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21 You are the Sunshine of My Life

Wow! This is a crime. This should be top five. I realize with Stevie, there's a lot to choose from, but wow.

One of the greatest recordings of its time... this should be higher! Great tune, in every way.

Why is these 18th? Is a really good ballad, and one of the most important songs from the master of jazz Stevie Wonder. If you haven´┐Ż't listened it, DO IT NOW!

22 All In Love Is Fair
23 I Believe
24 Lately

One of his most underappreciated gems.

25 Send One Your Love
26 Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
27 Overjoyed

Best song in my opinion! Pure genius with a perfect melody

Never get tired of listening to this song.

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28 A Place in the Sun
29 Golden Lady
30 Pastime Paradise

What a classic track,even Coolio sampled this beat and the chorus in his song Gangsta's Paradise

31 If It's Magic
32 I Was Made to Love Her

Stevie's voice is so great on this song and Jamerson's bass line is sick!

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33 Travelin' Man
34 Master Blaster

Come on people this song is the funkiest rootiest most joyous song ever

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35 Do I Do V 2 Comments
36 Uptight
37 Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)

One of my all time songs favorites sung by Aretha Franklin!

38 That Girl
39 Skeletons

I'm happy that Grand Theft Auto V introduced me to this song.

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40 Another Star

This my favorite right now but my all time favorite is LOVE'S IN NEED OF LOVE TODAY!

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