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1 Hero

It's an excellent song. I love it. Sterling is also an excellent singer and I hope he can sing more songs like this. This is also a great song because it makes you look at all the bright sides of how other people or how he sees the world and thinks about the way he sees relationships, or well that's how I see it. Well keep accomplishing your goal on everything you put your mind to.

Love this song. It just beautifully describes how if you find the right person, you feel like you can do anything for them. It's really really sweet and he does look adorable.

This song is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's really amazing. Thumbs up for Sterling Knight! I love his voice and his songs.

Love this song! Sterling Knight is a really good singer, amazing actor and an excellent student.. He should be a singer as well!

2 La La Land

The best songs ever

3 What You Mean to Me

So much love to hear that song from the bottom of my heart.. It feels like.. You are the only person existing in a fantastic world likes fairytale. How Wish to have an album like this with his voice

I liked this song! It was tots amazing loving and caring! Sterling I love you and P. S Danielle Campbell and you look amazing together

What you mean to me is one of the sincere song I ever heard... This is just plain to read but too awesome to be heard...

I really like this song because it has meaning about how he feels about a particular girl.

4 Starstruck

This is so cool it rocks you know I have seen your movie and your song 29 times and it was great so keep on doing it can you please send me a messeage and tell me where you are found this summer so I can meet you, you are my favorite singer and star so kepp it up
Ps. you are so cute and don't forget to write me

I just really love this song. it's so cool & HOT. :D LOLs. I hope you'll have more shows, songs and movies to come.
good luck & more power.

( hope to see you in personal =] )

your #1 FAN

5 Something About the Sunshine

Its an awesome song... Loved the tune..! Best for a road trip kinda thing.. But all in all and a really good song with some bang on lyrics..

The song really gets all the energy boosted up and makes you wanna dance in the groove..!

Like it a lot,... Love you sterling Knight

I think it's a good song

Col and great song

6 Got to Believe

This song is so awesome, I love it, I think somehow Describes sterling night true feelings and this is The essence of this song. And if sterling or anyone
know him personally read my comment please please let him give us more songs like "got to believe".

I can just relate to this song a lot so yeah... haha

7 Hero (Acoustic)

Hero... I love this song really... Its wonderful, amazing.. And I sterling knight ever...

I love the way song being acoustic..
It can relax when it heard..

I just love it. It's so beautiful.

This is a wonderful song

8 Starstruck (Extended Edition)

This song is very cool and great I really like it!

9 New Boyfriend
10 Party Up
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11 Shades

Love this sons so much

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