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Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, he was lead singer and bassist of The Police.

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1 Desert Rose Desert Rose

Nice song, it has a real good feeling to it. Listening to it makes me feel all tingly inside

Amazing oriental mix with a vivacious western voice... Desert Rose is one of the most Epic/for all generations song, that will stay through history as one of the finest.

His most beautiful song - interestingly, fearing a video would not get airplay they decided to make it a car commercial.

Definitely the best Sting song ever. ^_^ - TisonRockit

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2 Fields of Gold Fields of Gold

The fact that Desert Rose is voted as the number 1 song here clearly means that most voters haven't heard much else

If someone asked me what my favourite song is I would answer Fields of Gold as soon as he or she finished asking the question

Best song ever! Beautiful melody

I couldn't believe Desert Rose was in the #1 position either. It wouldn't even make my top ten. This is his best solo song.

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3 Shape of My Heart Shape of My Heart

Its beauty is beyond words... Never tire listening to this song... The most played song on my ipod. )).. Simply has to be number 1

Included on the "Leon"(1994) blockbuster - MatrixGuy

One of my personal favorites overall. Excellent song! Could hear it all day long, never get tired of it.

Is the best sing I ever heared!
Please come in Romania to hear you alive!

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4 Englishman in New York Englishman in New York

Magical and brave. I absolutely love it. However, I would have voted for the haunting, stalkerish Every Breath You Take - one of the most sinister pop songs ever written - but presumably it's not there as he wrote it as part of The Police.

The song that always make me feel better after hear that.

Genius, sting! That's all.


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5 Moon over Bourbon Street Moon over Bourbon Street
6 Fortress Around Your Heart Fortress Around Your Heart

Trying to take down a womans wall around her heart...may he indeed build a bridge to her heart again

/a wonderful song which isn't often heard. I especially liked the video of it!

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7 Russians Russians

Haunting and whole. Great piece-

Terrific sting awesome voice


8 We Work the Black Seam We Work the Black Seam

Simply beautiful and peaceful Song! It reminds me of documentaries about people in poor countries working their hands off to get through life. Also in rich European Countries People fear to lose their Jobs. Pretty messed up to be dependent to money.

9 Fragile Fragile

Fantastic Guitar Sound, this songs make feel to be in the Heart of the nature, I would like when Sting would perform this Song with Alicia Keys

Simply the best Song he has ever written, haunting and beautiful.

I always listening this evferytime get bad mood and miracely all anger gone...

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10 If You Love Somebody Set Them Free If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

It is poppy and very sexy for the 80's

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? Children's Crusade Children's Crusade

"Children's Crusade" has a way of putting me in a philosophical mood. Sting begins the song singing about those who lost their lives during World War One. Each verse reflects upon different periods in recent history in which many young people have unfortunately died. "Poppies for young men, death's bitter trade, all of those young lives betrayed..."
The songs ends with a comment about the tragedy at the time of this song's release; AIDS.
It is scary to think about how many people in their prime are no longer with us due to this horrible disease. I always get the chills listening to this song, and I believe it is truly a masterpiece. It is certainly the second best song off of "Dream of the Blue Turtles" (the best being "Russians."

? A Thousand Years A Thousand Years

In my opinion it's one of the best songs of sting. This song have a magical atmosphere, it's so amazing song because of excellent music, nice voice, fantastic lyrics...

Oh what lyrics, what melody, what voice. This can't be a song it is a magic spell.

I have listened to this song 1,000 times at least and can listen 1,000 more!

Divine song, my favourite sting song

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11 Love Is the Seventh Wave Love Is the Seventh Wave
12 If I Ever Lose My Faith in You If I Ever Lose My Faith in You

Here "you" may refer to anyone ranging from god, mother, father to your lover
Anyone you believe in & don't wanna lose faith in, all beautifully accompanying with equally lovely music... !

This song is excellent and deserves a spot in the top 5.

This is the best song in his entire career, both solo AND with the police

13 Brand New Day Brand New Day

A brilliant, jazzy, uplifting ode to having hope. Definitely my favorite Sting song! If you're having trouble getting through a tough day, or even just getting out of bed, this song will put a spring in your step.

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14 All This Time All This Time
15 Seven Days Seven Days

I love the song it is the best thing ever

16 It's Probably Me It's Probably Me
17 Love is Stronger Than Justice Love is Stronger Than Justice
18 Every Little Thing She Does is Magic Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
19 I Hung My Head I Hung My Head

Strong, pensive lyrics that are sung with power when needed. Fun time signature and repeating themes.

20 When We Dance When We Dance

A man painfully begging a woman to be his through a song woven with choices she will have to make...heart wrenching

If he loved you
Like I love you
I would walk away in shame
I'd move town
I'd change my name

These lyrics are amazing

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