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1 Dakota Dakota Cover Art

Dakota is a brilliant song, the type of perfect hit that any band can write once in a decade. I'd be even brave to say, this song is one of the best songs ever!

Love this song, it's got the lot for me - earthy with passion and energy. I too wished I'd listened to it watching Wales win the 2011/12 Grand Slam! Good for gym too.

This is a amazing song, I don't know how I could never heard it before, this is one of the best songs I ever heard, amazing...

Just amazing, puts me back in a brilliant mood even after a really bad or stressful day! Never gets all time favourite (which is never easy to choose from from these guys).

2 Maybe Tomorrow Maybe Tomorrow Cover Art

This song holds all of the characteristics that allow it to stand out as one of the best songs ever. The meaning of the lyrics, guitar playing, tune, and overall quality is just amazing.
Also, it's something that almost every person that hears it can relate to at some point in their life.

The movie Crash made this song popular.. At least I think so.. I got it right after I saw the movie... I think that it should be upper in the list.. definitely. It's one of their best songs.

Very powerful song, his voice really stands out in this one, definitely should be number one.

This song got me through a real low part of my life. I just love Kelly's raspy voice

3 Local Boy in the Photograph Local Boy in the Photograph Cover Art

Not only my favourite phonics song, but my favourite song ever! Great lyrics, which hold unbelievable memories from most certainly the greatest album ever! Also a great atmophere when this song is played live.

Definitely one of the best Phonics songs lyrically. Love this and the entire album

I think this is the best song from the phonics, it gets everyone singing along...

This is one of the most moving rockers I have ever heard. Its power is incredible.

4 A Thousand Trees A Thousand Trees Cover Art

Love this song it always brings back fond memories and always great atmosphere when played!

Does it incredible live the crowd goes wild!

This is the phonics best

Heard this song for te first time on PES 2010

5 The Bartender and the Thief The Bartender and the Thief Cover Art
6 More Life In a Tramps Vest More Life In a Tramps Vest Cover Art
7 Handbags and Gladrags Handbags and Gladrags Cover Art

Instant classic! Those that don't like this song don't appreciate good music.. This song was redone - yes however it was redone with so much class and style it outdid the original and its artists. It was so good you might even think that it's a young and more polished Rod Stewart singing this

I'm an old fart at 68, but this version of the Rod Stewart classic has a better arrangement and Kelly's performance is equal to if not better than Rod's. I'm seeing them soon in Cardiff and hope they include this.

"A cover is invariably never really as good as the original. But it can be different, and be excellent at being different." Never have those words rung so true.

Brilliant by Rod Stewart and I love him and his voice. However equally brilliant by Stereophonics. My favorite

8 Traffic Traffic Cover Art

An absolute classic, list to one of the live performances and the crowd getting behind the band

I saw them live and it was so simple and beautiful, perfect end to the gig.

The lyrics to this song are so meaningful. Traffic has to be number 1

Epic track, remember this from my teen years, superb

9 Mr. Writer Mr. Writer Cover Art

My favourite song from one of my favourite albums of all times.

I'm a straight male, but I find Kelly's voice sexy as hell

Put simply, it's the best song I've heard from them period.

Their best song!

10 Just Looking Just Looking Cover Art

Great song - very surprised to not see it on this list. Lyrics relate to me very well (I think they do anyway: haven't checked for alternative meanings) and probably the majority of people.

This is my favourite song by Stereophonics, I don't know maybe it's because this is the first song I heard by them but I just LOVE it, and yes I think it should be higher on this list, ya know.

Reminds me of when I first got into music aged about 12 and I loved this song. The little me had good taste. Traffic a very very close second. Dakota 3rd.

This is one of my favourite sad songs of all time :-D

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11 Graffiti on the Train

I instantly fell in love with that song and the band when I heard this song for the first time live. It is so powerful that I just can't stop listening to it...

Tragic beauty in lyrics and Kelly's voice. Great song.

It's unbelievably powerful and so beautiful.


12 Superman Superman Cover Art

This is a really catchy song. It has a different vibe from the rest of their songs and really stands out for me.
I Always hum to the tune.

13 Have a Nice Day Have a Nice Day Cover Art

Its such an amazing, yet simple positive tune to which everyone can relate to!

Great song has a real summery feel to it love it..

Love love love this song

Just a great song

14 Indian Summer

The lyrics is just mesmerizing. The tune is so catchy and an epic song for their new drummer to introduce himself to the Stereophonics fans. This song should definitely be in the top 3.

It's so perfect, the lyrics, the rhythm, Kelly's voice and notes. I fell un love when I heard it

Best Song ever to play love it and I and 13 so its not old

Gorgeous song!

15 Violins and Tambourines

Crazy build up. Amazing song!

This is brilliant!

I'm new to this band. I've heard all from 1st to here. this is the best one. shouldn't be 15th!

16 I Miss You Now I Miss You Now Cover Art
17 Looks Like Chaplin Looks Like Chaplin Cover Art

This song is so amazing it should at least be in the top 10 so just listen to then you'll see why it is the very best song by the stereophonics

18 Help Me (She's Out of Her Mind) Help Me (She's Out of Her Mind) Cover Art

This song is brilliant! The guitar at the beginning shows how amazing Stereophonics are! Cannot believe that this song is not even in the top 5 let alone top 10.

19 Since I Told You It's Over Since I Told You It's Over Cover Art

I am so surprised that this song isn't even in the top tens! This is a very powerful, brilliant song that I personally adore

Kelly's voice in this song, need I say more?

20 C'est la Vie C'est la Vie Cover Art

Something different...but catchy as hell and some great lyrics too!

Newer song (2015) deserves to be a top 5 in my opinion

Should be top in my opinion

Def top 5

21 Madame Helga Madame Helga Cover Art

My all time Phonics fave! So underrated this song.

A very underrated song

22 I Wanna Get Lost With You I Wanna Get Lost With You Cover Art

Really catchy and an all around great song!

One of my favorites alongside Dakota

This is new song from this great band.

Great song

23 Devil Devil Cover Art

Awesome song very clever definitely in their top 5

Brill tune, never listened to it though :/

Too good to be that low in the list

Amazing vibe and solo!

24 Hurry Up & Wait Hurry Up & Wait Cover Art

Favourite track of performance...

25 Pick a Part That's New Pick a Part That's New Cover Art

I really like this song, the first song I heard by them and probably my favourite apart from Dakota. Top 10 song for me.

One of their best and most popular songs, reaching number 4 in the UK Singles Chart.

Catchy song and one of their most popular, needs to be higher.

One of their best songs, should be top 15

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