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21 When We Dance

A man painfully begging a woman to be his through a song woven with choices she will have to make...heart wrenching

Such an emotional song...

If he loved you
Like I love you
I would walk away in shame
I'd move town
I'd change my name

These lyrics are amazing

22 I Hung My Head

Strong, pensive lyrics that are sung with power when needed. Fun time signature and repeating themes.

23 They Dance Alone
24 Mad About You

That's one of the best! So passionate like the true love is.. - AlexaVi

25 Why Should I Cry for You?

Sting wrote this about his father. Mystical sound. Love this and "I'm so happy that I can't stop crying". His best 2 songs. I also like the little known "This Cowboy Song". Great song. Nobody is like Sting, totally unique.

26 Until...

Such a beautiful waltz about meeting the true love. I adore it! - AlexaVi

27 My One and Only Love
28 The Book of My Life
29 Hounds of Winter
30 Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)
31 After the Rain Has Fallen

Word poetry made into an uplifting song

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32 We'll Be Together

Love the back up singers in this song...beautifully done totally makes the song better

33 My Funny Friend and Me

Soundtrack to my favorite animated film. Such great lyrics and meaning! - AlexaVi

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34 Demolition Man
35 Taking the Inside Rail
36 All for Love
37 Another Day

It talks about poverty and all the problems in the world, and days keep going by with nothing changing, truly brilliant lyrics and it should be a lot more famous than it actually is. I was on the Bring On The Night live album but the recording did not make it on an album. totally underestimated brilliance. Not to mention the amazing Blue Turtles Band behind him.

38 Walking On the Moon

You can't neglect this song! Can't believe this one is not even mentioned.

39 Be Still My Beating Heart V 1 Comment
40 Ghost Story
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