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1 I Am the Resurrection

Best Stone Roses song by far. One of the best in the world in fact. The lyrics are unbelievable as well as the instruments. Ian Browns vocals are strong and empowering. Those last lines just make you feel so powerful and euphoric. And no other band could pull off a 5 minute ending like that! Overall just an amazing and powerful song- non other like it in the world.

Definitely. Breaking into heaven should be number two though.

Love the one second stop before it carries on - jmepa1234

Sally cinnamon is undoubtedly the best stone roses song but of course I love most of them. I think mersey paradise should be higher in the list

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2 I Wanna Be Adored

It gradually picks up throughout the song, but maintains very calm and soothing

This song got me hooked! Their songs have great melody! M/

Such a trippy song get high and listen to this song

Just art...How can you describe art like this.

3 Fools Gold

Definitely Their Best Song. Best Lyrics And Music

Best song by far.

Pure class

4 Waterfall

Beautiful and catchy riff, great song throughout.

Beautiful, relaxing, and great melody. Love it!

5 Made of Stone

As soon as you reach the chorus of the song, you will realise you are listening to an anthem. One of the best songs of that generation.

The best stone roses song, chilling lyrics, unforgettable guitar riff and fantastic instrumental.

Unreal song, best by far

6 She Bangs the Drums

I can't see her here she co-o-omes,She bangs the Dru-u-u-u-um!

7 Sally Cinnamon

I am a HUGE stone roses fan. The debut album is one of the best I've ever heard, a good follow up album and excellent B-sides. It is so tough to decide, I love every song on their debut album, the second coming also has some great songs and other excellent B-sides but this is the best. Such fantastic lyrics, rhythm, so easily to sing along to, a fantastic song.

8 This Is the One

Best song ever by the roses, quintessential roses song in my opinion as it represent everything they are which is a beautiful and melodic guitar player who can create darker undertones if he wants (breaking into heaven, love spreads etc). Reni is the pounding heartbeat of the roses sound which pulses throughout the song. Great singer who is perfect for the song effortless and arrogant at the same time, The bass lines are simple and beautiful however in simplicity there is truth. Ian browns lyrics are a work of art and that is an understatement, for those who insult Ian Brown for his singing for not being technically great, that is like insulting an amazing author for his handwriting and if you say he is a singer you are not grasping on what the roses are as a band and their beauty and message.

Smooth yet powerful, so powerful!

9 Elephant Stone

The first Stone Roses song I bought on cassette back in the day and still my favourite

10 Love Spreads

Monster riff. D min never sounded so good,

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11 Ten Storey Love Song


12 Don't Stop

Waterfall backwards, and amazing

13 Mersey Paradise

My favorite one is Tell Me but this one is great!

14 (Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister

One of the best tunes of Roses!

So underrated

15 Breaking Into Heaven
16 Bye Bye Badman

How is this so low?


17 Shoot You Down

I love this song

18 One Love
19 Something's Burning
20 Your Star Will Shine
21 Tears

One of the more underrated roses songs, similar to stairway to heaven but an excellent tune, especially the dramatic change from the acoustic to the solos, it is fantastic

22 Driving South
23 Standing Here

Top 5 should be 1. Standing Here 2. Resurrection 3. Sugar Spun Sister 4. Tightrope 5. Waterfall/ Your Star Will Shine

24 How Do You Sleep

Vastly underrates

25 What the World Is Waiting For

Oh my god this has to be higher! Fine I admit it's not my favourite but it is in my top 5. Fantastic tune

26 All for One
27 Beautiful Thing
28 All Across the Sands

Fantastic song! Often sorely missed by fans.

29 Tell Me
30 Begging You
31 Good Times
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1. I Am the Resurrection
2. I Wanna Be Adored
3. Elephant Stone
1. I Wanna Be Adored
2. I Am the Resurrection
3. Made of Stone
1. Fools Gold
2. I Am the Resurrection
3. Made of Stone

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