despite the lackluster fire types and abundance of water types that I could easily catch, Feraligatr was by far the coolest of them all. The only reason I ever pick Cyndaquil is because I like him and have many other water options, but all else equal Feraligatr hands down. Oh and Totodile is the cutest thing! I want to breed them in real life.

Totodile is the mischievous beast in which is the only starter that learns a move by level up to protect against its primary weaknesses: Grass and electric. It learns ice fang at level 20, and OP moves like superpower and hydro pump in its higher levels. It evolves quickly in comparison to other starters, so it's stats grow at a massive rate. Apart from that you can teach it the fang moves and punch moves (Thunder fang, ice punch, etc.) overall it is an independent killer which bulldozes anything in its path, unless you can strike faster...

The second starter I ever chose, I bought later games and after playing through once with the starters of later regions I would restart my game and trade for Totodile. He will always be my favorite because of his speed, type, and overall fun appearance. Surf, Hyper Beam, Crunch, Superpower for the win

Totodile is no doubt my favorite starter from Johto. When he evolves into Feraligatr he is truly a powerhouse. While he's not my favorite starter he definitely deserves to be higher on this list.

He learns water attacks. He learns fighting attacks. He learns ice attacks. He learns dark attacks. I've tanked everyone from Rocket grunts to Lance of the Elite Four with this bad boy. And Feraligatr is so ridiculously cool.

Aah! Totodile is my top favorite ever! When I settled on Totodile in HeartGold, I was shocked to see how strong he was. Level. 5 took down a level. 10 (link battle - no items were used). I know, I'd probably agree on the fact that Charmander is a REALLY popular choice (I'd probably pick it too XP) but Totodile is within my heart always.

I evolved my Totodile and I REALLY WANT Chikorita and Cyndaquil, I'm just saving up for the counterpart Soul Silver. Yeah, Totodile is just that awesome. Chikorita is pretty cute, but knock Cyndaquil down. Cyndaquil is just ugly. Everyone voting for Cyndaquil, you are SENSELESS!

Totodile is my most favourite Pokemon EVER! He is so cute and learns a verity of different moves so when you get feraligatr you don't just get all water moves like empoleon and samurott. Totodile should be the best top ten not Charmander (Totodile could easily beat him)

Totodile my first Pokemon I played on Pokemon silver. Pokemon silver was my first ever Pokemon game and me and totodile been through a lot. Now he is a Feraligatr. Even on Soul silver I have totodile as my best buddy. Now Feraligatr is on my Pokemon white 2 and he's beating people like crazy. I love you Feraligatr

Totodile is very cute and when it evolves its epic it can learn ice fang which is helpful against the last gym leader and the champion it can also learn hydro pump and super power which are awesome and you can teach with TM blizzard hyper beam and other cools moves so that's why I thinks it's the best starter

Totodile turns in to not just the strongest Pokemon physically in the second generation but it also had the most versatility! Can learn Ice, Dark, Ground, Water and Fighting moves as well as it has amazing strength and great defense. Should be a lot higher.

When Silver very first came out, I instantly knew that I would want Totodile as I have a preference for water types. He is upper cute, versatitle and powerful in his own right. The separation of Attack and Special Attack for the same typing was a blessing for his Family, which allowed them to finally have powerful water moves. Feraligatr is very handy also because of his versatility. If you can activate his hidden ability, Sheer Force, and have a complimentary nature, Feraligtr is a powerful Sweeper. Good moves for him to know are Crunch (dark), Ice Fang (ice), Waterfall/Aqua Tail (water), and any powerful fighting type attack!

He's a crocodile. What more do you want? What is more, whenever the Pokemon Company decides to release his Dream World ability, he's going to rock your socks off.

Totodile is awesome. Who doesn't like cute little Crocodiles who can gnaw your hand off? Well...
Truthfully though, for a pokemon with only 1 type, the moves he learns are really versatile. I mean, he learns ICE PUNCH, and BITE, and HYDRO PUMP, and teach him something like SURF or WATERFALL and you can basically compensate for like half of the johto elite four!

Totodile is so cute and very powerful it is like a charmander except for it being a water type and crocodile characteristics. If you are trying to imagine a water type charmander well it is this Pokemon - waterlover

Feraligatr is definitely the coolest. Extremely strong and sociable, one of the best starter Pokemon.

Totodile is the best as it's a water type so it can shoo those fire, ground and rock and learns ice moves which sweeps away those grass, flying and dragon. It can also learn dark and fighting moves. Can also learn ground moves to shoo those electric ones.

Totodile is much more powerful than most other starters due to its high attack, defense, and special stats. Croconaw and Feraligatr both can learn crunch, aqual tail, hydro pump, and mega punch, which is my personal favorite water type arsenal. Gen II is best generation, so the best pokemon naturally comes from there.

Totodile was the first Pokemon I'd ever had. Affectionately dubbing it Bob, it became my go-to Pokemon. If I was stuck on something in one of my other games, I'd trade Bob into that game and get through the part easily. But I can't argue with the fact that Charmander's number 1.

Totadile is the best starter of all time hands down. It literally can destroy anyone and everyone it wants to. You throw surf, ice punch, earthquake and slash on it and you can go through the entire elite four with him without using another Pokemon. Feraligatr is the coolest looking and strongest Pokemon of all time and It will manhandle whatever type or Pokemon you throw at it.

When totodile evolves into Feraligatr Charizard is really cool too but Feraligatr doesn't need a Mega evolution to be Beast but Charizard Does and plus fire is weak to water types

Totodile is awesome amazing evolutions, strong jaws and great water type attacks. I would say if you like water types he is perfect.

Totodile was the first Pokemon I played, as my first game was silver. I called him 'Jaws' and HE. IS. AMAZING. His evolution's are amazing. Croconaw and Feraligatr are REALLY strong and are fantastic fighters. They don't take damage easily and it doesn't matter if they are weaker, the Bite and Crunch attacks can take down anything. So please VOTE for Totodile

This Pokemon is a good swimmer, and a friend to. This is a very sociable Pokemon. - blueguy120

Totodile was my very first Pokemon. The only time I had a problem with weakness was Red's Pikachu. Totodile is the best on this list, but Eevee is the best. Eevee is your rivals starter inn yellow for everyone who is confused.