Best Stevie Ray Vaughan Songs

Which Is The Best Song Of The Blues Legend. R.I.P To My Music Idol SRV. Best Song Of SRV ?

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21 Tell Me
22 Riviera Paradise

It don't get no better

This should be higher up on the list. This song beautifully displays the true talent of SRV.

Musicaly, the coolest, calming notes ever.

The best ever.
Blues in every note

23 Shake for Me

What a groove!

24 They Call Me Guitar Hurricane
25 Telephone Song
26 Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up On Love

This is so smooth. I prefer his faster, happier songs like Pride and Joy but this song is nice just to lay down, close your eyes and let this mellow sound wash over you. Lovely. - Britgirl

27 The House is Rockin'

This song is my favorite and I think that should be in top 5

This song rocks! Should be much higher.

28 Say What!
29 Empty Arms
30 Dirty Pool

This is one of my all time favorites... I almost always cry these days when I listen to Stevie Ray because I know he is gone and will never make any more music. The day he died the music stopped for me in one way. Coming from the south he was and always will be the greatest blues player ever for me.

31 Willie the Wimp
32 Look at Little Sister


I'm... THE... little...little...

HERE'S... L@@kIN' @ Y@U



33 Travis Walk
34 Chitlins Con Carne
35 I'm Cryin'
36 Testify
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