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Lucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.


Very good. It is also a fighting type, which can kill a decent amount of pokemon. Has only 3 weaknesses for a boss pokemon. Very fast and very powerful. Also, it is a very good partner to have in pokemon black and white 2. It even has a movie named after it.

The best Fighting AND Steel Type in the game, even in its base form, Lucario still packs a punch. It has a sleek design and the colours work well together. But when you realize that it can Mega Evolve, then gets real. Lucario turns into a killing machine, with just one Swords Dance allowing Mega Lucario to sweep teams 6-0. Lucario for life!

No. 3?! This thing' Mega Evolution is overpowered. It got put in Uber for its power and ADAPTABILITY. Close Combat on Mega Lucario REALLY packs a punch, with a base powr of 240 after Adaptability and STAB, even hitting things that resists it super hard! After a Swords Dance boost it can become a deadly sweeping machine. It's also very functional as a Special Attacker, with access to Nasty Plot as well as Swords Dance. The sheer versatility of Lucario is amazing.

Lucario is my favorite Pokemon too! It looks like all my favorite animals and can mega evolve. Lucario also has awesome moves like close combat, bone rush, dragon range, and aura sphere. I wish it were 1# in both fighting and steel though...

Lucario is awesome, especially when you train him to a higher level. give him aura sphere, close combat, iron tail, and dragon pulse, and make him a high level. that's what I did to mine and he has never fainted

Best mega evolution and my main mega capable pokemon. Teach him flash cannon, aura sphere, bone rush, close combat, dragon pulse and other high quality moves. Everyone should know that Lucario is much stronger than Aggron.

It gets a good moveset for stalling if it carries Substitute (if it can learn this move) Calm Mind Aura Sphere and Shadow Ball it takes out so many types let me list them Rock, Normal, Steel, Psychic, Ghost, Ice, and Dark that is the ghost types gone and psychic's too it then has no weaknesses except Ground which can have help from a grass or water type

Not only is lucario a steel type Pokemon, but it's also a fighting type which makes it both good for attacking and defense, which is awesome! Not only that, but he looks cool!

Lucario is not just a steel Pokemon but a fighting Pokemon as well so if you are looking to get all the best Pokemon types then lucario is the one for you! LUCARIO ALSO HAS A MEGA EVOLUTION!

Lucario is one of the only non-legendary Pokemon to star in a movie, it was the first mega evolution, and is extremely powerful especially in the animals. How could it not be number 1?!

Lucario is the best. I have one level 70 and it's so beast I can beat anyone with it alone. Speed and attack, special attack are really high making it BEAST

I also like Gallade, but Lucario is 7% stronger even if they're both mega evolved. Also, Lucario can learn moves of 17 types! But, Metagross will be some crazy competition.

Aggron number two? Oh, please. I can understand Metagross being 1, but Lucario definitely deserves that 2 spot. Aura Sphere = Dead Aggron. Sorry, boys.

I love Lucario, if a list was "best LOOKING steel pokemon" he'd dominate! (most other steel types look awkward) Lucario is only #3!? It should be #1!

Lucario is very strong and very fast I mean he has spikes and he's looks like a wolf he's a very strong pokemon he should have more votes

Lucario is the second best steel type but it can easily destroy anything including aggron that's why it should at least be number 2

Favorite Pokemon. that MEGA and that AURA SPHERE. Having good Special Attack is good crushing rock types. and SUCK PLUS 2 IRON TAIL! - ImmaRegionChamp

All I can say is aura sphere close combat metal claw and dragon pulse just make you destroy everything he is OP sure metagross can annihilate, but lucario can annihilate and OHKO everything. however metagross will be a tough competition to beat...

Lucario is the best steel type along with its dragon pulse and aura sphere it makes a extremely dangerous foe to deal with.

Lucario was the first ever Pokemon to be discovered to have a mega evolution also as lucario is my favourite Pokemon!

Is metagross more powerful? Yes is its stats higher? Yes but is he cooler then this badass? Nope

Lucario is the bomb. Literally. I used him in my island trial for the Ghost type, and he SMASHED IT. No lie. I love Lucario

He's looks awesome, he can go either physical or special and I just think he's bad ass

I like steel type and fighting also these is the best way to get the victory in like this pokemon very much

Couldn't say it much better than Lucario deserves number 1 on both fighting and steel, he's truly that good!