Best Stevie Nicks Songs

The top ten songs from Stevie Nicks's solo career and work with Fleetwood Mac.

The Top Ten

1 Stand Back

Best song!

2 Talk to Me
3 Edge of Seventeen

The ultimate Stevie Nicks song. She really rocks in this one.

I love this song since a guy told me about this one song thanks ulises

Goodbye Stevie Nicks, Liberty Rock Radio will never be the same :( - Gehenna

4 Whenever I Call You Friend


5 I Can't Wait

I love that song it rocks.

Can't help but sing along!

6 Wild Heart
7 After the Glitter Fades
8 Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
9 If Anyone Falls
10 Leather and Lace

With all due respect to the others because they're all great, this is her best duet. Why is it so low?

Love this song!

The Contenders

11 The Nightmare
12 Rooms on Fire

Whatever this is number 1 in my opinion. Top ten for sure.

Come on guys don't pretend that this isn't Stevies best song by a long shot

13 Gold and Braid
14 Nightbird
15 Enchanted
16 Outside the Rain
17 Landslide

Really a Fleetwood Mac song (with her leading vocals), but classic nevertheless

Needs to be higher on this list

Powerful song

Best song ever!

18 Rhiannon
19 How Still My Love
20 Dreams
21 Silver Springs
22 Sara
23 Secret Love
24 Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You

Such a hauntingly beautiful song!

25 Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind
26 Doing the Best I Can
27 Planets of the Universe
28 Bella Donna
29 Crystal

From the Buckingham Nicks album. This song captured the true talent of Stevie from before Fleetwood Mac. A truly beautiful, powerful song. Every Stevie fan knows about this classic.

30 Seven Wonders
31 Sorcerer
32 Juliet
33 Wide Sargasso Sea
34 Trouble In Shangri-La
35 Bombay Sapphires
36 Love Is
37 Too Far from Texas
38 Cry Wolf
39 Storms

Ever since I first heard this song I fell in love then cried. This song is dark (especially the demo with extended ending). I love all the instruments with backing vocals.

40 Think About It
41 If I Were You
42 Every Day
43 Destiny
44 Greta
45 I Will Run to You
46 Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)
47 The Dealer
48 No Spoken Word
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1. Wild Heart
2. Talk to Me
3. If Anyone Falls
1. Stand Back
2. Whenever I Call You Friend
3. Talk to Me
1. Landslide
2. Rhiannon
3. Dreams

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