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There are so many things I love about treecko and its line. First off the first offensive grass starter with an amazing design. Even Gamefreak loves the treecko line, they made Grovyle the main helper for the protagonist and sacrifices himself to save the future in PMD2 explorers of time, darkness, and sky. And I know that some people are gonna think that the anime has became horrible (which was only for unova really) ash's treecko was obviously his hoenn MVP with a determined and calm personality and that it fully evolves into sceptile. And in all three stages of his evolution he stayed badass. And in that one episode where may's torchic evolves I absolutely love how Grovyle stops the fighting, when he just sitting against a tree not really getting involved in the beginning but then hearing the chaos and pikachu and mudkip getting slammed into the tree next to him by torchic and corphish decides to just end it with a leaf blade between torchic and corphish to create a huge wall of ...more

Treecko is fast as lightning and strong then anything leaf blade earthquake brick break and x scizor he gets high attack sp attack and speed making treecko grovyle and sceptile the perfect sweeper he has a small amount of weaknesses all my friends agree treecko rocks he is the best or at least one of the best he cute strong and makes up for anything bad

Sceptile already has base 105 special attack and base 120 speed which is amazing. Add to that the fact that it is getting a mega evolution that is grass and dragon. Although we don't have the stats for the mega, it is probably going to get a huge boost in speed and special attack. So vote for treecko arguably the best grass starter there is.

I'm probably only voting for him because he's my starter! Water types are over rated and grass is the best Pokemon for the overworld (because of all the water) and he's the MVP of Emerald. Also Sceptile has the 16th best speed of all time, and what's the point of having a strong Swampert when Sceptile beats you with Leaf Blade?

awesome! what is not to like about him? stil treeco is 2 and charmander is 1

Treecko is amazing! I've really grown to love it and its evolutions. Unlike other grass starters, it evolves into a fast special attacker and physical attacker. My personal favourite move set is Hidden Power Rock/Fire/Ice, Giga Drain, Substitute and Focus Blast, which wrecks house whenever I use it. Make way for Sceptile, Charizard!

Treecko has a power of speed and because of of that it can move quikly, it can learn any moves to beat the foes Pokemon, all Pokemon become strong, and more experience comes but treecko is more than them believes me when I use it, diff: skills was learned of it. The most is when it become sceptile... Leaf blade for water, ice, rock, ground, night slash for psychic, ghost etc and iron tale

The two reasons everybody ever looked down on treecko are his movepool, and his type. His movepool in RSE is pretty terrible, but with a bit of TM hunting, you can have a fine Pokemon. If you obtain solar beam and giga drain, sceptile becomes a beast. Secondly, he is a grass type, a Pokemon with the most weaknesses out of the three starter types. In the new games, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, Sceptile will be able to evolve in to Mega Sceptile (Grass and Dragon Type). That means he becomes a beast, and only becomes weak to double ice, flying, bug and dragon moves. Although that still sounds bad, bug type is weak on the offense and defense, and sceptile's pace can be used to finish the others off.

Treecko is the first Pokemon I ever used and since then Sceptile has been my favourite Pokemon, I mightn't have been able to finish my journey but playing other games where all gym leaders were combined they often played a big part in defeating the gym leaders and with their new mega they're even stronger.

Treecko is super boss! He not just b-o-s-s he is B-A-W-S! I mean treecko is a small little lizard dino thing, grovyle is bigger and has almost leaf wings, and sceptile is BAWS all the way! And I'm pretty sure you can teach it earthquake from a tm which dominates fire, you've all ready got water down and all the other type sould get pretty much covered by the other pokemon you catch on your journey. You can't go wrong with treecko! SO PLEASE VOTE!

He is the beast, he is super speedy, super mega defense and has the attack in the game because of his powerful moves I named mine "goku" and if you noticed he is the fasted grass type Pokemon actually in the game when he evolves that's the only thing that makes him better but of coarse if you give him proteins, carbos, iron, etc. You would have the best pokemon ever to exist and make him go past his limits is out standing

Treeko is the best grass starter. He looks epic, like a non-ridable Yoshi, evolves into the most bad-ass grass type of all time, and can even learn dragon moves when old enough. He has no competition. Bulbasaur and Turtwig are a bunch or boring turtles, Chikorita doesn't do anything except become a giant bizarre flower giraffe, and Snivy has to be the weirdest looking starter of all time.

Treecko has to be the coolest Pokemon out there! He's got so much swag and is just awesome and powerful! It's also quite a special starter as it's the only one to stay as one type all the way to it's last evolution!

Treecko has been my favorite starter pokemon for as long as I can remember. He is one of the only starter pokemon that isn't adorable or cuddly he just looks pure badass and that is definitely a pokemon I would want on my team. He is so good design wise and in game! I did a treecko only run with just treecko and no team and finished omega ruby easily! Believe it or not treecko is the only starter in hoenn I played with in game. (used him at least 8 times) TEAM TREECKO FOR THE WIN!

Treecko final evolution looks super cool, He is also really good at special attack and speed. Pokemon Sapphire was my first Pokemon game I passed because I had sceptile, and I was like 7 or 8 years old. MAKE HIM YOUR FAVORITE.

Brilliant both aesthetically and competitively, with it's evolved form Sceptile being the fastest SubSeed user in the game, bar Shaymin Sky Forme, which has been banished to the Uber tier. Treecko is also very powerful in-game Being able to defeat most of the Gym-Leaders and the Champion of the Elite Four without too much trouble.

Seriously the best leaf starter of them all. Charmander is the best fire, Totodile for water. Nothing stops Treecko, even a lot of fire moves didn't harm him too bad, which is shocking.

He was the first Pokemon I got in any game, and I beat the Pokemon alone with a sceptile and a raichu my first time. I tried playing with the other starters, but I never got the same ammount of enjoyment out of the game, as when I played with treecko. Also he is one of the only mainly offensive grass types. Leaf blade is so awesome

Cute and sassy, similar to Snivy. Evolves into cool looking Grovyle, and then amazingly powerful Sceptile. Not to mention Sceptile's mega which gains dragon type and lightning rod ability.

I like him because he's ninja he evolves to be awesome orange is my favourite collar but it is tradition for me to pick the starter grass type and he beat almost all my other friends alone

King of the forest. I don't see Charmander being called king of the forest. I don't see it being called king of anything. Sceptile is beast.

Treecko is my favorite pokemon so far, its the best in all my pokemon games and sceptile rocks his my strongest compered to all my starter pokemon

Treecko final form is sceptile whitch is a speedy dude he has the offense
To use his speed unlike serperior and it tearns aerial ace it also looks
Really cool forget about all the others treecko takes the cake by far no other grass type starter can defeat it snd combine all that with a move pool that can learn moves like frenzy plant focus blast and aerial ace and giga drain you have the best starter of all time

Treecko is the best. 18 starter Pokémon so I wonder who should get Dragon typing which shows they're very powerful. Charizard, it did but I also just stays the same. Mudkip, it's cute and evolves into a tank but no. How about Cyndaquil, nope just stays fire. Squirtle, nope just a water canon turtle. How about Bulbasaur, nope grass poison. Torchic, nope fighting. TREECKO IS BEST

Sceptile beat a Darkrai. It's hard to actually choose between all three of gen 3 starters while with other gen's there's always one starter that someone instantly take out of the optional list