Best Stevie Nicks Songs

The top ten songs from Stevie Nicks's solo career and work with Fleetwood Mac.

The Top Ten

1 Stand Back

Best song!

2 Edge of Seventeen

I love this song since a guy told me about this one song thanks ulises

3 Talk to Me
4 Whenever I Call You Friend


5 I Can't Wait

I love that song it rocks.

6 After the Glitter Fades
7 Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
8 If Anyone Falls
9 Leather and Lace

With all due respect to the others because they're all great, this is her best duet. Why is it so low?

10 Landslide

Really a Fleetwood Mac song (with her leading vocals), but classic nevertheless

Powerful song

Best song ever!

The Newcomers

? Wild Heart

The Contenders

11 Rhiannon
12 The Nightmare
13 Gold and Braid
14 Silver Springs
15 Dreams
16 Rooms on Fire

Whatever this is number 1 in my opinion. Top ten for sure.

17 Nightbird
18 Sara
19 Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You

Such a hauntingly beautiful song!

20 Enchanted
21 Outside the Rain
22 How Still My Love
23 Secret Love
24 Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind
25 Doing the Best I Can
26 Planets of the Universe
27 Crystal

From the Buckingham Nicks album. This song captured the true talent of Stevie from before Fleetwood Mac. A truly beautiful, powerful song. Every Stevie fan knows about this classic.

28 Seven Wonders
29 Sorcerer
30 Juliet
31 Wide Sargasso Sea
32 Trouble In Shangri-La
33 Bombay Sapphires
34 Love Is
35 Too Far from Texas
36 Cry Wolf
37 Storms

Ever since I first heard this song I fell in love then cried. This song is dark (especially the demo with extended ending). I love all the instruments with backing vocals.

38 Think About It
39 If I Were You
40 Bella Donna
41 Every Day
42 Destiny
43 Greta
44 I Will Run to You
45 Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)
46 The Dealer
47 No Spoken Word
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