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I don't even like turtwig that much and I know he rules! People say he sucks because he is slow, well the other slow starters are only a little ahead of him! If you super train his special defense to the max, his only bad stat is his speed, which he an use to his advantage by using curse because his speed doesn't matter right? So it only increases his attack and defense! I like Piplup more but turtwig is the best by far! - Jettsmith13

Turtwig is my favourite Pokemon. Torterra helped with Cynthia a lot in the elite four, especially since I wasn't using healing items. I would always choose turtwig if he was one of the starters in the game I was playing. Moves like leech seed and synthesis really help when your only way of healing is the poke centre. VOTE FOR TURTWIG!

Turtwig is my absolute favourite I beet the whole sinnoh region with him and his evolved forms he also helped me defeat johto and kanto I also let my friends borrow them and they beat the game with him also he can learn both frenzy plant and solar beam (the best grass move ever) over all this guy has strength and a good selection of moves.

Torterra Can Kill Steel, Ice, Fire, Water, Electric And (With Crunch Beats Psychic A Lot Right? And Also Its Awesome Defense And Fight Types Can't Stand A Chance.Cool At Defense So Yeah And My Torterra Helped Me For Every Gym And Elite Four.Mine Has EarthQuake, Giga Drain, Stone Edge And Crunch.Its Sprite Is Awesome Thanks For Making This!

Turtwig was the very first pokemon that I ever used in any pokemon games. It first started out normal as my favorite pokemon was Pikachu at the time, but due to it later evolution and power later on, it became one of my favorites pokemon along with it final evolution Torterra.
Until this day, I seek to make the strongest Torterra yet.

When turtwig evolves fully it can beat anything! When I had turtwig it helped me beat all the gyms and the Pokemon league 87 times! It can beat any thing including charizard blastoise typhlosion bulbasaur and anything else! Turtwig is the best Pokemon ever! Not only that it is cute; it is strong and powerful

Turtwig not only is a complete boss move wise, it also look so badass as a Torterra. He learns Wood Hammer making his attacks just unstoppable. If you are playing a Sinnoh game and don't pick Turtwig, you are officially shunned.

Turtwig is my overall favourite starter since I used it and staraptor to own platinum totally.

Though grass has many weaknesses, an earthquake could take out anything else.

Great type combo very underrated my starter and one of my all time favorites. He can lead you to a great game and is a true defensive/offensive BEAST!

Best starter ever! When it evolves into torterra, it can be devastating and has great moves along with strong defense.

he is pretty much awesome with earthquake, leaf storm and frenzy plant and he is an awesome wall and his bulk helps the team in switches

I've whooped every other starter pokemon with Torterra. Mine knows Earthquake Stone Edge Giga Drain and Frenzy Plant. It holds a power band so it can take a flame kick from Blaziken or fire blast from Charizard, and then I just use earthquake or stone edge to knock them out in one hit. If you take him out, then say hello to my Staraptor

I chose this for my starter in pokemon diamond and within 5 or so days it is a torterra and around level 80 or above and it also desrtroys everything therefore it is what I believe to be a kick ass starter pokemon, I am surprised people are not running away from me for fear of my torterra which use to be a level 5 turtwig

Turtwig at full evolution which is Torterra can do AMAZING moves such as earthquake which is super effective on you rival and with a heart scale you can teach him wood hammer he also has awesome stats and will crush the elite four I know this from expierence with this AMAZING pokemon.

Turtwig can almost always wipe out a team when fully evolved. I beat the entire 8th gym with him and earthquake. Add a Starly to his team and you will beast everything.

Turtwig was the first starter I ever got and he became my tank. He could crush stuff that dominated the rest of my team. Also Torterra can beat almost anything not ice typed because of its moves. Leaf Storm is a decent move, but the ground type gives Torterra a versatile moveset.

Turtwig evolves into Torterra, a massive beast that's ground type, getting rid of the fire weakness and granting immunity to electric. This deserves #1, if not only Charmander and Froakie above it. Make it set-up, sweeper, or bulk it doesn't matter Torterra will do it well.

Turtwig is awesome especially when it evolves into torterra. The move earthquake swept most of the elite four in one hit for each Pokemon and in soulsilver too.

Turtwig has monstrous attack not to mention decent health and special attack. You don't need speed when you have such high attack!

Best thing in the world. If you the think the ice gym is difficult then you see it was as easy for me as a water gym. Even the fire type which is the worst disadvantage of grass could also not beat me. My one knows crunch leaf storm frenzy plant and earthquake

I would say Todadile is the coolest starter Pokemon, but on Pokemon pearl, diamond and platinum this is the best to choose because it is great against the first gym. I know Piplup is as well but it's not very effective against the second one. Neither is turtwig but the other Pokemon would be the same.

I see people voting for pokemon like Arceus and Kyurem and I say FOOLS! Turtwig is the best starter, and my very first pokemon. And he evolves into the beast Torterra. Mine is level 100 and knows Iron Tail, Frenzy Plant, Earthquake and Hyper Beam. It's unstoppable. My other favourite starters would be Charmander, Cyndaquill, Totodile, Treeko, Mudkip, Chimchar, Snivy and Oshawott. It's a lot, I know.

He levels up fast, has really high defense for a starter, and ground is rated the most effective type along with fighting, so obviously why not pick Turtwig? Vote! :D

Turtwig is the best most innocent little guy ever I love him he was my first starter and Pokemon card I defeated 5 gyms with just him he is also adorable I have a Pokemon card of him and I cherish it vote for him

It is meant for starters that grass beats water, water beats fire and fire beats grass, but Torterra is both grass and ground, so it can beat Empoleon AND Infernape! Turtwig is my favorite starter of all!